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Skin disorder.


I am 22 and I have this problem since 18, I started working out and since then, I have observed these black spots on my back shoulders, I am brown skined guy, my neck is darker than my face, back lower waist has developed some black spots that I assume to be marks of the chicken pox that I had when I was about 5. The problem is, My chest has these blackish-darkbrowish  spots, they are not round they are just random..., my neck as developed blackish skin which looks as if someone stretched my skin and put it back with black ink in it. Someone suggested me, it was lack of vit e, so I started applying almond oil and have been doing since about 5 months now but, haven't seen even 1% improvement in it. Someone suggested me to rub lemon and kiwi, but, my skin gets ichy when I rub them. I remember once when I went outing at desert, when I returned, my skin was almost clear. I played in dune for about 2 hours and was never out in sun there... I even tried exposing my skin to sun but, it worsened the condition on my chest and neck, they are way more darker than before... I have attached the picture of my chest and neck, they look ok but, the spots are killing... Please suggest/advice, its upsetting and I am loosing confidence.

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Thanks for reply. :-)
I did google image searches of the conditions that you wrote. I assume it to be hyper pigmentation, my skin is not hardened, it fact if its touched, it is soft but not smooth. The back skin of my neck is not thick either, it is ... normal....
I believe it is hyper-pigmentation coz when I expose to sun, it becomes more darker.. I tried some medicines that clean bowels as "ayurvedic" doctors suggested me and some blood purifying supplements too, they said, it could be excessive heat in the body, spots were lightened but it was temporary as soon as I left the treatment, it came back to where it was.
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Without examination,it is very difficult to confirm a diagnosis,but it can be erythrasma(chronic skin condition affecting the skin folds and caused by bacterium corynebacterium minutissimum) , acanthosis nigricans(abnormal thickening and darkening of the skin, especially in body creases),hyperkeratosis(thickening of the skin due to excessive accumulation of keratin in the outer layers of the skin) and hyperpigmentation(patches of skin become darker in color than the normal surrounding skin).
The mode of treatment varies with each pathology varying from antibiotics, alpha- or beta-hydroxy acids,hydroquinone,tretinoin,isotretinoin,dermabrasion to laser treatment .I sincerely advise you to consult a dermatologist and discuss these possibilities with him.

Hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing and if you have any additional queries.

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