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Tiny Microscopic See through bugs?

So I have had an Itchy head for a while now but when I use dandruff shampoo it makes the itching stop. However today makes the second time where I have been on my phone and a little bug came from either my body or my hair (I believe it came from my hair) and fell onto the screen of my phone. That was the only way that I was even able to see the little bug. It's white/Clear and about the size of the tip of a needle. Barley noticable and I blew it off the first time but now I am getting worried since this is the second time it has happened. I know its a bug because I watched it move around on the screen then on my hand and when I showed it to my grandfather he could see it moving as well when it was on my lit up phone screen although he doesnt know what it is. I have tried many searches and have found nothing on what it might be. I have tried lice and mites and I have had lice before so I know what they look like along with bedbugs and it is neither of those. Also they don't seem to be biting unless on my head where I havent noticed.
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Do you have any other signs of bugs aside from an itchy head- like a rash of some type?  It's possible that it could be a bed but still, when they are in the first lave stage they are very small and white.  If you can, and you see another, I'd try to trap it in a bag and take it into a doctor, this way you know for sure what it is, and how to treat anything you are seeing as far as the itching.  
No I haven't seen any rash's on my body except for dry skin on the back of my shoulders. I haven't been itchy anywhere else really either nor do I have any marks. I'm not even completely sure that they are coming from my hair and they are so tiny that I can barley even see them. I haven't been able to even find any to put in a bag and take to the doctor.
If they are tiny, but you can see them- try using a piece of scotch tape to grab it up.  Also, it's possible that it's not a bug issue at all if they are that small and you aren't seeing them anymore.  I'd keep using the dandruff shampoo if it's been helping.  
I have so many samples stuck to the peel off part of my med docete all lined up here by my computer.  Nobody wants to send them for analysis!  I have two small, very sore, lumps on my ear.  Finally, they did a half azz job of taking a swab after waiting 13 hours at emerge, to get home and find a message NORMAL.  So, back to the drawing board.  oh, btw, they fall on my phone screen as well.  Mine are tiny and black.  Keep us posted if you find out more.  One doc told me to see my shrink, so i did.  She gave me a script for anxiety; she did not believe me either.
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