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Upper Lip Rash

Hi after a new relationship with my girlfriend being the first one with this much kissing (several hours a week) I've developed what appears to be the rash of the upper lip. Is there anything that you could suggest.  It's not the lip itself obviously but right above it where the mustache grows.  Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
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Would you be able to elaborate on the rash?

Do the bumps contain greenish fluid on a red base?

Are these itchy? painful?

Do you shave your mustache?

Shaving and other injury to the hair follicles may cause an infection known as folliculitis. Have your primary physician evaluate this. Folliculitis or infection of hair follicles may need antibiotics but if not very severe they may resolve spontaneously. Abstain from kissing your girlfriend until the lesion is diagnosed. Wash your face with a mild soap and avoid using blunt razors for shaving.Use dry towels and do not share towels.

Keep us posted.Good Luck!
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Get it checked out by your doctor, the clinical manifestations of common viral infections of the skin are easily recognised. Herpes simplex type 1 (cold sores) infection usually occurs in or around the mouth. Lesions are small vesicles which crust over and heal but there may be considerable malaise.
It could also just be a rash from kissing passionately so abstain from this for a time. Wash your face with a mild soap-free cleanser such as Lutsine or Eucerin, and do not share flannels or towels. When shaving, use luke warm water, a fresh razor each time, and a good quality shaving gel like King of Shaves. You could also apply Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream which soothes minor irritations. Loiloi x
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Hi the rash itself is just red and there are no real bumps per se. I do shave and it's possible that I used a blunt razor.  I would recognize cold sores and realize that this isn't it. I'll follow your wonderful instructions Vanessa and loloi.
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