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Water pimples

i had an allergic reaction a few days ago and my lips were swollen. At first i thought it was just a regular dust allergy but then i noticed that i had a whole bunch of tiny water pimples on my lips and they kept breaking and multiplying. I still have no idea how that happened.

My lips were extremely itchy. I went to a drugstore and asked the pharmacist for advice and she said there was nothing i could use on it but i decided to try some orajel anyway.

My lips look a little better but i still have a few water pimples left. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what could have caused the pimples and what i can use to get rid of them right away if it ever happens again.
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This may be a case of dermatitis or eczema. Dishydrosis may also be a differential here as this may progress to become an eczematous skin condition. Dishydrosis may itch and they may present with clear bumps that contain clear fluid. If you have any previous history of allergies before, then you may need to have this assessed by your doctor just to rule out allergic reactions. Contact dermatitis may present with a red rash with less defined borders. You may need oral antihistamines for this.

Avoid any known triggers. Avoid extremely dusty areas and try to cover you face or at least the affected areas when triggers are present eg heat and dust. Oral antihistamines will help especially in cases wherein lips appear to be swollen which may signal a hypersensitivity reaction.
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Thanks Vanessa!
My friend said it's a cold sore because of the swelling and itchiness so i went online to find some home remedies and i saw that i could use earl grey tea bags to dry the sores out and it seems to be working so far.
I do get dust allergies and i've had eczema for as long as i can remember but my lips have never been affected before...
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