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White spots on tongue and penis (spreading)

I'm seventeen years old and recently had sex with someone who I know has had lots of sex with other people. We had unprotected sex for around 20seconds before my brain finally kicked in and I put a condom on, but i did place my mouth on her vagina for about 20 seconds too.

About a week after sex with her, I noticed lots and lots of white spots appearing around the rim of my penis head. I've had spots like it before and was prescribed Clotrimazole 1% cream which cleared up the fungal infection after about a week.

so, after noticing the spots I started using the Clotrimezole cream again (this is about a year after the first outbreak of spots). -It didn't work.

So after a week of it not working I went to the doctor paranoid as hell think I had Herpes or something..he looked and instantly said - NOT HERPES - *Thank the lord....

He then went on to prescribe me Canesten cream, (Clotrimazole 1%, Hydrocortisone 1%) which I kept on applying three times a day for around two weeks. It did not as such clear it up, but it did suppress the spots and they didn't spread further.

I was also prescribed Tenkorex capsules (Cefalexin BP) because I've also been experiencing lower back pains - UTI?

A few days later, ulcers spread across my tongue, back of my throat and I've had chapped lips for about 2/3weeks - (no signs of cold sores as such, although the corners of my lips/mouth are the sorest.

In this time of having chapped lips, I have to admit that my alcohol intake has increased but also I have been drink FAR MORE water to try and hydrate them. I have also been exposed to much more sun.

Now, another week later (4/5 weeks after sex with that girl) I still have chapped lips, ulcers on my tongue and the spots on my penis have begun to show up more and more. I have also had for the past 4 days an INCREDIBLY painful and sore throat with spots on the back of it.

I'm not sure what to think. From day one I have thought it has been herpes, but I have had no herpes type outbreaks on my penis (that I know of?) - nor any cold sores on my mouth. Because of me thinking this is Herpes I have been losing sleep, nit eating well and drinking alcohol just to try and get my head down at night - the paranoia is eating me up.

Could the ulcers, sore throat and chapped lips simply be due to stress and me putting myself in this psychological position? or are they symptoms to go along with the white spots?

Could this simply be a fungal infection which through paranoia and stress has given me the ulcers and chapped lips or are they symptoms of something?

I've had unprotected sex with only one other girl - my girlfriend of 3 years who I AM 100% SURE WAS CLEAN as she has a  womans problem and had to have blood tests.

I cannot make another doctors appointment until next week and I really need to put my mind at rest, I can't eat sleep or relax without it pecking at my mind!

I guess it's one way to learn a lesson though..?

Please please help, I will be incredibly grateful!

I give my greatest thanks in advance and hope I can hear from you soon!


P.s...I do have fordyce's spots, and I am almost positive it isn't them...
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This may sound like a yeast infection. Yeast infection may involve the oral cavity including the throat. Is there any pain with swallowing? If pain is present , then a bacterial infection have to be considered. I do not think this is cold sore. Cold sores usually involve the inner lining of the lip and the walls of the mouth. The sores may also present as blisters and they may be burning or painful. However, HSV type 1 infections may still be possible since they mimic presentation of a strep throat. Your significant sexual history may also suggest a possible HSV infection.

Have this assessed thoroughly. It is likely that this still appears to be a yeast infection. You may need oral medications for this.

Drink plenty of water. Avoid hot  beverages, alcohol and spicy food. Avoid any sexual activity or contact until this has resolved.

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Thank you  Vanessa...

Yes there is pain when swallowing - There is also lots of pain when I shout/sing and sometimes even talking.

I have to admit (although I am not a doctor) that I don't think it is HSV..I think it is simply paranoia - the more I look at it sanely, the more i realize there are no herpes symptoms! LOL

For the throat, I have been gargling warm water (cooled boiled water from the kettle) with salt in, and it seems to be lessening the pain bit by bit - sometimes almost instantly after spitting out the pain seems to be lessened...Is that because it is killing the bacteria?

Thank you very much for your help! Greatly appreciated. :D

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Did you ever find out what it was that you had?  My husband is having some wierd symptoms that somewhat match yours. Thanks
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Any clue what it was
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