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problematic mole or am i obsessed?

Ok, here it goes, it all started when couple of months ago I had bumps around my lips that kind of looked like a cold sore but did not itch or tingle or any of that sort of things. Well some healed, one stayed as a bright white spot, which one derm called an epidermoid cyst and punctured it. There was nother whitehead like thing which I would try to squeeze but nothign would come out. Anyway the thing the doc punctured was essentially flat but became raised /inflamed when punctured. But then became a pink loose skin that would shine white when I stretch my lips. Anyway I was kind of obsessed with them when one derm suggested using electrocautery, I said yes. Now she punctured the big one a bit underneath and said nothing came out, and then did the small one without asking me and said sth did come out of that one. I leaved it at that and started waiting for them to heal. The upper part of the bigger one still looked the same, now it looks better, but there is still something weird there, like a cluster of buried whiteheads that wont allow the skin to heal. I went to other derms and couple said it was just scar tissue, one said there still was a cyst, one said I am too worried about my face. (It didn't help that I had couple of cystic acne scars on my chin that led them to name me a "picker".) My problem has essentially nothign to do with this. I told this part because I want to assess whether I am just a bit too neurotic, or is it possible for me to be right.

The real problem is a mole. I have a very faint flat mole between my nose and my lip for at least 7 seven years. It has appearently grown a bit over the years, but was essentially so small and feint that it never bothered me before. Anyways, 20 days ago I noticed that it was a bit darker, which made me look hideous in my opinion. So I started exploring it, it looked a bit weird, I wondered whether I had anything like ingrown hair or sth because there was essentially a darker dot like spot on it. I suppose rubbing it a bit irritated it, I put on coconut oil on it and let it go. In a day or two I noticed it had a transparent scab with a dark dot on it, that easily came off. There was no blood, but of course since the surface of the mole it there was a redness around it. I supposed it was just a weird scab that made the mole darker and hoped it would look faint once it heals. Of course I went to derms. They said the pigment was still there, gave me antibiotic cream and told me to wait a month or so. The color of it got eventually darker, like an acne scar, and now it looks even bigger and darker than it used to be. Each day it gets abit darker, I supposed it is getting repigmented. Derm says it looks fine but I think it looks weird. As if the whole skin was a scab, when I stretch it with my tongue, it appears as if there is a round skin toned bump under it and the mole is a dark slit like thing. Mom says I am exaggrating, it looks a bit darker an I don't look hideous. Since derms said extracting it would leave a scar and the mole is small I should just leave it off. But I feel like it doesn't look like a mole and as if it doesn't belong to my body. For 7 years, I never thought that but now I jsut can't acccept it as a part of me and it is making me depressed. Since more than one derm said it looks normal, is it still possible for this to be some sort of cancer or anything else? I feel like they don't take me seriosuly when I say it is a bit bigger and darker. One said, moles grow and darken with age. Yes but would it happen oveernight?

I am attaching pictures of the old version and the new version. Am I crazy? Or can the darkening be repigmentation over a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation scar? It looks darker because I picked it and would later heal? At times, around of the mole gets redder, and even shinier (esp. at night) like a mild exama.

Here's the album: sorry for the many images. top is the latest, bottom is how it used to be. http://imgur.com/a/Khgeo
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