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scalp broken out

I have had problems with my scalp breaking out for the last 8 years.  It started when I was pregnant with my daughter and has persisted since.  I went first to my general practicioner and he recommended I go to my dermatologist.  I thought that was the way to go but my insurance requires a referral.  It took me 2 months to get in to see him.  He said he had no idea and that he dealt more with skin cancers now and not those types of issues that my regular doctor should be able to do some research and determine something.  So back to him I went.  He shrugged and sent me back to dermatologist and told me to be persistent and that he would call him for me as well.  So two months to get an appointment at dermatologist and he still seemed unsure and prescribed me ketaconazole shampoo.  This seemed to help then it just didn't completely clear up.  Then it came back 10 times as bad like the shampoo had made it angry.  So repeat process.  Regular doctor to dermatologist but this time he referred me to another dermatologist.  This guy was impatient lime he didn't have time to hear me out and when I went in my scalp was pretty great not like usual.  He said it was hormonal and prescribed a hormone blocker spironolactin.  No help.  I went back to my regular doctor and mentioned that I had looked at some online forums and he said that we could post to those and review the responses together and then he would research some of the responses and find a way to attack it.  Help please I can't style my hair because you can see the scabs.  Brushing is excruciating.  They are red circular bumps that initially started at the edges of my hairline.  It has spread all over.  They come up red and rupture and puss and blood comes out.  Guesses?
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My kids get basically the same thing.  They follow a gluten free diet, which clears the problem up about 90%.  The shampoo that helps them the most is selsun blue with aloe...it contains selenium.  
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Has your doctor or your dermatologist taken any skin swabs from the scalp?

If not, then perhaps you should suggest to your doctor that this is done.  The swab is then sent to the laboratory to identify the bacteria/fungus.

With the bumps coming up red, rupturing with puss and blood coming out, it sounds like it may be a bacterial infection.  The laboratory would be able to analyse the swab and identify the bacteria and would be able to inform your doctor of the appropriate treatment.

Hope the cause is identified so that you can receive the appropriate treatment.

Best wishes.
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