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suddenly oily hair that won't correct

This discussion is related to suddenly oily hair that won't correct.

Question to the Dr.  

Could this be overactive sebaceous glands?  I have had sebaceous cysts in the past.  Could excessive sweating cause this to happen.  Sweating dries out the skin, therefore causing the glands to produce more oil to compensate for the loss?  When your stressed, you sweat.  During menopause, you sweat.  In the summer, you sweat.  If your febrile, you sweat.

I am a 38 year old female and also started experiencing a heavy oily area around the crown of my head about 3 1/2 weeks ago.  I asked my Dr. and  he acted as if I was crazy.  He suggested I use Neutrogena shampoo once a week, which I started yesterday.  To add to the other comments....I am extremely stressed (thought that was it).  I am going through peri-menopause.  I have not changed shampoos in 15 years (I alternate head and shoulders and Pantene).  I have never had any problems with oily skin or oily hair ever.  I wash my hair daily and condition.  I have not changed my daily regimen in 2 years

One thing I have tried was applied Shower to Shower powder to my hair before going to bed and washed out in the morning (not the sexiest looking thing at night but it helps).  It drastically reduced the oil, but came back 2 days later.  The only thing I worry about is clogging the glands that are producing the oil, so I don't do it daily...maybe once a week.  I will try the Irish Spring soap, that will not clog the glands...just dry out the hair.  Another suggestion I haven't tried was go to a good hair dresser who has shampoos that change the PH balance of your hair (If this goes on another month I will try this.  It's kinda drastic.)

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    Around Setember my hair became very oily at the crown of my head. The second week in October I had my gallbladder out. about 10 to 14 days later my hair cleared up. I was thrilled. One week before Christmas my hair became oily again, and continue's to get worse. I am still experencing some pain in my stomach, could this mean that I'm still sick? I'm really scared. Does this mean I need to have something else removed to have beautiful hair again, ha ha.? I defenitly believe my hair is oily because something is wrong with me. Someone please try to give me an answer!
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I have the same thing as everyone else....and i literally tried more products than i can even count (zinc shampoo, coal tar shampoo, salycilic acid, glycolic acid, lysterine, lemon juice, olive oil, soap, clarifying shampoo's.... and nothing has worked.....i'm not sure what the underlying cause is but i'm sure it has something to do with sebum glands since lately my face has been breaking out too... I finally found a way to get the sticky oil out of my hair temporarily, but i haven't been able to find a "cure"..... what i do is i shampoo with palmolive (the original, in the green bottle... has to be palmolive, dawn didn't work)... don't use it on  your whole head - only the crown, rub it around with warm water and let it sit for about 3 minutes.... then after you wash it out use a clarifying shampoo on the whole scalp (i use panteen clarifying)... if you still feel oil repeat the palmolive..... then afterwards use a deep conditioner to restore the moisture in the hair.... this has been the only thing that gets the stickyness out - i'm also waiting to start accutane to permanently take care of the problem....i just wish i knew the cause.  I've been researching and they say that it may have to do with eating refined sugar, which then produces insulin, which then produces androgen, and it's the androgen that makes the oil production crazy..... so i've also started cutting back on chocolate to see if that helps too. anyone else have advise please respond.
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My best friend came to my house with this EXACT condition. Literally out of no where, her beautiful hair had a very oily and waxy build-up in the crown of her hair. It was gross!! We found this site and saw how many people have this condition and yet, no real answers. We believe we found one!

A little history: She did have a recent surgery (about 2 months ago) where she was placed under anesthia for a female condition. Plus she switched birth control pills which may have caused a hormonal imbalance. I wanted to note all this because there are similarities to the other postings. Still, we did not know if this was hormonal, a buildup or bacterial.

Ok... here you go:
1. First shampoo with Suave Clarifying Shampoo, and repeat. Focus on the crown and give it a  good scrub. Rinse.
2. Then - she used original Listerine (use the brown, not the mint or others). She poured 3 capfuls directly into crown. Lightly scrub and rinse.

After the first application, we noticed a HUGE difference. I would say about 90% better. As a bonus, her hair was incredibly soft and shiny (not oily).

The next night, she repeated the process again. Her hair is completely 100% back to normal. Of course, we need to wait and see if this is a permanent solution, but we will keep you all posted on her progress.

Our best to all....

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I had the same problem - a sticky, greasy secretion on my hair around the crown that wouldn't wash out with normal shampoo.  I tried all sorts of things - lemon juice, olive oil, not washing for a few days and then attacking with bicarb, but nothing worked.  

I started using Redwin Tea Tree Shampoo and that appears to have removed the problem so that now the hair at the top of my head is nice and shiny, but the rest of my hair looks and feels like straw.  I would rather dry hair though!
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I tried the exact instructions re: SUAVE Clarifying Shampoo, followed by Listerine Mouthwash and the first go round rid me of about 90% of the oily scalp issue.  I repeated it the following day and that's all I needed.  I thought I might need to repeat it again, eventually, but it has been 2 months now and my hair is still fine.  I do continue to use the SUAVE Clarifying Shampoo about once a week, but otherwise am able to use my regular shampoos and conditioners I always have used and have not needed to go back to using the Listerine again.

Thank you for posting up your solution!  What a lifesaver, as my hair was DISGUSTING by mid-day every single day, out of the blue, back in April.  Have never had any problem like this before, am 39 years old, no change in medications, no history of oily hair.

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I've had this problem for almost 2 months now...just showed up out of the blue. It was a nightmare! I couldn't stand looking at or touching my hair! I, like everyone else, tried everything. Nothing worked. I went to the dr. crying my eyes out begging for some kind of solution, only to find out she had never even heard of such a thing happening! She gave me an antibiotic prescription with the hopes that whatever the problem was they would clear it up. They didn't. Just when all else had failed, I stumbled onto this forum. Last night I read the post about the Listerine solution. Thinking this was my absolute last desperate chance of having nice hair again I ran to the store and bought some. I came home, washed my hair with clarifying shampoo and then dumped the Listerine on. IT WORKED. I could not believe it!! It still wasn't back to normal, but the difference it made me a believer in the Listerine. I just got done doing another round of it and its now 100% back to normal! I can't stop running my fingers through my hair - the way I used to be able to do!!!

I can't thank the person that wrote that post enough!! I LOVE YOU! You saved me!! I was so depressed over the greasy hair problem, especially since even the doctor didn't have an answer.

If you have this issue - USE THE LISTERINE!!! I've been trying for months to fix it and nothing else worked. Listerine corrected the problem in 2 days - you couldn't ask for a faster or cheaper solution!

Again, THANK YOU!!!!!!! I honestly can't say it enough!!!

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