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treatment for ilven

for a long time i thought i had really stubborn eczema but until today i went to a dermatologist and i found out that it was ilven (inflammatory linear verrucous epidermal naevus)

i want to know more about treatments for ilven.

i herd about CO2 laser treatment and apparently it worked well to reduce itching...but is this long term?

also about surgery where removing parts of the skin. does this require "doner skin" or do they just sow the skin together, wouldnt this cause the skin to tighten?

please any with ilven tell me your experiences and treatments and how well the worked.
it would be reallllly helpful!!

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I've had the condition for 37 years.  Last year I tried laser treatments.  The doctor "experimented" on a small patch just below my knee.  (I have it all down my right leg).  It eventually came back.  The only thing that has ever worked for me was surgical excision.  Yes, they do stretch the skin back over the cut.  My problem is not having insurance at this time.  I'll be back on once my husband starts his new job, and I'll be going back for more surgery, at least the ones this doctor is capable of doing.  Some parts of it will probably require some donor skin, most likely from some other fleshy area of my body.  I may have to have a "real surgeon" do some of the spots.  Good luck to you.  This is a very stubborn condition.
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Hi i had ilven for 28 years i got it when i was 6 weeks old ive tried everything to get rid of it but nothing helped so i researched about it and i did find a cure for it its co2 laser so i gave it a try and yes its gone and hasnt come back thank god but i had to do a few procedures to get rid of it because for haveing it for so long so give it a try to. So if you know anyone who has it let them know  that co2 laser does work cause it really work for me and i thank god for it because haveing ilven was hell for me i suffered alot from it but not no more.
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