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unbarable itching not enough symptoms to diagnose

This started about thirteen years ago.
I just started itching all over.
Absolutely nothing helps except 2-5 antihistamine per day.

This itching isnt normal... its severe crawling feeling like being bit by thousands of ants.
For a test once I was told to go 24 hours without antihistamines...
Withing hours I was scratching my skin off with sand paper and it left scars.

It gets worse when im warm, and in the evening about 5:00pm it starts up.
Whole body, scalp, armpits, legs, arms, face, hands, fingers.

Scratching makes it MUCH worse.

I do get papules from time to time on my scalp, If I scratch those the itching gets worse and more papules.
If I ignore them and wash with antibacterial shampoo, teatree oil etc the papules dry up.

Lately the itching is getting worse and the antihistamines are having less effect.
I suspect if the day comes that the antihistamines no longer work... I wont be alive much longer, obviously I wouldnt be able to tolerate the itching.

Ive seen many doctors, many specialists.
EVERYTHING we can think of has been tested over and over.
I have no allergies.
No other symptoms eccept the skin seems warm when the itching starts.

I do have an odd High C reactive protien and full body inflammatory immune response... seems to be food related but nobody is sure.

And thats it...

What can cause itching that ONLY responds to antihistamines?

I suspected scabies... but the doctor told me the mites would be visible.
So I thought dermadex infestation... but again no sign of dermadex under a microscope.

Still too me this seems like and keeps coming back too some sort of mites?

Anyway... this is just about my last straw.
I hope somebody might have an idea what it could be...
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Hello~I am so sorry you are suffering with the itching, I am sure it is unbearable at times.

You say you have seen many doctors, have you tried a Naturopath. They really dig deep into the issue and they can often discover some amazing reasons for what is causing the symptoms. They do blood work, all kinds of allergy testing, tests for hidden yeast infections, hormonal balance levels, etc. They might even run some tests for parasitical issues as some parasites can be the pits to get rid of and cause all kinds of trouble.

You may have some hidden chemical allergies that you are not aware of, also, some food sensitivities can cause itching.

Another cause of itchy skin could be a Candida fungal infection. Skin infections caused by the Candida yeast can cause itching, rashes, scaling, and swelling. Candida infections (candidiasis) can be caused by a weakened immune system, using antibiotics, being overweight, or pregnancy.

To prevent skin infections caused by the overgrowth of Candida in the body, it is recommended to take probiotics. This is especially true if you have to take a course of antibiotics because the probiotics help to keep a healthy balance of bacteria in the digestive system. A study in 2006 into probiotics found that they help to reduce the side effects of antibiotics and also inhibit Candida from overgrowing.

Other studies into probiotics show that they can help reduce levels of stress in people and help to improve brain function.

A great way to get relief from the itching that Candida causes is to use raw apple cider vinegar (ACV). ACV is an effective topical application to stop skin itching and to kill off infections. Mix together equal amounts of raw unprocessed ACV and water. Using a cotton ball, apply the ACV to the itchy skin for a quick relief.

You can also add one or two cups of ACV to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes and this can help to cure whole body itching. For even better results, why not add a few drops of tea tree oil mixed with a carrier oil? The tea tree oil will also help to kill off the fungal infection and soothe itchy areas of skin.

Apple cider vinegar can also be used to help soothe itchy skin caused by eczema and psoriasis (and there are other great reasons to wash your face with ACV).

Acupuncture can also be a big help at times at stopping some itching, so can chiropractic treatments. Believe it or not, when so vertebrae in your spine and neck are out of alignment, one of the symptoms can be itching. I suggest seeing a chiropractor and telling him what you have told us; he just might be able to give  you some relief.

You may also be deficient in some vitamins, the B complex would be a good place to start, I would take a high potency B complex and an added Vitamin B12; Since vitamin B-12 deficiency can lead to nerve problems, this may be a potential link if you have itching. I would also add extra vitamin A, this is the skin vitamin along with vitamin D3.

Here are some herbs that might help as well:

So, every remedy listed here is made from plants or from plant-based or food-grade substances.

•Clay. Put a bit of bentonite or Montmorillonite clay on it! ...
•Apple Cider Vinegar. ...
•Clay + Apple Cider Vinegar. ...
•Peppermint Leaves. ...
•Fresh Basil Leaves. ...
•Aloe Vera. ...
•Fruit Peels. ...

I hope that some of this has helped and that you get the relief you are seeking. God bless you.

The long response I sent or rather thought I sent yesterday,  somehow did not get submitted.I guess, since I didn't see it  appear today when I checked.
So here's a shorter version:

The key in your post is that Antihistamines make it better, right?
You need to rule out  Histamine Intolerance!
Causes of excess production of histamine and histamine intolerance are:
Genetic factors causing low metabolism and breakdown of histamine, G/I & digestive issues, SIBO, diet rich in high histamine foods and other.

Look into:
-DAO supplements to fix DAO deficiencies
-Methylocobalamin B12 and Methylfolate for HNMT deiciencies.
-Low Histamine Diet (avoid histamine rich foods and DAO blocking foods)
- look into underlying digestive and
G/I issues like low stomach acid, SIBO, leaky gut syndome etc.

I have used an Energy Medicine
Professional procedure, called
"Spinal Release Procedure" (which follows below) for issues like yours when there's an underlying energy field imbalance,with good success. You need a partner for this and both you and your partner should study it several times before applying it.
Make sure you're well hydrated.

1. Connect mentally with your issue.
2. Get partner to tap on either side of spine, using knuckles( using middle finger knuckles of fist) about 1/2" - 1" left and right of the spine
From C7 -bump on neck- all the way down to the tail bone, rather fast, as if s/he's creating 2 straight dotted parallel lines
While tapping fast on the back, on each up and down cycle , have the patient (you)
a) breathe in- holding breath
b) breath out - refrain from breathing
c) hyperventilate
d) relaxed normal breathing
e) eyes circle clockwise(without moving your head)
f) eyes circle counterclockwise
g) close eyes
h) eyes closed, eyes circle clockwise
i) eyes closed, eyes circle counterclockwise
Note: Each action is one up and down cycle.
I usually repeat this procedure 2-3 times. And again the following day if needed.

As an adjunct, for even greater results, I have combined the above
with EFT (emotional freedom technique)using these techniques concurrently,.
At  this point, if you wish to explore it, I suggest you get in touch with an experienced EFT Practitioner.
BTW, I'm an Advanced EFT practitioner.

If you have any questions please let me know.

Best wishes,
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