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i am a 27yr old male, type 1 diabetic, and hypothyroid. for the past two years i have been experiencing severe chronic episodes of dizziness, accompanied by nausea/vomiting and headaches, tingling in the body, cold sweats, feel like im going to faint. a "hangover" feeling. these symptoms come and go, and could last from days to a couple of weeks non stop. ive been to the ER a couple of times and blood tests always come back good. i have seen an ent and a neurologist, and they diagnosed me with vertigo which i took meclizine that made me feel worse.  i had a ct scan and an mri done and found a mass in my head(sphenoid mass) which i had a biopsy done, the results came back inconclusive, as in not being a malignant mass, and according to the ent not being the reason for these symptoms. although i think otherwise. ive been a diabetic for 12 yrs already and never felt these symptoms before. i feel like this has taken over my life, because these symptoms are so unpredictable, i do not know when im going to have a good day or a bad day. if anyone out there has info on this condition or could give me any useful advice i would greatly appreciate it
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