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I don't know whats wrong.

Ok...so this is probably going to be lengthy, get ready!

I have no idea whats going on with me, and I just want to know if its from something serious, or something as simple as a diet change.   It started when I was 16, my boyfriend and I went the fair and after riding a couple rides, I got seriously nauseous and struggled to drive home, when I got home I had really bad chills, yet my body was hot (I had no fever).  I am 17 now, and we have a senior trip to Six Flags (Keep in mind I have no motion sickness nor was I dehydrated), after that trip the same exact thing happened and had to stay the night with my boyfriend because I couldnt drive home. The day after graduation (only a few days after six flags), we had a senior party, where we would go into the school and be "locked in" until 5 AM, yet AGAIN the same thing happened while I was in the school, and couldnt move from the bathroom because I just felt so awful, I began to dry heave and finally got sick at his house once through the whole day. After it was about noon that day, I was pretty normal.  
Now, present day (couple months after), I have been to the doctor (for birth control) and weighed only 110, when not a couple months ago I was 125, the doctor told me for 5'6 Im underweight. Along with this information, I am nearly NEVER thirsty, and my boyfriend thinks Im addicted to sugar, because I went a couple days without it for a diet we were trying to share together, after only 3 days I had HUGE headaches and was well...a *****.  My knees also have been feeling weird. That feeling when you have them bent for too long then you stretch out and pop them, I have that after feeling a lot for barely even having them bent for a certain amount of time, and when I pop them, they continue to have that weird after feeling for around an hour or two.

Sorry if this was long, but I had to list EVERYTHING that could possibly help, my boyfriend said that he thinks it could diabetes or hypoglycemia. Please help.
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I'm 16 and was diagnosed with diabetes type 1 3 months ago. It sounds to me like with your symptoms that you could be at risk of having diabetes or at least suffer from low sugar levels.
With diabetes, you may not get all the symptoms but you may still have it.
Diabetes isn't a life limiting condition but i would recommend you to go to your doctor or to the hospital for a blood test. They would simply be able to tell you if you or not.
Good luck, and i wish you the very best.
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