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Is this diabetes?

I'm writing for my husband. He is 25, he recently went to the doctor and got some blood tests done, his testosterone was very low and his sugar levels were very high. He has been treated for anxiety and depression for the last several years but it has never chagned anything. He has zero energy and if allowed to would sleep most of  the week away. He sometimes will black out when he goes to stand up or something and will fall asleep at the table or in the car very randomly and gets tired very easily. The doctor told him he thinks maybe it's diabetes and they are going to run some $4,000 worth of tests as soon as we get insurance. Does this sound like it could be diabetes? The dr. also thinks he may had add. Any suggestions?
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hmm...it does sound like diabetes but usually more symptoms are prevalent. I dont agree with all those tests though..usually and blood stick test and pee test does the trick.

The other symptoms that show from untreated diabetes are
constant hunger
constant thirst
unexplained weight loss
vision problems

Sounds like he is already experiencing the fatigue part of the disease. Here is a good home test. Have him pee after drinking alot of water. Then see if there is bubbles in the pee after he goes without flushing the toilet. Bubbles in urine indicate a presence of sugar in the urine.

When diabetes is left untreated, the sugar in the blood builds up and the absense of insulin leaves the body cells high and dry for energy. Pretty soon the cells start to eat away at the body fat of the body (unexplained weight loss) after all of that, the cells start to eat away at the internal organs for energy IF the body hasnt gone into a coma from so much build up in the bloodstream (diabetic ketoacidosis)

I believe in holistic healing and that diabetes without all the symptoms is reversable. If you really dont want to take him to the doctor, try getting him to take vitamins. Sometimes its a mineral dificiency and the body loses the ability to break down food properly via pancreas and intestines. Diabetes soon develops afterwards. But if he is blacking out at this point, I wouldnt risk trying to do any home assessments. Take him to the emergency room, get him tested. His life is at stake, and you can pay off medical bills knowing that your husband is not having kidney failure because you didnt want to take him to the doctor in the first place
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