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what happens if the sugar level goes zero (0) ?

what happens if the sugar level goes as low as 10 or zero ?

Today morning just half an hour before my wife woke up and found that her sugar level went as low as 35 .o
she is 28 years old 50 kg weight .
I would like to know what happens if it goes really so low , i have made her drink sugar water as of now .

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She could go into insulin shock, and need immediate medical attention. It can cause all sorts of problems including brain damage. The best thing to do is to give her orange juice when that happens. They also sell glucose tablets at Wal-Mart that work well. I'm sure there are other things to do, but I'm not that well-knowledged about diabetes type 1 yet. My hubby has it.
Great explanation. she needs medical attention ASAP.
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If your wife is experiencing frequent lows then she probably needs an adjustment in her medication. Is she on insulin? Basal/bolus? How does she determine her bolus dose? Does she have a set dose? If so, it may be too high for the amount of carbs she is eating; an Insulin/Carb ratio is much safer. When does she take her basal (long acting) insulin? If she takes it at bedtime, then that may be too high a dose that is making her blood sugar so low in the early morning. Many people are able to treat their hypoglycemia down into the 30s, but much lower than that and they could lose consciousness. It is not safe to try and get someone to swallow something if they are unconscious, but they will need a glucogon injection or to call 911. Much better than risk dangerous hypos is to find out what is causing them to begin with. It is usually too much insulin or a combination of too much insulin and too little food (carbs).
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thanks a lot for your suggestions .

she take lantus 18 Units at 10 pm at night
and actrpid 3 times a day 10 units each
once in morning before breakfast
second before lunch
third before dinner .

almost evry morning she goes in hypo...even today morning her blood sugar was 37 .

how do i get more info on an Insulin/Carb ratio ???
If she bottoms out with only 18 units of Lantus, it needs to be lowered or not taken at all. You need to talk to your Doctor. Those are dangerously low levels.
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It's not good to go low like that every day; you need to talk to her doctor and get her does changed. A set dose of mealtime insulin (bolus) is not standard of care and also is not safe because we don't eat the same amount of carbs daily. I really recommend the book Using Insulin by John Walsh as it explains everything in a really clear manner. However for starters she needs to learn to know how many carbs she is eating. Packaged foods list carbs on the labels; for other foods there are lists online like CalorieKing.com. An average insulin/carb ratio is 1 unit of insulin for every 15 carbs, but this is only an average, we are all different in terms of our insulin needs. 10 units sounds very high, what are her numbers 2 hours after eating? What you can do to determine HER I:C ratio is start from 1:15 and see how that turns out two hours after eating, then adjust it up or down. Many of us have different ratios for different meals. Mine for instance is 1:10, 1:12 and 1:17. It sounds complicated but after a week of counting carbs and testing it starts to come clear. Her Lantus level might also be high, if you cut it back by a unit or two and then see a couple days how her morning numbers go, you might get good results. If your doctor is not responsive, many of us have to educate ourselves. I also suggest two boards with lots more information: TuDiabetes.com and Diabetesforums.com
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Thanks a lot for the info ,
She was taking 18 units at 10pm every night . now from yesterday night we got it to 16 units at night .

i will moniter her numbers after food .
today morning when she woke up , her sugar count was again 41 .even after taking only 16 units of lantus and 7 units of actrapid ( short acting insuline ) maybe she din eat much of carbs required last night .

now i will keep a check on her number after food , to understand her intake of insuline units compared to her carbs .

Once again thanks a lot .
you can see her gluco meter as i have updated it as much possible by me .
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I agree with what others are saying.  Your wife needs to adjust her bedtime shot and I personally always check my sugar before giving my bedtime shot and will sometimes adjust my Lantus accordingly.  Worsecase for myself, I would rather be high in the night and then take a fast acting insulin in the early morning (4am/5am) so that when I eat at around 8-9am my sugar is fine.

If she is low in the am she is taking too much insulin either at supper and is her sugar is not high enough at bedtime or she needs less Lantus.

I do not feel my low sugars so I always run a bit high to be safe.l  

Lastly, you should not try to give liquids to your wife is she is unconscious.  CALL 911 and keep a Glucagon kit in your home.

Good luck,


ps...speak to your wife's doctor before making any changes but do so ASAP
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Thanks Jadi ,

we have reduced her lantus to 16 units , and there are changes , not she is not so low at early mornings . but last few days she is feeling vewry sleepy , she sleeps at 12 midnight and cannot wakeup till 10-30am to 11 am . she feels sleepy all day .
she is also having a headace all day .
we have fixed an apointment with the doc .

but as you know , she does'nt like checking her sugar everynow and then , i do make sure that she checks it once she is awake and before sleeping at night , but she trys to avoid checking her sugar .
she does'nt like it .
also she doesnot keep a check on what she eats and what she should not eat , she eats everything she like  and if she feels her sugar is high , would take a shot of fast acting insuline .
how do i motivate her to keep a good check on her own health ?
Check sugar at bedtime. If 70-120 NO Lantus. If below 70, eat a snack or drink Orange juice and check again after 15 minutes. or fast acting should have a sliding scale. you can get it from your Doctor or look it up on the Internet.
The complications from uncontrolled diabetes is not worth it. Somehow you have to make her understand. Ive been T1 for 30 years now. When I was a teenager I didn't care, I didn't look after myself, didn't test sugars, didn't give correct insulin etc. By the time I was 30, I was blind. I had massive bleeds in both eyes. It was a miracle that a specialist was able to restore my sight after having surgery, but going in I was told don't count on this working. Since then, my control is the best it can be (no control is perfect but its pretty good). But all those years of not caring means I also now have another complication, nerve damage. I get stabbing, burning pain in my legs if I walk a certain distance or for no reason at all.  Im lucky that i dont yet have kidney issues or havent had bad infections that uncontrolled sugars can make worse. To put it all in perspective, I am only 39 and I struggle to walk the dog because of the pain. Every time I go the the eye specialist I hold my breath and hope there are no new bleeds that I can't see. If I could go back to when I was younger and know what I know now.....
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Your wife's handling of her diabetes is dangerous in so many ways. She absolutely needs to check before each meal because that is how she determines the correct dose, as well as know the carbs she is about to eat. If she "feels" her sugar is high, she takes a shot of fast acting insulin???? When? After she eats? This is called a correction shot and the correct dose (correction factor) needs to be figured out in order to know how many units will drop her blood sugar by how far. It is not a surprise that she is experiencing both highs and lows frequently if she is managing her diabetes this way.

You might want to find out WHY she doesn't want to monitor her health. Is she thinking that if she ignores it, it will go away? It won't; she will end up in the hospital, in a diabetic coma or with serious complications. She is a lovely young woman with, obviously a loving husband, and she deserves better! By your description of her sleep patterns and her not caring about her diabetes, I'm wondering if she is suffering from Depression. Depression is 3 times more common in people suffering from Diabetes. If she is suffering from Depression it probably won't just go away on its own. When you see the doctor I would mention this to him and see if he can refer her to someone to talk to and perhaps prescribe medication if it is warrented.
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as a type 1 diabetic for almost 10 years now, i was like your wife. i didn't care about checking my b/s levels for just about the whole time i've been a diabetic until last year when my blood average was 350 with a1c of 10.9-11.4. i decided that i did not want to die before i turned 40(i'm 36)! yes it is a pain in the *** to test as many times a day as recomended and yes it does get expensive, but ask her this, is it worth her life and the grief that you and other loved ones will go through when this could have been prevented? also say to her that testing only takes 5-30 sec of her day (depending on the type of tester). the agnozing death of constant high blood sugars is not something any one should go through. hope this helps.

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Well put, and congratulations to you for getting back on track caring for your diabetes! I hope you are seeing the results of your commitment and probably had forgotten what it was like to feel good!
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Thank y'all for your information. I usually register low but I felt so funny this morning a tested again, and it was an alarming 22! I had a glass of cashew milk and some nonfat plain yogurt and feel so much better. If I take Dristan, I have a funny reaction to it-my son says that is like taking a trip with no luggage- and this was like that! My doctor has me off insulin and with that low I wouldn't take it. I will call to find out what to do and get back to you with what he says. It may be a couple of days, but I'll let you know!
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well if your blood sugar drops to 0 they will not make it they will past away but even when your blood sugar drops to 30 or below a seizure can come on
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and if your sugar gets too high you can and to an acoma and left untreat death can happen don't let you or anybody is blood sugar over 600 or even 200 500 your blood sugar should only be around 99 to 100 or even 120 102 110 or even 130  240 is higher then it should even stroke or heart or kidney failture  keep your blood sugar at it least in the 100s
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now the 100s all fine but 240s are not and 51 and is low you eat some candy or cake or some food sugar attack can apear when too low and another think if your blood sugar never goes back up as it should be 911 quick or if your loved one or anybody is an acoma the doctor should give them a shot to bring back up and you should have a kit just in case
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you have to keep your blood sugar levels at a good rate and also a stroke can happen when too high or also call diabete stroke or a diabete heart attack can happen
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You die. Am a ER nurse your brain needs glucose to function without it, it started to die. I think this patient may have overdosed on insulin. Her brain swelled to the point it herniated down her spinal cord and was essentially a organ doner at this point. Nothing we could do.
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However, to breath is a process that requires other essential ingredients which are less known. Sugar is one of those other essential ingredients.

In other words, if your blood sugar level reaches 0, you (especially your brain) cannot breath.

So, what would happen to you if you cannot breath?

Now, what Lexii told you is 100% true, you would be having a seizure long before that.

When your sugar level is low, it is as if you are not getting enough oxygen.
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You’d be brain dead in about 10 seconds as your neurons deplete the last of their very-small stores of ATP. It would be extremely difficult to revive you. However, before your blood sugar levels reached zero, most of your physiological functions would have already shut down—enough that blood sugar levels don’t actually reach zero because cells cease to function before that point. Deadly low blood sugar levels are really low, usually (your electrolyte status makes a big difference in how your body responds to low sugar levels) below 20 mg/dl (1 mmol/L), but there are deadly low blood sugar levels that are above zero.
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If a diabetic is HYPO and can not swallow, placing frosting inside the cheeks can help. It gets absorbed directly w/o swallowing. NEVER give an unconscious diabetic ANYTHING that needs to be swallowed.

I can not believe a TYPE-1 taking 10 units at a normal meal. I a on MDI, (over a decades), and never take that much even for a big restraint meal. (but that is me).

BASAL needs to be such that it keeps you B/S level/stable w/o food or exercise. I shoot (puntended) for a BG of 100 (or near) and be stable for at lest 5hrs.

I became BRITTLE this past spring, NO FUN! I was swinging between the 40s to 280+! I had damaged my left adrenal in a fall in 2012, then damaged my right adrenal this past Feb. I had to start dealing with Addison's in addition to my type-1b.

I had to get a CGM & go to 1/2unit dosing. I got a Libre, combined it with a MiaoMiao that links to my android phone for tru CGM with alarms etc. I went to a NovaPen Echo that does 1/2 unit increment doses of insulin. Between the 2, it was a  life saver for me.

BTW my endo did NOT want to deal with my now "brittle" (a title bestowed upon me an ER trip last April).

I am doing better, my Addison's is being treated and my diabetes is easier to tame with the Addison's steroids and 1/2 unit insulin pen.

PS sound to me like your wife is being treat more like a TYPE-2, NOT GOOD for a type-1. IMO get a NEW Dr! (jez me opinion) Duckors  (quack, quack) see a lot more type-2s than type-1s, while the goals are the same, they are NOT quite the same animal I have a Hx myself of being improperly treated due to WRONG type label.

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Your body needs glucose to properly function. Your cells rely on glucose for energy.
What Can Cause Low Blood Sugar Levels?
skipping meals and snacks
not eating enough food during a meal or snack
exercising longer or harder than usual without eating some extra food
getting too much insulin
not timing the insulin doses properly with meals, snacks, and exercise
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7 units of short acting insulin at one time is too much for safety sakes, cut that down unless she is eating five bread exchanges at dinner time.  She also needs the Glucose gel packets handy-- I use the Transcend(TM) glucose gel packets.  this you can squeeze in her cheek if needed.  Does she check her blood sugar (BS) at Bed Time? (I have been Type I for over 50 years, and use a pump now with CGMS, due to low blood sugar unawareness, and have an A1C of 5.8.)  Checking her BS level with a forearm stick instead of finger stick (less pain than a finger stick) or else a continuous sensor may be her best option.
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Symptoms of hypoglycemia are usually manifested as sweating, hunger, panic, trembling, paleness, etc. In severe cases, there may also be lack of concentration, restlessness, irritability, or even coma.

For mild to moderate hypoglycemia, oral sugar water, sugary drinks, or eating candy, biscuits, bread, buns, etc. can be relieved.

For drug-induced hypoglycemia, relevant drugs should be stopped in time.
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Placing a sweet ice pop at the mouth will help if the patient can't function.
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Low blood sugar can develop if you take too much insulin, do not eat enough food or skip meals, exercise without eating enough, or drink too much alcohol (especially on an empty stomach).
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