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Does lack of sleep raise fasting blood sugar?

When I had my blood test for my physical recently, I had not slept more than a couple of hours for four nights straight (it happens every so often for a few days at at time) and my fasting glucose had spiked into the pre-diabetic range with a normal a1c. I asked my doctor if lack of sleep can raise FBG but she didn't really give me an answer. She didn't seem concerned since my a1c has not gone up at all and all of my other numbers (lipids, bp, etc.) are "beautiful."
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stress can indeed raise blood sugar.

The normal hba1c is reassuring.  However, what was your actual number.

Many labs give a cut-off of 5.7 for normal hba1c.  Howver, 5.7 is equal to an average blood sugar of about 125.  

A truly normal hba1c is < 5.0 and average blood sugar < 100.

Now, if your hba1c is < 5.0, I would not be concerned about the spike in fasting glucose that occurred with stress / lack of sleep (though I would want to keep monitoring regularly).

If you hba1c is between 5 and 5.7, then I would take this as a very early warning that I need to be vigilant about managing my blood sugars; exercise, keeping weight normal, eating lower carb diet etc.

Hope this helps.
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Dont know the answer to that one sorry.
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