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I am new to this forum. I have a son who is 2 year old.Recently he was not well with cough,cold and fever. Because of this week he was not taking his food properly,i can say very minimul and week before his fever he had a MCU test where they cathetrazed the baby and injected the normal saline in his bladder to check the refulx. He did not had any reflux. Now When he had the fever doctor advised us to do a urine routine test and when i got the reports i was shocked to see ketone bodies (3+) in his urine but his glucose and protine was negative for urine test and he had no urine infection.

Now when i looked through internet about the Ketones i found that it has something to do with Diabetes. I am very scared of this. No one in mine and my wifes family has diabetes and so i feel my son may not have this and that to he is so yuong to have this. When i showed the report to his pediatrician he said it could be due to his fat breakdown because of starvation and the ketones will go away as soon as he starts having his normal diet. I plan to do his second round of urine analysys this saturday but before that i would like to know id this something to worry about? Note that now my sone is fine he eats and does all the activites like a normal child and he is a very active child with appropriate weight i.e 12.5 kg for 2 years.

Please help me on this. Waiting for your inputs.

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Thanks for the update. That is really good news!
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Thanks a lot for your response. It really helped. And you are right  the test we did this saturday showed no ketones and perfectly normal report.

Thanks again!
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"... i would like to know id this something to worry about?"
Not now and maybe never. Wait for the next test results.

Go to the links below. Read the thread which addresses normal glucose with above normal ketones in children. Comments concur what the Pediatrician mentioned.

And this


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