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Question about Normal glucose levels for 3 year old

My daughter had some skittles.Out of curiosity i checked her glucose 15 minutes after consumption and it was 211. I checked 90 minutes later and it as at 227. She also drinks alot as well as pees a lot. Is it normal for blood glucose to react this way in a non diabetic child or should have her checked by her doctor?
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Hi Phoebe0305,

We're so glad you came to MedHelp for advice. Please come back to the group and let us know how your daughter is doing. We hope you have heard something from the doctor about your daughter's BG levels.

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Hi Phoebe,

Your daughter's results are not normal.  Normal children blood sugar levels are in the range of 60 - 90 (or so).

Please take your daughter to the doctor asap.  It sounds like she has type 1 diabetes and needs to be on insulin.

This is quite urgent as her condition could deteriorate quickly and become life threatening. Ie. This is a possible MEDICAL EMERGENCY.

If your daughter is lethargic or appears unwell, out of it, please go to the nearest emergency room immediately.

You are going to be busy for a while sorting this out.  However, when you have time I would like to direct you to some information that will be very useful for you in learning to optimally manage your daughter's condition.

1. If she has diabetes, it will be difficult to manage her blood sugar levels.  Thus it will be very important to manage the amounts and types of carbs that she eats.

2. Get this book:  Dr. Richard Bernstein: Diabetes Solutions.  He has more than 40 years working as a dr and has developed a system of management that will help your daughter achieve normal blood sugars.

3. You may go to U-Tube and look up Bernstein Diabetes University.  There are more than 200 lectures about diabetes management.  Look about the one for parents who have newly diagnosed children.

4. There is a facebook group called typeonegrit.  These are all parents with kids with type 1 and helping them manage their diabetes using the methods taught by Dr. Bernstein.  They will be an excellent resource.

Please reply to this message.  I want to be sure that you are acting on your daughter's condition and that she is ok.  I may be able to provide you with more information as necessary.  

Please ask questions.
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