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glucose test and hypoglycemia

Im am 17 weeks pregnant and went in today to have the 3 hour glucose test performed. I had Gestational Diabetes in my second pregnancy, but it skipped my third pregnancy. This is my fourth.

After the test I did not eat or drink anything for about 1/2 an hour, because we were picking up my son from school and getting lunch. Within 20 minutes of finishing the test, I got really shaky and sweating (Its in the 20's today) while waiting in line for my food. I nearly thought I was going to pass out. I was really worried that my sugar had gone too low, so I checked with my glucose monitor when I got back into the car. It was 55. I ate soem york peppermint patties (knowing they had sugar) I was really shaky, dizzy, and tired. when we got home, I told my husband to get me some orange juice right away. Within about 15 minutes my levels were back up to 88 and my symptoms were subsiding. Now a couple hours later my levels are fine, and I feel fine other than a headache ( I took a nap). Do you think that it was just the test that caused this reaction? or is there something wrong with me beyond possibly gestational diabetes?
Thank you
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Those are good questions. Clearly, you had a low blood sugar and you knew what to do and did it. Since you have had a history of gestational diabetes, it probably is something to watch. Your body may have responded to the glucose tolerance test with more insulin than you needed, but I am not a doctor, so I can't say for sure it was a response to the test.  The fact that your levels are fine is a good sign that you may get through this pregnancy without the gestational diabetes.  But even so you may want to do an occasional blood test to make sure.  You sound like you are very on top of the situation and I'm sure your doctor willkeep an eye on your blood sugars also.  I wish you good health and an enjoyable and succesful pregnancy.
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Another question, because this one I can't get out of my head. Has anyone ever been diagnosed so early in pregnancy with Gestational Diabetes and then tested normal after the baby was born? I actually failed the one hour at 14 weeks.  Strange thing is I ran across my old questions in this forum while doing a search, and My numbers were high during this stage of my pregnancy, but by the time I had my test at 28 weeks, they were very normal for the 1 hr glucose. No 3 hour was ever done. My first test during my last pregnancy was at 9 weeks which was normal. I can't help but think that maybe something goes on in the beginning of the second trimester that affects sugar levels.

My numbers while using my monitor last pregnancy at this time were in the 160's - 180's after meals. This wasnt all the time depended on what I ate, but it is just strange to me. I don't understand how I passed the tests last time.
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