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500-600 calories diet is healthy?

Hi guys..... i'm 17 year old... (female) my weight is 77 kg .... i want to weigh about 60kg.... n i have 3 months to achieve this goal .... i do exercize about 20 minutes.. mostly 2 times in a day:.  .. . and hit the gym for an hour (maximum) .... n dieting ... i am taking 500 to 600 calories ??? Is it fine or i need to increase my calorie intake .... though i burn 300 to 350 calories daily ..... n my goal is hard but not impossible i guess..... need ua suggessions??
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Hi zona.

You are burning roughly 1500 calories per day doing very little (RMR-Resting Metabolic Rate) and about 2000 with exercise.
Based on a 20% reduction, that's 300-400 calories less daily, a safe and sustainable level for weight loss.

It will take you about 4 times longer, but it will be easier to adhere to and the weight might stay off, compared to
"crash" style diets which promise fast weight loss and most people end up heavier than before, following the initial weight loss!

Use your own RMR calculator for better accuracy (also accounting for activities and exercise), since the figures you posted seem to be very off.

Cut out the junk food, white processed carbs, sugar, sodas,fried foods and any unnecessary "empty" calories.
Make sure everything you consume is of high nutritious quality. Skip everything that is not!

Best wishes,

RMR Calculator shows 1700+ calories .... but do you think is it possible for me to lose 15-17 kgs by taking 1700 calories per day (within 3 months) .... my gym instructor told me ... to achieve this ..you have to do a 800-900 calorie diet.... i've left alllllll greecy food.... coke , fast food .... oily meals... etc..... in breakfast ... taking brown bread sandwich stuffed with boiled egg (without yolk) .... lunch .... 2 oranges... ' boiled chicken (4 pieces) .... sometime bowl of salad .... in evening one apple with a cup of green tea .... at 7pm ... half chapati with vegetables .... {is it suitable diet with one hour gym & morning walk (30 minutes).... + self exercises (30 minutes)  in home???? }
It is unsafe to take only 800-900 calories!
You need more calories to keep up with energy requirements and nutritional needs.
See my original post.
Just take your time with this program and do it right!
What is the rush anyway?
I think your gym instructor is a little too aggressive!
You are a female, right?
The needs for fat are higher in females so I don't see the point of only egg whites. Egg yolk fat/cholesterol had a bad wrap in the past, but now it's finally recognized as healthy cholesterol.
You also need more protein, for muscle tone and repairs.
Protein is also the most efficient macronutrient for fat loss, as long as it is not overdone.
More salads & vegetables would be
beneficial as well.
. Drizzle some extra virgin olive oil and some lemon for flavor and added health benefits.
LightSeeker speaks truth here, zona -- when you're exercising you need more nutrients, not less.  You just need the right ones.  Slow and steady wins the race in this case.  And as LightSeeker says, your gym instructor sounds like you need a different gym instructor who stays in his or her lane of expertise.
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