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Hi my name is John :)

I am really fat, really need to lose weight. I have tried like everything, but notthing did happend.

I weight about 95 kg and i am 179 cm, really fat

How can i lose weight????
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Drink plenty of water everyday
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The best way of lossig wight or the better term is losing Fat is healthy food & exercising  
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Plan your meals for the week and only buy what you'll need for those meals. Start in the produce department and buy most of your food there, then supplement with chicken and fish.  Sautée foods in olive oil, bake them, or eat raw whenever possible. Don't eat deep fried foods or drink sodas.
     Give up bread and pasta (anything made from wheat), and then start giving up the other white carbs (potatoes, rice, etc).  Drink lots of water, especially when you're hungry. And don't give up!  When you're having a craving for something, allow yourself to have a bit and, hold it in your mouth to get the satisfaction of tasting it.  A 2 oz bag of M&Ms lasted me a whole month because I'd only let myself have 1 when I was dying for chocolate and I let it melt in my mouth.  Sweets are my downfall, but buying individually wrapped dark chocolate has really helped me too (only 1 per day) and I was able to eventually cut sweets out of my diet for the most part. I still have cravings once in a while and I eat nuts, fruit and a bunch of other stuff to satisfy the craving but nothing satisfies the brain like the real thing so just allow yourself that 1 bite and savor the flavor without adding all of the extra calories that don't make the craving stop.
     Also, whenever you fix your plate of food, divide everything in half and only eat that much. Then go for a walk, drink water, and only finish the rest of your meal if you're still hungry after your walk and waiting 30+ minutes.  Snack throughout the day on celery, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, and other veggies coated in a 1/2 tsp of olive oil.   Blueberries, almonds, and cinnamon are great for lowering your cholesterol.
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