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Sunday Weigh-In November 18, 2018

Good morning, everyone... Wow, I can't believe another week has gone by - time flies when you're having fun, right?  I'm finally getting used to the time change (yeah, it takes that long for me to adjust), but I sure don't like it because I'm not into having it get dark at 5:00 pm or earlier - yep, I'm a true "light lover".  The only good thing is that we're headed for the shortest day of the year in a few weeks, then days will start getting longer again.

There hasn't been a lot going on here, this past week.  We decided to take off and go on a little vacation.  Sure, we left our 80° weather in Florida and headed, first, to the panhandle, Pensacola to begin with.  My husband is a war buff and he wanted to go through the Naval Air Station Museum at Pensacola, so we did that.  It was our second time there, but it's impossible to see it all in one trip unless you have lots of time.  We left there and headed west to Biloxi, MS and hit the casinos for a day.  We're not big gamblers, but it was fun for a change of pace.  It was good to get back home on Friday afternoon...

Of course, being away and eating in restaurants for 4 days didn't do my diet any good, but I made the best choices I could.  We did opt for buffets meals whenever possible, so that gave a choice of meats, veggies, etc.  The biggest problem is that most food laid out on restaurant buffets is loaded with salt and fat (and you can bet it's probably not coconut or olive oil) to make them taste better.  Add in the dessert bar, with soft serve ice cream and banana pudding - there's a recipe for disaster, for me... lol  

On top of all that, we attended our first holiday feast of the season yesterday.  It's the annual Thanksgiving gathering of our woodworking club that we have at the home of one of the members - potluck, of course, so everyone brings their signature dish and they're all delicious.  :-)

Anyway, add that to almost no exercise for 4 days and I gained 2.2 pounds.  Not really as bad as I thought it would be, but bad enough considering that we're coming up on the holidays and I'm going to have a double struggle as it is.  I have 3 days before Thanksgiving to work on getting back into my normal routine before Thanksgiving.  Hopefully, I can "not" derail too much in the coming week.

So - how about everyone else.  How have you done?  I hope you've met some goals or, at least, taken steps forward.  Let us know what, if anything, we can do to help.  

~~Have a wonderful, successful week~~
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I totally forgot to weigh in last Sunday and had a 1.6 lbs weight loss.  Today I weighed and I’m down 1.4 lbs.  In total 3lbs. I’m trying to at least lose a pound a week.  I’m doing the keto way of eating which is a lifestyle not a diet. I’ve lost 15 lbs since october 7th so I’m feeling excited.  Things are going good for me and it’s finally clicked that I need to seriously lose this weight.  The holidays for me is the perfect time to start.  With all the goodies around I can see myself gaining another 20lbs.  So this way of eating has helped curb my appetite for sweets.  Im not trying to convert anyone to this way of eating.  It just is working for me and I don’t feel deprived.  I spent yesterday with my daughter shopping and running around.  We had a lot of fun.  Getting ready for thanksgiving and I totally am making the whole dinner keto approved. Oh and this family wants prime rib which is my favorite so that’s a big plus.  I’ve also been walking about 45minutes to an hour also.  Since I’ve lost some weight it has given me some confidence and a drive to lose more.  The time will,pass anyway so I might as well be losing weight too. I figure a pound a week is a good amount to lose and anything over that is a bonus. Well time to enjoy my bullet proof coffee a keto thing.  Have a beautiful week and thank you so much for this challenge.
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Hi, Kelcoo. For what it's worth, it sounds like you're doing everything right. Whatever it takes to have less calories.

I've heard of the bullet proof coffee and watched some of Asprey's videos, but have never done it. Do you find that it sparks up your mental energy like they say?
Hi,  yes it does spark up my mental energy.  Thank you for your kind words.  
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Kelcoo, you've been walking about 45minutes to an hour, each walk? That's a lot. You must get a good feeling of accomplishment.
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Hi Kelcoo... I did miss you last week, but I'm happy to see you back this week.  

The KETO way of eating is getting very popular and I'm happy to see it's working for you.  

It sounds like your Thanksgiving dinner is going to be totally delicious... and I come join you?  :-)

I love bullet proof coffee, myself, but I've really slacked off from drinking it for some reason; I guess I just haven't taken the time to make it.  When I first started drinking it about 3 yrs ago, I actually lost a pretty good amount of weight.  I'm glad you brought it up, because I need to start back on it.

The walking is good, too.   I love to walk and when my "winter neighbor" is here (she's from OR also), we walk for about an hour almost every day.  Do you have a walking partner or do you go solo?  I don't mind going solo, but I don't really have a good place to walk, so it's safer to go with someone.  

Keep up the good work...
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We baked a turkey last week (due to pleadings by my son, who has been thinking of Thanksgiving turkey and just couldn't stand to wait any more). It wouldn't have been bad, but we all liked the stuffing so much that we got more ingredients and made a whole separate baking-pan-ful two days later. I had stuffing for lunch and for dinner last night. Therefore I'm not surprised to be up by .6 of a pound today. That much in one day is a lot of carbs for me.  

This means I'm starting the big-eating week in a less than good position, but I think my only big meal will be simply eating on Thursday, we won't be dealing with leftovers. My sister is hosting and it's pot luck, and all I have to do is buy some dinner rolls and wine and bring them. In other words, we won't have food in the house afterward. (Ya don't eats what ya don't gots.)

Weather is beautiful, hubby and I took a drive today just to catch all the views of the mountains, river and hills. It could hardly be more picture-perfect here today. He was in San Francisco when the Camp fire was raging (that took out the town of Paradise) and said the city was so smoky they couldn't go outside, even though it was that far from the fire. Those poor people, I looked at all the greenery here on both sides of the roads in the neighborhoods where we were driving, and the lovely wilderness parks carefully preserved, and imagined on many of the little roads we were travelling what it would be like to try to get in your car and pile into a local road system all at once with all your neighbors. Not do-able here, there is no plan.
Well, maybe you'll be able to drop that 0.6 lbs by Thursday so you'll be starting even again.

You're right that you don't eat what you don't have in the house, so as since your sister is hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you'll even be able to leave the rolls there if you want to.  :-)  But take the wine if there's any left... lol

A nice drive in the mountains sounds wonderful.  I'd thought it was turning cold out there, but that must have changed or maybe you're in a different area... The fires in CA are horrible.  I feel so sorry for them.  I came across a FB post this evening about pets that had been taken to a facility in San Francisco, I think it was.  They had photos of kitties with bandages on their feet, burned fur, etc.  They posted the photos in an effort to find owners.  It was very sad to see them, but fortunately, some of the animals were finding owners via the post...

You're right about the difficulty of people having to get onto a local road system and try to evacuate an area like that.  We run into the same thing here when we have hurricanes come through.  The biggest difference is that we, typically, have more time and there is a plan with designated evacuation routes - even at that, you wouldn't imagine the congestion and confusion.  That fire caught everyone unaware and was moving so fast no one had time for anything.  It's a real tragedy.
Poor people, poor sad relatives trying to find out what happened, poor animals.

Here is similar to what we saw today when driving through the hills of Clackamas County:  https://www.flickr.com/photos/biolooms/4695652158

I didn't take the picture but you get the idea.
(What should appear is a photograph of Mt. Hood.) :)
That's a gorgeous shot of Mt. Hood.  We discovered when we visited Portland and our friends gave us a tour of the area, that there are a lot of places you can get great views of Mt. Hood.  It's a beautiful area.  I'm glad you're having a nice fall so you can take days to relax and check out things like that.  It's a great way to spend a day.  

That's one thing I'm crazy about in Florida.  It's beautiful here, but there are so  many places one can't "see the forest for the trees".  If there are some wide open spaces, there's likely to be development that's no so pretty...

Being formed by volcanos and floods, the greater Portland area has a lot of hills. (Or, what we call hills -- we took a Chicago friend to our then house and he later reported to his wife that we drove "up a big mountain" to get there.) So even though our drive was all within 25 miles of downtown Portland, there were a lot of drop-away long views of the mountain, the Willamette river, and lots and lots of woods; parks and natural areas even in the neighborhoods. We were going around in an area called West Linn, looking out and down where the Willamette River goes over a waterfall at Oregon City. It was a sparkling day, too, and the mountain simply looked spectacular. I think in Florida it's very flat? (I'm familiar with Mississipi and seem to remember that the total elevation difference between low and high in the whole state is about 80 feet.) I would find it frustrating not to be able to get a long view out, though as you say it doesn't require elevation differences as much as not having a lot of stuff in the way. :)
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I stayed even this week.  Nuff said..............
You were trying to maintain, weren't you, instead of losing more?  If that's the case, you're right on target.
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I also stayed even.  Honestly, not bad considering I had some things tempting me that I didn't totally avoid and the weather is bad so I'm having trouble with the exercise part.  I need a new physical fitness routine for winter!!!  Help!!
You did good, too in spite of temptations.  

Exercise was always a challenge for me when we lived up north because of the cold and snow.  The main thing I had going for me was shoveling snow, but that wasn't always an every day occurrence.   Fortunately, back in those days, I didn't usually have weight to lose, so I mainly just needed to get exercise to keep my muscles stronger.

Do you have a "Y" or something like that, nearby that you can utilize inexpensively?  My winter exercise, now often consists of Leslie Sansome DVD's or yoga, etc if my walking partner isn't here.   You can actually, access quite a few videos via YouTube.
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I guess I stayed about even, but I'm still not really sure what that is. It's all hovering about the same, within a pound or so, in the mornings, so that's what I'm going with. Not surprising, since I've done very little except weigh myself, and maybe pay some attention to what's going into my mouth.

I do not host Thanksgiving, to the blessing of everyone, but I do come home with leftovers. My mother makes the best mashed potatoes, but I eat them twice a year, so I'm not denying myself. I tried to convince everyone to go out, or do something different this year, but that was met with a resounding NO, so there's that. We are all just acting like everything is normal, and my father didn't die earlier this year.

Therapy, anyone?

I do okay with desserts since I try to avoid processed sugars, so I'm good there. My family always forgets that I do this (therapy anyone?) but it works out well for me in the end, because I just skip dessert.

I just really need to exercise. Actually, I need to find some motivation to get me up to exercise.
Well, I guess weighing yourself is the first step.  I think it's hard for a lot of us to pick an actual weight because of fluctuations.  I seem to recall that you have a slight love affair with salt (lol) - that goes a long way toward the fluctuations...

Hey, who can pass up Mom's great mashed potatoes when you only get them twice/year?  I don't think we should do that.  As long as we eat in moderation, it shouldn't be necessary to "give up" a lot of things. I'm going to eat and enjoy my bread stuffing although I eat very little bread these days.  

I'm sure this will be a difficult holiday season for your family since it will be the first without your father.  I'm sorry you have to go through that.

Therapy?  You bet; I'm an advocate for anyone who needs it. Unfortunately, too many people don't see the need.

It's great that you don't do processed sugar (or much of it anyway).  Does anyone try to provide a sugar-free dessert for you to enjoy?  Fruit maybe?

Exercise seems to be the "biggy" for many of us.  Maybe we need to form an exercise club and see how motivated we can get.  
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