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Thigh fat

Hi, I'm 17 and I weight 120 but all the weight is in my thighs! Is there anything that I could do to help tone my thighs down or lose weight there?  Thanks for the help!
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Hi there,
Gaining weight in the thighs is a common problem in many people.  It is very important to monitor what you are eating. If you are consuming foods high in saturated fats foods, sugar, and salt thighs you will retain extra fluid and fat. Eat small frequent meals. Drink lots of water and consume fruits rich in vitamin C as it is a fat burner. Strength training is very important to lose fat in thighs. It will help in toning your fat muscles. Leg lifts and wall sits may help. Running and cycling can be done. You can also try yoga. Yoga will help in losing weight and toning thigh muscles. I sincerely hope it helps.
Best luck and regards!
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Thank you this helped a lot! Do you know any fruit or things that are high in vitamin c?
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