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Will you bloom this week?

Bloom where you are planted.

We can all bloom and realize our weight loss dreams ..

What bloom are you???  What dream will you realize this week?  Remember, positive affirmations!!!  Telling yourself "I CAN" "I WILL" brings that reality to you!
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I'm maintaining my weight right now which, in itself, is successful not to gain ... when the weather gets warmer I enjoy gardening and lawn cleanup, etc.  So hoping Spring comes soon for some added exercise of which I enjoy.  Also, the next few weeks give me time to prepare myself to let go of some poor eating habits and start new like the fresh breath of Springtime air!

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I would love to send this to some friends in an email and have the vote tallied. How do you do this?
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A dandelion - Am here and trying but afraid and questioning my long-term success.

Very creative, Ranae!
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A rose-

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I voted other.  My selection is the lotus flower.  They grow in all kinds of icky muck and mire, yet are still able to form themselves into one of the most beautiful flower blooms despite and perhaps because of that very muck and mire.  
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I am here, believing in my dreams and never tired. I am going to the doctor this Friday and I will find answers. :) Lilac!!

I didn't have much to eat today, and my weight is still going down. But I am trying hard here. I'll see what the doctor has to tell me. I never thought, after struggling with my weight since I was 17, that I'd be losing so much, so fast. It doesn't make sense. I usually find it hard to lose a pound!!
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As you are viewing this page .. copy the url from the navigation bar.  Open your email to your friends and write what you want and paste the link.  It will bring them directly to this post when they click on it.

And .. thank you .. for sharing.  Would LOVE to have them participate and tally their votes!  Hey .. that is a GREAT idea .. perhaps I shall send to some of my friends as well and hope they will join us here long-term!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Love that we are all blooming together!  What a beautiful field of flowers and when you share with each other, as you have done here .. it is like sending a lovely bouquet of flowers to each of us to support us on this journey!
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I chose the daisy....I'm in for the long haul    :)
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