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Advice on my dogs health

I need some advice from a Vet.
My 9 yo 130lb male Great Prynees fell on the steps the other day - front paws separated and hind legs twisted.  He is up there in years and has slowed down so I knew it hurt him.  The next day he was walking sideways and we took him to the vet - they gave him Deramaxx and told us to wait and if he did not get better to go back for x-rays. We had the x-rays done yesterday and they showed deterioration of his hips and back (as expected for his age). Trouble is he is still walking sideways/off balance, his head is tilted to the right and the right side of his face is drooping - nose is running and lots of drewl that side. He is also having trouble grabbing his food - even when hand fed. His eyes are bright though and he does not seem to be in pain. He is pretty expressive dog and I think I can read him pretty well after all these years. The vet said that his head was probably tilted because of an inner ear infection, although they said they couldnt see that far in. The other thing is he has just recovered from a bout of dihrrea and is taking Metronidazole so they were reluctant to give him the antibiotic for the ear infection. I am reluctant to give it to him. In the past his ear infections have made him miserable with a fever and not very nice personality - none of which he has now. He is just content to lay by my side. I can't afford to keep bringing him back to the vet everyday, not to mention the stress it buts on him.   I am not exactly sure what is going on - pinched nerve? stroke? is it an ear infection?  I appreciate any feedback you can give.

Thank you!  
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Can he not use the topical meds for the ear infection, like Tri-otic oinment, Betagen (Gentamicin) spray, or Synotic drops? Those types are what I've always been given for ear infections.

And about his symptoms.....look up Canine Vestibular Syndrome on google. My older pointer had this, sort of a neurological vertigo I guess.....his passed within a week, some dogs have it longer, but it resembles signs of a stroke to a T. And is very common in older dogs. their whole equalibrium (sp?) is off.

Take care, Teresa ; )
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How frustrating not to have a clear diagnosis by now.  :-(  Med Help now has two vets on the Ask a Vet forum.  Participation is free, and I'm sure one of them will have some ideas for you to look into.  Best of luck to you both - he sounds like a great dog.  :-)
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Also you may want to ask your vet about Adequan shots. I had an older Lab, about 10 and 100lbs, with very bad arthritis and joint problems. It was a wonder med for him. It is not steroids. It's like the oral glucosamine and it lubricates the joints and actually helps to rebuild cartilage.
It was unbelievable, he was running around again like he was half his age.
The shots have to go directly into the muscle, so the needle is large. But my boy didn't even flinch. He had 1 shot every 2 weeks for a bit, then once a month, then on to one every 2 months or so. For some dogs they last months, just depends on the pup with how often needed.
they were a bit pricey, about $35 each shot....this was 5 yrs ago. But for what it did, and not having to take piroxicam, or rymadyl, or any of the other NSAIDS, which can have awful side effects it was so worth it. i have had several dogs get UTI's and other bad side affects from the Rymadyl and Derramax.
And you certainly know how it is to lift such a big dog. After the shots he could get up on his own off the tile floors, get in the car, etc...

You can google the Adequan and read up on it, it really was a miracle med for him.

Take care, Teresa ; )

Oh and about the Canine Vestibular Syndrome.....they do have problems eating and drinking as their perception is off. We had to hand feed and give our baby ice cubes, or hold the bowl right up to him. It was as if he was drunk. We had to do the sling sheet to take him out, he was walking sideways so bad, it was as if the floor was in motion under him. Along with the head tilt, which is what made me think stroke at first too.....we were up north with family for the holidays and it was the stress of the drive & all the excitement going on, etc.. that did it. I got right online after it happened looking up doggie stroke and this is what came up......it was all his symptoms to a T, and like I said thankfully for him it was only about a week. He was 11 I think at the time. I called my vet down here where I live, and told him everything and he had me do some things and assured me what it was and it would pass, just couldn't say how long. there were a few differences between this and a stroke, can't remember what, but when I told him certain things he asked, he knew.

Sending your baby hugs & smooches from us, and wishing him well!
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