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Gulping and possible throat spasms

My Wheaton Terrier, now 2 yrs old, has had recurring episodes since she was a puppy where she will start gulping madly and I can hear a clicking noise like her throat is having spasms or something like that. She has what I would consider a large adams apple or voice box, whatever that large lump in a dogs throat is!!! I feel really bad for her. When this happens during the day she begs to go outside and when she does, she will eat leaves, vines or grass...anything she can get ahold of. At night she will stay in her bed, but I will hear the clicking and her gulping for a long time. Usually when she has an episode she will have it again several times over the next day or so. What could explain this?
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Hello & welcome to the forum....My first thought is a "Reverse Sneeze"....Very common in small dogs & Harmless......You may want to google it and see if it fits what your hearing...

My second thought is "Collapsing Trachea" because of the clicking you describe.....Google that one, too....It's fairly common and there are medications (From your Vet) for this, to help ease the episodes......

Let me know what you think & good luck......Karla
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Thanks Karla! I am very familiar with reverse sneeze and this is much different. Its like a hiccup that has gone wild. I will look up the collapsed trachea but I think I did read up on that and it didnt match either. My poodle mix seems to have a bit of that and it makes him cough. The wheaton is gulping and gags a bit too. It happens randomly and in spells. Thanks again
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I read alot about dog's that have Acid Reflux....They will gag, lick & smack constantly......I personally think it's more of a stomach/digestion issue....You might try adding Yogurt (Unflavored) to her meals & a snack before bed......The snack should be a dry biscuit or the likes......The claim is that the dry biscuit will absorb the stomach acid as opposed to anything wet.....

I don't understand the clicking other than a Trachea Collapsing.....My Vet explained to me that it's much like sucking on a straw that is clogged.....It does kinda click as you try to get anything through it, but it collapses.....Did that make sense?

Because she runs out to eat grass and other tid-bits, it sounds still like a
stomach or digestion issue......

Many people use Pepcid (The Human Antacid)  with their Vet's approval.....The dose of course would be by weight, but it may be worth trying.....

The Gulping & gagging could also be Sinus Drainage.......The sinuses drain down the back of the throat & cause the dog to gag on the fluids.....Does what your describing happen year round or is it at certain times? It's my understanding that all the drainage goes to the stomach and causes Nausea (Like Humans)....In this case, an Antihistamine (Like Benadryl) would be used....Could the clicking be a nostril that's clogged & then opens?

Maybe others will come by to offer suggestions......I'm hoping what I've listed here may at least give you some things to think about....... Karla
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Just a thought....bu to me it sounds like it could be a nausea issue. It may not be of course, that's only my thoughts about it.
I'm wondering if there could be some "catch-22" situation going on here....for instance, perhaps your dog felt queasy one day, dashed into the garden, chewed on something unsuitable in a fast dash for grass(such as vines garden plants or ivy) which made the situation worse? And it set up a cycle?
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Food for thought, she does sometimes suffer from unexplained nausea. throws up repeatedly for a day or two then back to normal. I always give the dogs a bisquit before bed but maybe i will look into the yogurt idea or give her some pepto next time this happens and see if it stops the cycle. Its worth a try:)
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See if she will eat a Tums.
Also, I had a boxer that would start to gulp. She would frantically try to find anything Green that she could eat. She would even go so far as to eat my plastic houseplants...!  I figured out that she was trying to fix herself the best way she knew how, so I purchased some "cat grass" from the local pet store.
Whenever she would start to gulp, I would offer her some of the cat grass.
She would eat it as fast as I could cut it and give it to her.
Within 15 minutes after eating it, she would stop gulping. She would settle down and seemed content for hours afterward.
The grass is Avena Sativa...."Wild Oats"
I don't know why it helps, but I can tell you that it did help my dog..
You can purchase the oat seed online, and it is very inexpensive.
The cat grass can also be purchased at Pet stores like Petco.
Most pet store employees will know what you are talking about if you ask for cat grass.
Good luck with your dog....I hope the reason for her nausea is nothing more than indigestion.
Best wishes...Connie
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