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Does Ecotrin 325mg pose any risks for my 5yr old canine? He had CCL surgery in April & I must prevent him from running due to the possibility of him snapping his knee & the threat of putting him to sleep. The Vet did say he had tremendous arthritis in that knee. I want to stay away from the dangerous anti-inflammatory drugs.
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In general, NSAIDS are NOT safe for dogs.  Ibuprofen and acetopminophen will kill dogs and cats.  Acetisalicylic aciid (regular plain aspirin) IS safe for dogs in the correct dose.  Check with your vet to see what the appropriate dose would be for your dog based on his breed, age and general condition.

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Welcome...I'm curious, why would you have to put him to sleep? Was the surgery Not successful? At 7 mos. out, I would think he would be able to have normal activities.....How much longer does his surgeon expect his recovery will be? What happened?  Again, I'm just curious....Thanks, Karla
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