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Diagnosed with EBV IgG VCA positive today after 6 months of exposure (white tongue)

Hi, on 2nd March 2017, i had sexual exposure with a prostitute. after few weeks i developed a lot of symptoms such as burning sensation hands and feet, weight lost, loss of appetite, white coating on tongue (still having it), mild rashes and GENITAL ULCER.
I tested for HSV1 & 2 - NEGATIVE at (6months)
HIV ag/ab - negative at (6months)
syphilis, hepatitis A, b and c also negative at 3 months.

Does it mean, all the symptoms are actually caused by infectious mononucleosis EBV. can EBV cause penis ulcer as well? because it bled.
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Yes it causes the symptoms stated. but genital ulcers might be caused by another reason. Haven't seen any symptoms of genital ulcer so far.
thanks bro, so can EBV cause white tongue with elarged papillae or bumps at the tongue. im still having it for almost 6 months
yes different people encounter different symptoms. but white tongue and bumps are common
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Jay, hi. I am kind of in the same boat with you, besides white coating on tongue and genital ulcer. I have tested negative for every STD. I am thinking it might be EBV or mono. TBH, I really hope it is; because mono or EBV is such less severe than almost all of these STD's. Hope you are well.
Actually, EBV is not much less severe.  EBV is extremely dangerous (same as HIV).  If EBV ever reactivates and becomes chronic (and it will as you get older), there is no cure but a stem cell transplant (just like if the HIV meds stop working due to the virus becoming resistant or mutating).
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