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is this the EBV or mono ??

am having the strangest and the longest illness in my life till Symptoms over the past 2 months , what i feel is as following
1- extremely dry mouth for 2 months till now and some white spots on my tongue There are clear when i wake up  from sleep and less during the day and my tongue as if it was on fire but it is not
2- light Fever max 37.5 at most but i feel hot flashes as if my skin is on fire but my temperature is within normal 36.5 to 37.3 max 37.5 most of the time on my back , arms and thighs or random  
3- i really feel tired and lethargic all the time even though am sleeping well about 6 hours a day
4- random body aches in particular under the armpit and my arm, lower & upper back in between the thighs and
    And behind the knees ( like there are some small balls behind the knees ) that hearts sometimes
5- dry skin on my hands and feet
6- i can feel some painful swollen lymph nodes on my neck for almost 2.5 weeks now and under the armpit for even longer 1.5 month and thy are painful as well    
7- the saliva on my mouth are totally dry white colored all the time thanks to the dry mouth
8- Use the bathroom normally, but it is soft stool for almost 20 days now
9- some times i feel pain like in my eyes as well as some chest and stomach areas and testical pain but not all the time      

so does all of the above are the Symptoms of  EBV or mono ,, all what i did was a CBC test like a month ago and everything was normal  any advise and what should i do Symptoms over the past 2 months and am a male 30 y-old would it take longer than this time
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and i was worried about HIV as i had unprotected sex with my girl friend like 3 months before all of the Symptoms but it was to fast for it to be HIV beside my girl already tested for the HIV and it was - and after talking with my doctors thy all confirmed that it is not the HIV " it is too fast for it to be HIV "and the acute HIV Symptoms never last that long and i also had sore throat most of the time in addition am a smoker and light fever not HIV fever which is above 39.0 but mine was 37.5 max and i did not experience rashes as i was treated ougmantin 1G for the sore throat and it does not cause rashes with EBV or mono and most of the time it was an oral sex with my girl friend with allot of kisses all the day and as i said am 30 so could it be the  Epstein Barr Virus or mono  
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and if it is Epstein Barr Virus or mono would it kill me ? am worried
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one more thing to be honest and clear i never had any STD not even once in my total 30 years and about my white blood cells at the CBC test thy ware 5.2 i think little lower but still within normal as my doctor told me the average is between 4.3 to 10.5 and i reed on the internet that it is a sign of mono but i never tested to be sure .    
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Strange symptoms bro. going exactly through the same. Ave tested negative for Hiv,11 months post exposure but still every symptom exactly like de ones u have listed.
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what made me think about EBV in the first place as i did not know about it but a doctor that i sent all my Symptoms and told me that those Symptoms are the same as Epstein Barr Virus which could be transferred by kisses or oral sex but i had no idea that it take that long only after i started reading about it so i some one could shade some light on my case it would be helpful as the doctors in qatar are totally idiots thy even does not know about Epstein Barr Virus at all
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Hi Massvam,
I had acute EBV (Mono) around 6 months ago. I also had, and still have , many of the same symptoms as you.

There is no point speculating about your illnesses - the best way to find out what they are is to test for them. Don't let fear of testing get in the way, if that is an issue. You need to take control of your health.

Have you done blood tests for EBV and HIV?
If yes, what types of tests did you do?
And what were the timings post your last sexual exposure?
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Also, you mentioned your blood results and CBC count of 5.2, do you know what the different values were for neutrophils (granulocytes), lympocytes, monocytes, etc?
Did you do liver function checks (AST, ALT, albumin, bilirubin, etc) ? What were the results?

There may be some clues in these results - if you let me know the readings , I can help you.
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no i do not have the result but is the ebv is a possibility or not
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no i did not consider HIV and still i am but my girl friend did and came negative after 3 months as also my doctors saied it is soo early to be HIV and that was my frist sex ever am from the meddle east so am not worrid about HIV and as i saied i got no STD at all foe 30 years  
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and what test should i do for the EBV
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For EBV, you should take the EBV Viral Capsid Antigen (VCA) IGG & IGM tests. IGM is for acute infection, IGG is for past infection.
If your result for IGM is positive, then it means you have acute EBV infection.

Other tests may be used to detect EBV, like the monospot test or the Paul Bunnell test, but these are not as sensitive as the EBV VCA IGG & IGM test.

I also recommend testing for HIV, even if you are confident you dont have it. The fact is, you have had a risk - unprotected vaginal sex with a partner of unknown status is a risk. You mentioned your girlfriend is negative, but in another post you mentioned that you had sex "in Thailand" , it is not clear if this was with your girlfriend or another woman.

Even if you feel you didnt have a risk, it is important for everybody to know their HIV status. There is nothing to fear from taking an HIV test - it  is over and done with in a few minutes, and is generally free of charge. The result gives you tremendous power, whether positive or negative.

If you are negative, it means you know you are free from HIV and you must take precautions to protect yourself in future. If you are positive, it means you must 1) seek treatment to protect your health and 2) must protect others around you (such as your girlfriend) from transmission.

I encourage you to get EBV, HIV tests and ask your doctors for your CBC reports.
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yes my girl frind is from Thailand and she is the one am talking about here
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and she was the only sex that i had in my life as well
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