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Agressive nd excessive masturbation - Soft erections- cant hold long time

I face the same problem. Iam 28 old and got married recently.. am not sure but thinking over masturbation (once a day for sure ) for past 6years  is what killing me now by not getting proper erections. I used to masturbate aggressively  by seeing porn.. nd lack of awarness, always I used to *** out without making it complete erected nd strong. I used to start watching video,and I used to use my own hand even before my mind stimulates I used to come within very few mins May be 5 mins or even less. I never did the practise of making erections not using my hand nd holding it for long time..I did same all these years.. Now after married however I try, i need to use my hand foe sure and  even these erections are always soft by which sexual intercourse is impossible. I am toomuch worried and i don't want to make my partner unhappy due to my ED.  I Regret for over and aggressive masturbating all these years. Please suggsest some thing to solve my prob..
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Sounds like you need to stop masturbating and you should be ok after a few weeks
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I stopped masturbating from past 3months.  But its still being diffilicult to get complete erection just by my thoughts. I will get nly soft erections. When i feel to start intercourse with my partner I use my hand and get a better erection. But I couldn't hold it longer But more than few seconds which is verydifficult for penetration. Am feeling lot of embarassment and sad not able to make my partner happy.. feeling I did a Great mistake in life which I am making even m partner to suffer.. this is really a tell..pls help
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Keep avoiding all porn and masturbation.  Enjoy a good amount of foreplay with your partner, showing your love and appreciation of her body in various ways, but keeping intercourse out of the picture for now.  Satisfy her orally.  If you have an erection, allow her to give you a slow handjob, but continue for only so long if you are unable to ejaculate so as not to make this tedious for her.  Eventually, you should improve to the point that you will ejaculate and your erections will be better, showing intercourse is then possible.  
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You can do some research in finding exercises which helps to strengthen your sexual system. Abdominal breathing is a good exercise for erection, extending time and expanding orgasm.  Male deer exercise, kegel exercise, Satkriya are also popular and effective exercise. They are to be for a long period of time. They are based on kundaini yoga.. Regularity in doing exercise is prerequisite for success. Search groin area exercise and breathing exercises from Google websites.
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