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ED Organic OR Psychological? (28 yrs old)

I really cannot explain this. About two months ago I tried to solve my premature ejaculation problem in a wrong way. I pressed my penis glans, for few seconds, three times throughout that day while not having an erection. I woke up the next morning and I had no morning wound. Actually my penis was shrinked.  Since then I cannot keep an erection for more than 30 seconds, either during sex or masturbation. I also do not have morning woods since then (I used to have everyday and really strong morning woods). Also I did not have any other symptoms of erectile dysfunction before that event. I visited two urologists and they said it is impossible to cause organic ED in this way. They diagnosed a psychological ED, but without any substantial examinations. However the lack of morning woods is something that really worries me and makes me believe that is organic. Everything works perfectly with 5mg of cialis. Do you have any ideas?
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Since this seems to correlate with something you did, the hard squeeze to the glands a few times, I'd go ahead and see the doctor.  Read this.  It talks about injuries to the scrotum.  And that there is a blood vessel that supplies the blood flow there that can be injured.  https://www.uofmhealth.org/health-library/maleg   However, you've seen TWO doctors who concur that you do not have ED due to this activity.  They think it is psychological.  So, what about seeing a psychologist?  
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Hi GuitarRox. Thank you for your response. As I mentioned the urologists said that is for sure psychological but they did not perform any examinations. I will probably ask for a doppler test to see if there is any possibility of venous leak.
Well, ya.  Rule out anything like that.  Otherwise, a psychologist can be very helpful.
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