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ED advice - Surgery vs Medication


I am a 24 year old you suffered a perenial injury 1.5 years ago. I required a penile embolism to treat the subsequent high-flow priapism. My penis has gotten much better but I am suffering ED none the less.

I have been perscribed cialis and it does help. My urologist said that in his opinion that was the best option, and that he would bot recommend any further surgery.

However, I feel that cialis resolves the issue "adequately" but not "satisfactorially".
Also, there is the prohibitive cost to concider.

My questions to you are:
1) Could my penis still be recovering 1.5 years later (and therefore there could be improvement to come)
2) Would you concider revascularization/micro-surgery to alleviate this problem.

To clarify: Cialis does work; it allows me to achieve an erection almost as good as before the accident. But it is not reliably effective: EQ is still sometimes not rigid at the base (near the injury site), flexing of my perenial muscles no longer produces the stiffening  in my erect penis. Finally, as stated, the cost of cialis is so extreme that I cannot afford yearly perscriptions for the next 10 years.
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As to the timing...  I had prostate surgery, and the conventional wisdom that the healing to the perineal area, and the nerve damage can take TWO YEARS to recover.  I'm still suffering with the ED 5 months later, and slowly seeing signs of life coming back to little willy.


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OK below is something that I wrote out for somebody else the other day and it may just work for you, so please read.
Ok I've in the last year at 64 got over ED by taken DHEA and now on 75mg a day, its a hormon replacement, now you really need to read up about it and its side effects, and if in the USA its over the counter to buy or get from PP, and to back this up I'm now on Tribulus 750 mg twice daily, these I take for 5 days, 2 off and start again.
Now with this I take cayenne, garlic, and have ginger in green or black tea with lemon and honey, and on the end of that you can also try borax, but read up about this on earthclinic on there ED page.
The garlic and cayenne I rotate through the week, 3 small spoonfuls twice daily, the cayenne I mix with tomato puree and olive oil, and  a whole head of garlic chopped up fine in olive oil and dryed parsley and again 3 small spoonfuls twice daily, keep these in the fridge, and they keep well.
I did this because I now live in Greece, and the doc out said I had anxiety and just gave me Viagra, not good as it make you like a machine, and all the above should get you back like to some kind of normality, so far this week its been 6 out of 7, not a bad average..
Good Luck
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Nohard thanks for the advice, I have tried ginger tea and forgot how effective it is! I will explore the other items u suggested, but in a consistent way so i can measure the effectiveness.

Ten pin thank you for sharing your situation, it gives me hope and teaches me to be patient. Hope you improve and stay healthy.

Thanks again to both of you; it helps hear from others dealing with similar issues.
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