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  I am a male in mid 30s and I am experiencing ED post COVID for past 4 months, and still no signs of recovery. I would always get morning wood (3–4 times) per week pre COVID. Now for last 4 months there's no morning wood, and erections with stimulation (HJ) are only sometimes (60% - 40% percent of time its soft) and even when there's erection its not firm and as soon as stimulation stops it goes soft.  Never had this before, before with stimulation or even seeing pretty girls I would get erection. But I have had performance issues during penetration when the girls are very pretty (I feel they outta my league) so it must have been psychological.  I am totally depressed and feel like my life is done. Hoping to get some advice or hear from people experiencing it or recovered from it. Thank You
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So, first. You need to consider how depression may actually be impacting things. Depression, anxiety, etc. can impact our erections. And then anxiety about the erection just makes it all that much more complicated. And your depression may be due to ED but also may be a symptom of Long Covid. And your erectile dysfunction may also be a symptom of long covid. Have you spoken to your doctor about this. Please seek help if you are at any time considering harming yourself.
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Thanks for your time @GuitarRox. I wasn't depressed as I was hoping in 2-3 months things would improve as online many posts talk about how covid symptoms take couple months to get better. But now that it's more than 4 months and nothing improved I researched more and found studies, news articles linking covid to permanent ED. Given I was fully well before covid and now it's really not improved I went into depression .. I feel my depression is recent due to thinking about this constantly. Anyway, I will take your advice and try to seek therapy. Yes I went to doctor today morning and the physician has ordered some blood tests. Blood pressure was taken is normal 110/70. Please let me know if you have had to answer others who experienced ED due to COVID and if they improved and their timelines. Is there a way to search for those topics if already posted. I don't seem to find much thru google for medhelp or at least forums that discuss it.
Reddit ED thread mods ban my same question saying its misinformation. I don't know how can they ban such a new topic having studies backing this.
Anyway, I am in toronto and if you or others who read this know of local support groups or therapy organizations. Please let me know. Thanks
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