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Help! My erections are weak!

About a year ago I noticed a change in the way my erections felt both when I woke up and when i was aroused. Before my erections were quite hard to the point were they felt throbbing, slightly uncomfortable, and "painful in a good way". Overall the feeling was awkward however pleasurable; i felt like i need to stick my penis in something or that it needed to be touched. Well one day me and my new girlfriend were messing around and i couldn't get an erection which surprised me because i had never had that problem when i was messing around with past girlfriends. The next day when i woke up i realized that i was unable to feel my erection, yet when i looked down I was erect. The throbbing and pressure in my erection was gone and its place i basically felt nothing except the tip of my penis against my pants. When i stood up without pants on i felt nothing at all. Since then my erections have felt weaker and that feeling of pressure inside my penis has completely vanished. My sex life has been hell since then! I constantly lose my erections and the few times i have been able to have sex the feeling is just not that great. I dont know what happened! I am 18 years old and i noticed this problem when i was only 16! I am not overweight and i don't have diabetes.  My urologist has confirmed i don't have ed. I only take concerta which i have been doing for almost a decade. I am sure it is not just mental, because i can literally feel a huge difference in my erections. They just aren't as intense and don't feel as good.What is wrong with me? Is it nerve damage? Was the "throbbing feeling" i felt the norm? Is the lack of feeling i feel now normal? what causes the throbbing sensation? Will it ever return and how can i make it return? Could excessive porn be a factor? Also i have only had sex during the time frame this problem has existed; does that mean sex will not feel as good for me as it would for a normal person? PLEASE help me! My sex drive is basically at zero now and any mention of sex makes me feel awful and uncomfortable. Sex used to be all i could think about, but now it is the bane of my existence. I fear this problem will never will be resolved and i will never be able to enjoy sex like everyone else. I am really scared and i need some advice and guidance. At least someone who can related to me. Please help.
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Found this on the concerta u take.

HEALTH CANADA (2006): A 16-year-old boy taking extended-release methylphenidate, with no history of sexual dysfunction, experienced priapism (a painful, persistent and abnormal erection unaccompanied by sexual desire or excitation) that would last up to 24 hours whenever he FORGOT to take his medication. He had been taking 54 mg of the drug daily for about one year for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and was not taking any other medications. The priapism would resolve after he took his medication. Treatment with extended-release methylphenidate was continued because the product worked well in controlling his ADHD. The patient did not appear to have any sexual dysfunction when he remembered to take his medication. Priapism is not labeled in the Canadian product monograph.

A case of priapism associated with withdrawal from sustained-release methylphenidate has been reported in the literature.
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Your urologist states that everything is just fine, so It's possible that it could be porn-induced ED. Have you consistently used porn for years? Everyday? Are you using it now? If so, does your penis feel different when masturbating to porn?

Have you taken a 2-3 month break from all porn to see what happens?
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Since i was 13 and more or less everyday. I have taken week breaks but never months...i guess its worth a try....still i would like to know how erections are supposed to feel normally from an fellow owners perspective...which feeling is normal?
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At 18 you should be at the top of your game. Your erections should be like they were when you entered puberty - hard as a rock. Organic ED, associated with aging, happens past 40. Even then it occurs due to lifestyle, diet, or disease processes. Porn-induced ED is a silent epidemic.

Go to this medhelp thread. It's on porn-induced ED. Read the accounts. You can check out my first few posts and follow the links to video presentation or articles, if you want to really understand the science behind this.

http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Mens-Health/22-with-porn-induced-erectile dysfunction/show/469209?page=1

GOOGLE VIDEO -  erectile dysfunction and porn - watch the video series.

here's the only study that asked the right questions- RESEARCH FROM ITALY
It may not make you go blind, but Italian scientists have identified a worrying side-effect of watching too much pornography.
Researchers said Thursday that young men who indulge in "excessive consumption" of Internet porn gradually become immune to explicit images, the ANSA news agency reported.
Over time, this can lead to a loss of libido, impotence and a notion of sex that is totally divorced from real-life relations.
"It starts with lower reactions to porn sites, then there is a general drop in libido and in the end it becomes impossible to get an erection," said Carlo Foresta, head of the Italian Society of Andrology and Sexual Medicine (SIAM).
His team drew their conclusions from a survey of 28,000 Italian men which revealed that many became hooked on porn as early as 14, exhibiting symptoms of so-called "sexual anorexia" by the time they reached their mid-twenties.
There was some good news, however, as the condition was not necessarily permanent. "With proper assistance recovery is possible within a few months," Foresta said.
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okay i am slightly convinced...im gonna try abstaining....i just hope that feeling returns because truly it is amazing....thanks

ps i was wondering do u think nerve damage could be an issue here? i know nerves have to do with feeling and pleasure/pain.....
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I thought you said you were checked out by the urologist. Did he suggest nerve damage? Is there any reason to suspect nerve damage? Was there an injury?  You stated that you don't have any health problems that, at your age, could contribute to ED. Please check with your doctor if you have any suspicions.

Many guys with porn-induced say that they lose sensivity in their penis. Remember that the brain is where you feel everything, and those with porn-induced ED have altered their brains.
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