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Sudden ED

I'm 30 years old. About 3months ago met this new girl, then we had sex( strong erection) then the next day had strong erection and suddenly it became weak and never got hard again,though had stressful day at work that day. The. I got worried when I tried relaxing I get hard and make out but it is now on and off and really getting me worried. I've checked my BP and glucose level all within normal. Most times within this 3months even with hard erection I unconsciously get worried that it won't stand in the next sexual intercourse then it happens that way and may not stand again for the act.. The thought and question of the sudden ED is draining me and getting me more worried about it and most likely worsening the situation, please I need an advise on how to move on. I have been having strong erection 3days ago though took tadalafil 4 days ago, sudden got worried and started touch my **** to feel for erection, I need help
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From what you describe, this sounds like an issue of anxiety. This CAN impact our erections significantly.  https://www.healthline.com/health/erectile-dysfunction/performance-anxiety-erectile-dysfunction    It's a type of 'performance anxiety'. Yes, there are a lot of underlying conditions that can lead to ED such as cardiovascular but this doesn't sound like you. There is a huge brain/body connection with sex and impotence can be related to this issue. Could you see a therapist? It may feel embarrassing but it is solvable. Lifestyle changes, talk therapy and perhaps medication if you have other things that cause you anxiety. This can be solved!
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