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Help! Weak erections, little sensation in penis and ejaculatory anhedonia


This is something that has been problem for many years now and is becoming particularly difficult to deal with since I have been going out with my girlfriend. I have been embarresed to ask a doctor and on reflection wish I had as soon as the problem started, as I fear it may be too late.

So I am 21 year old Male;  healthy enough diet, don't drink much and don't take drugs and exercise most days.I did probably masturbate to much when younger , but never really to porn.  Up until I was about 12  I had very strong erections, however  since then they are quite weak.  When I was about 10 I did on a couple of occasions, for reasons I really don't know, used to try and bend my penis and somtimes it would make a kind of snapping noise, it always went back to normal and there were no signs of any damage. I don't remmeber exactly when but the erections suddenly became weak around age 12.

Another thing to add here is when I was 8  I used to be quite active and once when climbing up a pole in the park I experienced intense/orgasmic  pleasure for the first time. I found out I could get similar sensations just from doing pull ups and things. This lasted until I was 9.

So anyway up until around 12 I had strong erections, could feel all the sensation in my penis and when I ejaculated it was allways very powerful and pleasurable .

Ever since then I have weak erections and no real feeling in the penis. I can ejaculate but experience no pleasure at all and the ejaculation is often very weak. I get aroused very easily with my girl friend, but it never gets as hard as it should be and I never have that throbbing sensation/desire  (same if I masturbate).

So anyway a bit of online research suggests the ejaculatory anhedonia part and possibly the lack of sensation in the penis could be caused by me having tight pelvic floor muscles. But I am very desperate for anyone could shed some light on this. I would love to be able to have my strong erections again. And to be able to feel pleasurable sensations in my penis and have to have orgasm again would really change my life. I have tried the pole climbing technique and pull ups but they no longer work either.

For the last 9 years I have had no sexual pleasure which is very depressing, particlalrly as I can't fully enjoy being intimate with my girlfriend. She has incredible orgasms and I really feel I am missing out.

So bit of a long and odd story and I probably have left this to late. But if there is anything that can be done to help any of my issues that would be amazing.

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please read the post which is just above yours. It refers to the same problem you are facing. It is applicable to you.  Other member will also reply to your post.. Please refer to other thread also. There will be videos related to this subject in this thread only.Read all the suggestion and implement whatever resonate with you. thanks.
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