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High testosterone but facing ED problem

i was 25 ys old. and i had erection problem.
i wont get erection on every morning. i wll happen monthly once or twice.
i had sex with my gf several times. but im facing erection problem.
1st time pennies wll erect strongly but ejaculated within seconds. from second time onward my pennies wll not erect strongly. it wll erect semi state.
and it takes long time to erect from second time onwards and less time to ejaculate. i couldn't able to satisfy my gf. please help me.
and one more problem is ...
yesterday i went for the total testosterone test. but i surprised after seeing  my results
my results says. i am having elevated total testosterone. i am specifying my lab results below please check it.

Total Testosterone  ...result ..933.19 ng/dL ....ref range :241 - 827

but i am facing ED problem. less libido, hair fall, ruf hair, becoming lean day by day and huge pimples on my back, i wont get erection on morning, quick ejaculation, decreased muscle mass,

please specify the what might be the reason for these problems.
i am having normal thyroid levels also.
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"I "was" 25"?" Are you still 25 yrs old? Total or Free Testosterone doesn't necessarily determine strength of erections - length of sexual congress or refractory periods afterwords preparing for further sex. First of all NO man wakes up with an erection EVERY day. A full bladder "Morning Wood" causes erections in most AM hardons. (For many guys - sitting backwards on the toilet helps) since getting it to "go" standing up or sitting down facing front is tiring and it's difficult to "fit in" to the toilet without pressuring the manner in which the penis naturally allows blood to flow out of it to become flaccid enough to allow urination. Sitting backward may sound odd - but it allows a guy to sit so "it" will at least point into the toilet. It also helps to relax and think of other things - otherwise you're standing there dribbling down your legs.

Again, not knowing your age - your testosterone levels sound good - but it really needs be your own. Not from an injection because of any other problem. And certainly not from wanting larger muscles. This will - over time - DECREASE your ability to engorge on your own, ejaculate, and obtaining an erection will take longer. Your testicles will prohibit your own testosterone production with anything taking over for them. They - and you may notice - them getting smaller. I also know that males with large/long penis's may have problems getting fully aroused (at older ages) with phallus's that are large or men that have diabetes or arterial sclerosis. If you're 25 - you shouldn't have long to wait for the "refractory" period to be over - but it can be a time longer than other men simply because you're larger. If you're older - other medical concerns could be adding to your difficulty. I had a friend who could,...well, - please pardon me - "suck" on his own. But it was years ago. Now, it takes him a while to become aroused enough to penetrate his lover and take and give her pleasure from it. ****-rings helped but he became sore (from going on so long and being so engorged for so long) and the frequency of lovemaking went down. And they're just barely middle aged. Not old at all.

So, taking your age presently into account - see if these other issues can be adding to your prolonged or missing past observations and see if other efforts can assist you to avoid your efforts now in what's becoming a more frustrating manner. See what you can do to rectify them. Best of luck.
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Hi Raven, High testosterone can have the same effect as low testoterone, and gives all the problems your getting, just google high testosterone and its problems, its all there.
Good Luck
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