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Weak erection and cant have penetationporn

Hello all,
I believe I have the ED problem. I have watched porn and masturebated everyday for over 10 years. During this time, i did not have sex with any girl.  One month ago, i had sex with my gf and i had the weak erection and could not penetrate. I researched and knew the problem is from watching porn and masturebation. I went to see urologist doctor and the doctor checked my penis. She told me it is OK. She also gave me the Viagra. I stop watching porn for a week and doing kegel exercise. Could you please give me some advices?
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I think you diagnosed yourself perfectly.  Stop all Porn and over time you will find your relationship activity will excite you enough the Viagra will not be needed.  Take notice of all the skin contact and wonderful feelings that the bedroom provides that porn does not.  Most women need and desire foreplay,  let this happen with you as well.
10 years of practicing in the wrong direction will take time to overcome.  I suggest you discuss this in detail with your gf and ask for her help in overcoming this.  I promise she will be more than happy, so do not be embarrassed or too manly to open up.
I did talk to my gf about this problem. She understood and asked me going to see the doctor. Now, I stop all porn and start workout. However, I am still get nervous that I cannot get the strong erection. I am doing Kegel exercise but cannot lift my penis up.
I got the erection when I masturebated
Yes, it will take time.  Realizing this and the fact that she knows and understands, just enjoy what you can do.  Be adventurous and you may find an activity that excites enough.  Otherwise, Viagra has not been known to interfere when you are without it.
Thanks for your advices
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I have the erection in the morning when I sleep recently. Is it a problem?
No,, this is a good thing...erections are good to exercise the your blood flow valve that holds blood in your penis.  Try to only orgasm once a week with your gf.  Masturbate only to perform edging, this is getting close but not ejaculating.   And continue to refrain from Porn.  Sex is as much mental as physical.  
Thank you very much !!!
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