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Could running cause floaters in highly myopic?

I'm in my late twenties having -6D spherical rx.

Since I started running regularly for about 2 years (not sprinting, more like jogging) I noticed new floaters. Went to see a doctor, no issues at all.
I'm running on the same track that is made of a rubber-ish material and wearing running shoes whose feet are thick and soft.

Still, do you think the pounding due to running caused these floaters?
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Short answer: NO.  What is causing the floaters? Being a high myope.
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Thank you for the answer, yes I understand that the elongated eyeball has a tendency for this.
But are you sure the jarring during running does not make this any worse?
I am a running (marathon distances) and I'm myopic and have floaters.  A long time ago a study was done in patients that have had a retinal detachment. The doctor that did that study asked retina surgeons in these RD patients if they told them not to run and the overwhelming majority allowed their patients to run. With some effort you should be able to find those studies. If you are not comfortable running than walk or swim.

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