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Floaters and Eye Trauma

My 8 year old brother pushed my eyeball from side with his thumb when we wrestled.It wasn't painful and i had no vision loss but when i lay down on bed, i felt pressure behind my eye.I went to doctor immediately.He said there's nothing wrong and this was just momentary spike in intraocular pressure.After a month i noticed floaters and i never got single one before this event?Is this related?Does pushing eyes hard cause floaters?
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Generally speaking what causes floaters is the aging process. However floaters can appear after trauma to the eye, and that was trauma. If you have a lot more floaters, flashes of light like lightening or loss of field of vision you need to see an ophthalmologist immediately.
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I don't have flashes of light and vision loss.I just want to know, will they disappear?How is  this a trauma, i didn't even feel pain?
And my eye didn't seem little bit red after event.My floaters are translucent, if i do not pay attention, i don't see them.I'm just curios will they disappear or increase.
You said "pushed on eye" that is trauma, doesn't have to be painful.  No way anyone can tell you if they will "disappear'  Use the search feature and read the many posts here about floaters and how annoying they are for some people.
One more question.If i didn't get vitreous detachment from trauma how do i see floaters?Isn't it only way to get floaters?
Very few floaters come from trauma, they usually develop due to aging changes in the jello like material (vitreous) in the back of the eye.   Some people are born with floaters but the number of people with floaters increases each decade. Floaters are more common in people with myopia (near sighted)
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