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Vitreous Hemorrhage

I had small vitreous hemorrhage in one eye due to trauma. It didn't affect my vision too much. But i am getting new translucent floaters. I did some research and some doctors say blood causes vitreous to liquify early. I am scared to have degenerative vitreous at age 20. Is that true? Will my floaters increase? Will the ones i have disappear?
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With this history you need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist, ideally one specializing in retina/vitreous to look for holes/tears/detachments.  If you have not done that do so.  Some floaters settle on the bottom of the eye out of the line of sight, floaters made out of red blood usually dissolve in 3-4 months.  The vitreous liquifying is a normal part of aging and not in and of itself a problem.
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I go to retina specialist and he said nothing wrong in retina. But small hemorrhage. I am worrying about blood accelerated my vitreous liquefaction
That is NOTHING to worry about.   The thing to worry about is why did you have the bleed, what are the risks of having another in the same or other eye.  It makes no difference to eye function if the vitreous is a gel or liquid as long as it is clear.

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