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Effect of SkyDiving on eyes


I had catract from birth but at the age of 16 my eyes get operated.Due to Short Sightedness and Catract Doctore removed my lenses and implant artificial one.After two years of that, my eyes again gets operated for Dislocation of lense problem. But this problem I faced it again in my life and due to that agian one more eye surgery for repositioning of lenses. Doctor have done scelar fixation of it But still left eye lense is dislocated.

Now I am in US and want to do Skydive but because these problems I am confused and could not make any decision.
I just need some suggestion on this topic considering my problem in mind.
Can you please help me and give some tips regardig  skydiving effect on eyes in my case
Also please tell me whether to take this risk or not.

Waiting for your reply.

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It depends a lot on how dislocated the IOL in your left eye is. You need to ask this question of an Eye MD that  has actually looked at your eyes.

I have done one parachute jump from 9000 feet and it was totally fantastic. However once in a lifetime is good enough for me. This year a very famous eye surgeon from Florida Joel Shugar MD was killed sky diving.  Perhaps reconsider and go bowling.

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Thanks John,

Is there any possibility of retinal detachment or any other eye problem due to Sky Diving? As due to lens dislocation...Vitrous Fluid is spreaded into my left eye which makes vision blurr. Also If i do Sky dive what will be chances of blurrness increases

Please let me know

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The risks would be small especially compared to all the risks of sky diving. Ask your ophthalmologist his/her opinion.

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