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Retinal Detachment & Lattice Degeneration Questions


Could I please ask some questions about the above?

Is there a vitreoretinal surgeon on here who can answer questions and may be able to assist?
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Hi Dr Hagen,

I've read some of your posts and that you have lattice degeneration and retinoschsis.

Does retinoschisis make you prone to bleeding in the eye (vitreous haemerdige) when doing very heavy lifting?
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No not retinoschesis. "Schesis" can vary from samll, flat, assymptomatic types (like mine) or large area with some holes that requires treatment to close holes and stope progression. You could need to ask your ophthalmologist about yours.  The main cause of vitreous bleed (besides diabetic retinopathy) is posterior vitreous detachment. Lattice somewhat increases risk of retinal tears and bleeding.
Hi Dr Hagen,

Have you been advised by your retina specialist not to engage in heavy lifting due to your retinoschesis and lattice degeneration?
I have never done heavy lifting like weights.I was advised not to do theme/park amusement park type rides that whip the head violently around and also to avoid contact sports (no problem)
HI Dr Hagen,

So if you wanted you could still do powerlifting with your lattice degeneration and retinoschisis?
That is not my cup of tea or favorite way to spend time. That being said I suspect I would be okayed with my relatively small ares of lattice and schesis.
Hi Dr Hagen,

So powerlifting doesn't caused detached retinas?

Why is bungee jumping and skydiving not recommended for people who have had detached retinas? Is it because of whiplash?
Whiplash is very bad. Also reacall that  with retina each case is different and it is not possible to generalize. you should ask your surgeona bout powerlifting. For someone who has had a RD, highly myopic, history of trauma, extensive lattice, multiple retinal holes or any combination of these powerlifiting might not be okay. I cannot give you advice about your case, that only can come from your surgeon.
So bungee jumping and sky diving aren't recommended because of whiplash?
I have done both but you need to ask your surgeon about your activities.
Yeah I understand.

Is the whiplash the mechanism which causes detached retinas in bungee jumping and skydiving?
with all due respect we have carried this conversation as far as it can go
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I am the only one that answers this forum that is an ophthalmologist.
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Hi Dr Hagen,

Are you a vitreoretinal surgeon or a general opthsmologist?
The latter
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