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For those with the bright spot when blinking symptom
There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is  transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.

So far, the doctors haven't been able to diagnose us, and perhaps that means it is simply some idiopathic phenomenon. But, in any case, I'm wondering what other similarities we might all have that could bring us closer to a an explanation.

For instance, other factors about me which might be clues are:

I take 100 mg of Zoloft a day
I would describe myself as high-anxiety and stress
I clench my teeth, usually on the same side as the effected eye
I have alot of sinus problems around my eyes
I have double vision due to a weak muscle in one eye
I have many floaters and one very prominent one in the eye without the bright spot

How about you?
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another important question is the type of shadow that is left by the spot .. i mean the shape of the spot .. definitely if someone is specialized in this category or the neuro/opthalmology part would know what is the cause or pathology from the pattern and shape of the spots .. might be a leakage .. nerve supply pattern or whatever

and here is a photo for the shape and pattern of the afterimage i have

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Yeah that's how mine are and they wreath around the center almost like the Yelp logo

Is this a permanent pattern for you?

I see the same thing but it's only during exercise.
They're permanent oval spots that wreath around the center of my vision and look like smudges on glass when I focus on them on a surface with one eye closed regardless of exercise or not.
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Hello everyone I have recently developed this symptom in the last few months. In February this year I had 2 colds within weeks of each other with a chest infection that is still lingering at the moment. In March while walking my dogs I looked up at the bright sky and noticed a bright spot when I blinked. I though "that after image is lasting a long time" then thought nothing more of it. By March I had noticed in my right eye just below my central vision there was a spot which flashed when I looked to the side of my computer screen (bright white to black). I did a quick search and found a board where people where talking about having bright spots when they blinked after a cold and it was suggested that it would fade once the pressure inside the head had subsided from the cold. "Ahhh great I though not to worry". Well since then that spot has faded in to a 'scotoma' that is only visible as my eye passes over high contrast areas or if I cover my eye with my hand and look at the sky (it will flash dark grey then disappear in 2 seconds). It is not visible unless I do this. I also discovered I have one in my left eye much further away from my central vision that I hadn't noticed during its active phase. I have also developed the transient white spots which I see everyday that lasts seconds, minutes and a few hours. I developed another little scotoma in the shape of a line in my right eye above my central vision after I woke up a few weeks ago but that one disappeared after two days.

I've been using the Amsler grid to monitor the two scotomas I have the only thing is my spots only show up for two seconds on it before fading away leaving no distortion.  

Since this started I have seen a normal optician (specsavers) who photographed my retina, tested eye pressure and gave me a visual fields test. She was fascinated by the blinkspot/scotoma  I described but assured me my eyes were very healthy. I have also been to my GP who had never heard of anything like it and will be referring me to an ophthalmologist soon I hope, although the UK's NHS service has just been hit by a massive cyber attack.

Now for a bit about my background. I am a healthy 32 year old white female living in the UK. I am currently on birth control pills. I do not suffer from any diseases, or anxiety/depression disorders. I do how ever have migraine with aura and visual snow syndrome. Back in January 2014 I had a chest infection and wisdom tooth pain and slept on the couch that night. I injured my neck by sleeping on it badly and when I woke up I vomited and had my first migraine with aura. Slowly over 2014 I developed visual snow. My symptoms are very mild and easy to live with they include, grainy vision in low light, mild tinnitus which I can only hear at night or with my fingers in my ears. mild negative afterimages, a lot of floaters, dry eyes and very strong blue field entoptic phenomenon seen against very bright backgrounds like the sky. I have seen a top neurologist at Kings College London who is familiar with visual snow but he said he didn't want to try any medication on me since there is not enough research into it yet. I have also been to a chiropractor this March and had x-rays of my neck taken. I have a straight neck with no curve of the cervical spine, hyper mobility in C1 C2 and C3 after years of cracking my own neck and was told I'm at the beginning of spinal degeneration. I am currently having adjustments and using a cervical denneroll to correct my neck. My chiropractor is pleased with my progress and says if I use the denneroll for 20 minutes everyday for 6 month I will get the curve back in my cervical spine.

Some other symptom I've noticed since developing the blink spots is a mild chest pain exactly where my heart is and waking up with my jaw clenched. So that's my experience of this so far. I eat a healthy pescetarian diet and exercise by walking my dogs for about 2 hours a day. I don't smoke or drink heavily and apart from two migraines with aura and visual snow syndrome do not suffer from any know disorders/diseases.

I am really grateful for this message board, I have read every single comment on here, some more than once and am using the bend over for 30 seconds technique to get rid of really bad white spots which I think could turn into permanent scotoma. I am also now self medicating myself with high doses of magnesium citrate, chelated magnesium. magnesium oil and epsom salts (magnesium sulfate). I take about 800 mg of Magnesium orally daily and spray about 30 sprays of Magnesium oil onto my skin. I had a Magnesium bath the other night for about 30 minutes and noticed the next day there were no white spots or chest pain.

I am also taking coQ10, Folic acid, riboflavin, turmeric, peppermint oil, 5HTP and Ginko. I agree with the theory's on here that this is a blood flow problem and that it is also some how linked to migraine. I don't think this is a visual snow symptom and believe this is actually happening in the retina as some of you have had doctors see damage to your retinas. I have had a look through the visual snow community and seen that a few people have been talking about this symptom as well so I think maybe visual snow and the blink spot share a cause e.g. vascular/migraine

My feelings wary on this new symptom sometimes I completely forget about it then a spot pops up and I'm like oh **** yeah I have this now too. I'm thinking I might experiment on myself with some CBD oil since I read on a tinnitus forum a sufferer massively reduced his tinnitus after taking a few drops who knows maybe it will be a silver bullet for this problem. So that's everything, will post more if anything develops. xxx  
Hi Starryeyed, for the visual snow/ tinnitus etc, have you looked into visual stress/ irlen syndrome? I have all the symptoms you mention in this regard (plus text distortions when reading), and have only just discovered there is a name for it. Coloured lenses calm things down apparently, but I believe this is unrelated to the flashes.

I hope you get referred to a proper eye hospital soon. I just wanted to say, that despite my visual fields showing a blank spot over ~30% of my field, my eye looked completely normal upon examination by 5 different doctors and 2 opticians, my condition (AZOOR) can only be seen by an autoflourescence photograph, which then revealed extensive inflammation. So, when you get to see an optometrist, please insist on this test (not all eye departments have this machine so you may need to wangle your way into a hospital that does).

I'm not suggesting you have my condition, but if you do, or if its something very similar, it's the only test that will show anything. If I can work out how I will post up my autoflourescence photos later, my first flare was very extensive but my second, 3 weeks ago, showed just tiny patches of inflammation which corresponded, size and location, exactly with where I was getting my 'photo flashes'.

I hope you get well soon

Hi ElRizzo thanks for replying :D I will definitely ask about AZOOR and for an autoflourescence photograph when I get seen. I might ask if I can be referred to Moorfields eye hospital in London because I think they'll have the latest equipment there. I asked the optician about white dot syndromes and she very much doubted it but again I only had a photograph of my retina taken. I passed the visual fields test (didn't miss any of the spots with the clicker) My spots don't interrupt my visual field unless passing over contrasting areas like blinds, windows, picture frames and look like a rain drop or a glass lens mixing black and white together. Do you mind if I ask what your AZOOR symptoms look like to you? Did your AZOOR start with little blink spots like described on here? Do you have missing parts of your visual field? I have been reading the latest research into stem cell regeneration for the retina. It looks promising maybe in our life time there will be a treatment for lost vision due to disease. I really hope so!
mild tinnitus which I can only hear at night or with my fingers in my ears. mild negative afterimages, a lot of floaters, dry eyes. Funny enough i have these problems too.
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Do comments get edited on here by moderators? Parts of my post are missing that linked to where the blink spot was being discussed on visual snow forums and the research page that mentions blind spots? Is that not allowed on here?
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Hi Starryeyed, I've just send you a personal message!
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To clarify for anyone interested in my azoor connection: my first flare up was typical azoor random flashing.

My second flare up last month was very different, it is exactly what everyone here describes. When I blinked I'd get small 'camera flash' spots in a few places, it was so different to my first flare up it took me a week to even consider it was AZOOR. Every time I blinked I'd get a small bright spot that was exactly like a camera flash afterimage. If I blinked a few times in quick succession I'd get the flash to last a bit longer and then fade out into a grey blind spot for a few seconds. It was most noticeable looking at bright/ light surfaces.

My consultant did the autoflourescence photo that I've mentioned previously and it showed very small dots of inflammation in exactly the places where my camera flash spots were.

I was treated with a steroid IV within 2 weeks and the spots have 99% gone.

So yes, typically AZOOR does not sound like your symptoms but my second flare up has been exactly like what most of you describe, and because the inflammation can only be seen by this special photo (autoflourescence), I would feel terribly guilty if I didn't advertise my experience - the AF photo takes 30 seconds to take, and if only to rule it out I think its worth asking your consultants about.
Hi ElRizzo thanks for the personal message. That's amazing that a steroid IV has treated 99% of your spots! Maybe if the rest of us ask for autoflourescence photos it will show small bits of inflammation too and we can get a steroid treatment :D I wonder if it would work on the permanent spots too of if they are now permanent damage. Its worth a shot I will be taking this as evidence when I got to get tested! Will probably call my doctors tomorrow and ask for this to be hurried up!
P.S did you experience any pain with AZOOR?
I think if you've had them for a while then they may unfortunately be permanent. I think this is why many doctors believe AZOOR to be untreatable, because they catch it so late. I have made a great recovery twice because it was caught within 2 weeks, for which I am eternally grateful.

If you google "Systemic Corticosteroids Therapy in the Management of Acute Zonal Occult Outer Retinopathy" the study that comes up will give you more info on steroid treatment or azoor, its a very interesting article and actually what my own treatment was based on because of the success the achieved.

I've never really associated pain with AZOOR but I have admittedly experienced a bit of discomfort behind my bad eye very sporadically, and I think with my first flare I had a feeling like brain freeze behind it which didn't last too long. So yes, I have had pain but I wouldnt say its consistent/ linked with my condition
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Hey everyone last night ElRizzo emailed me pictures of her autoflourescence photos of her first flare up of AZOOR and her second flare up of AZOOR. In the photographs of the first flare up you can clearly see a large area of her retina which was affected then treated with IV steroids. In the after image you can see a much more healthy retina where the inflammation has gone down. Where this gets really interesting is when she had her second flare up a year later and got the symptom of bright blink spots that we all have her autoflourescence photo shows small points of inflammation on her retina like little bright spots. She has also sent me the Amsler grid she drew out for her Dr and it matches up exactly with the photograph of her retina. I'm not a doctor but even I can see this. This has go me wondering, perhaps I and other people on her are experiencing inflammation in our retinas with different triggers. ElRizzo was identified as having AZOOR which she believes was triggered by stress (stress is a known cause of inflammation) and was very successfully treated. I noticed my blink spots/scotoma after 2 heavy colds and a chest infection. Perhaps viral illness has caused inflammation in my eyes which has still not yet resolved. The only thing that confuses me is, could inflammation cause the temporary bright white blink spots which we get that last seconds, minutes or hours and that can be cleared by bending over and forcing blood to the head for 30 seconds? Could inflammation be responsible for people suffering from the bright spots for years? A lot of white dot syndromes appear to be self limiting and self resolving so why isn't this self resolving? I'm still waiting to be referred by my doctor to a retinal specialist but when I am finally seen I will be requesting autoflourescence photos and discussing AZOOR and possible steroid treatment. Will update on any findings in the future.  
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Sorry for my bad English! I live in a poor country, our hospital machines are like 20 yrs old, I had several tests, my local eye doc didn't find anything. I don't think I'll ever get a diagnosis in this sh*thole country. :( So I am trying to diagnose myself... I looked up AZOOR but I don't think I have that because my symptoms are different according to the articles I've read... My permanent spots are only visible when dark and light things meet (mostly on the monitor). I usually can't see them at all when playing games or watching movies or in real life unless I concentrate on dark-light things. All of my spots are the worst and most visible when they appear and they QUICKLY get better, in a few days or even hours! Most of the spots disappear but some of them are permanent. I can only see the spots on the Amsler grid when they appear, then they get too small and light to see them on the grid. I've been getting spots for almost 3 years. Some of them start like camera flash when blinking, some of them don't flash when I blink, they are just grey... Does anyone have similar symptoms?
Hi Jixx I have your exact symptoms. Bright spots which are transient and are not permanent (visible when blinking) and two which have left permanent scotoma which I can only see as my eye passes over a high contrast areas e.g. picture frames, blinds, computer monitors. Most people on here report the same symptoms, some even report scotomas which are constantly visible and can hide a mouse cursor. Some people on here have said their spots have got better, others report having them for years, as long as 16 years I've see someone post. Some posters have had access to  the best doctors in the world in rich countries who couldn't find anything wrong. Others have had doctors see damage to their retinas but still don't have a diagnosis or treatment method. After reading every single post on here I personally think that the bright spot when blinking is a symptom with many different causes and may not be a disease in its own right. For some it could be inflammation, for some it could be vascular for others linked to conditions like migraine, known eye diseases or disease like diabetes or lyme. I have migraine and visual snow perhaps there is a link there somehow and what ever malfunction I have in my body is causing both. I personally find bathing in epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) will get rid of the transient white spots for a day and my mild chest pain. It has no effect on my visual snow. I have ordered a big box of epsom salts online where it is cheaper and intend to treat myself with it from now on. I hope this is a useful reply to you. I am still waiting to see a retinal specialist in the UK but based on this forum don't expect them to find anything unless they use very new equipment or search for AZOOR using autoflourescence photos.
Thank you for the reply and the info! I think I'll try one of the retina specialists in the capital city of my country and hope for a diagnosis. I got 7 permanent spots in nearly 3 years but 5 of them are very small, 2 of them are slightly bigger but hard to notice. Right now my vision is still nearly perfect but I'm scared to imagine the amount of spots in 30 years... :( I've been taking vitamin C and multivitamin supplements for a year now, I still get new spots but they are lighter. Ironically, the spots make me stressed and that doesn't help either... I also started having really bad headaches this year and one of the doctors said my spots might be migraine auras but I got no actual diagnosis... I'm stuck. Good luck to you!
Hey Jixx if it helps to ease your mind at all no one on this board has reported catastrophic vision loss/blindness. I believe only one person had very bad spots affecting their vision to the point where it affected work and tested positive for lyme. Hopefully over our life time there will be leaps and bounds in treatments for eye diseases with stem cell regeneration and gene therapy. I believe they are getting closer to understanding migraine as well and the condition I have visual snow is currently being researched at Kings College London. They have one more phase of research to complete before beginning treatment trials. Perhaps visual snow treatment will provide relief for this as well who knows.  
Thanks, your optimism gives me strength. :)
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Folks as I mentioned before, start with a thorough blood and urine test not a retinal specialists.
With respect I strongly disagree with this: for anyone reading please do NOT delay seeing a retinal specialist in lieu of getting a urine test!! There are probably many causes for these symptoms and delaying seeing a retinal specialist could cause permanent damage that could have been reversed by a prompt visit to an Eye A&E department etc. I only recovered from my AZOOR because I was treated so promptly, if I'd have investigated other things first, my 30% blind spot, discoball flashing lights and further flare of camera flash spots (which brought me to this thread), would not have been cured with treatment as it would have been too late.

I am so pleased that you have found the cause of your symptoms but I think its unwise for others to restrict their investigations to just one (non-retinal) area.

Kind regards
ElRizzo I understand where you're coming from but the reason why I mentioned the blood and urine test is because the eyes always tell you what's happening profoundly in your body. And eventually a retinal specialist for the most part will ask you if you've gone to your GP and had a blood and urine test because that is usually where the underlying answer is that's why I brought this up and is just as important as getting a thorough eye exam.  I'm bringing it up to help out all of us here because not everybody's symptoms end at the retina.
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Hi Lazman why blood and urine tests? Was something found in your blood/urine?
Yes high blood sugar. Blood and urine tests are the smoking gun. As long as everyone keeps going to retinal specialists and not their general doctor for a blood and urine test, the majority here won't get to the bottom of it.
Hi Lazman are you diabetic/hyperglycemic? Have you changed your diet or having any treatments for it. If so has this helped with any symptoms you're having?
Yes the one thing I have literally stopped was frequent beer. That is a major smoking gun. It's the equivalent of eating too many sweets. I was taking Metformin but have stopped because of its dreadful side effects which I was experiencing and am exercising again like I used to and I was already eating healthy (low carbs and high protein). My numbers are slowly going towards normal and I'm changing to the natural supplement of Mulberry Leaf which treats high blood sugar. In my case the eye issue similar to that here is quite possibly linked to this condition I'm kicking based on the microanueryms my retinal specialists found which led to the blood and urine test that found my 3 month blood sugar average at 264! These pesky blinking critters as I call them are your eyes telling you there is a vascular issue and it's either high blood sugar (in my case) or high blood pressure which I would have preferred of the 2. The other possibility my retinal specialist gave (who is very good) is the age deterioration of the vitreous gel in the eyes.
I must do blood and urine tests often because of my hypothyroidism and my tests usually come back perfect, my TSH has been stable for years. I mentioned my eye issues to my endocrinologist and he said he's never heard anything like that and he's sure my hypothyroidism is not causing my spots. I am not diabetic and my blood pressure is normal. I used to be overweight because of my thyroid issues but my weight has been normal since 2012. I started getting spots in 2014...
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Hey everyone I have found a description of our symptoms in medical literature. It is in an article called 'The mechanisms of vision loss associated with a cotton wool spot'. I can't post the link to this in here since previous post of mine have been edited and I've been sent emails telling me I'm not allowed to link outside of this board. If you google the title it is the second link which comes up in the search. I am going to post sections of the article which I think will interest people on here.

Case History

A 52 year old male patient noticed a visual disturbance in the inferior temporal field of his right eye in March, 1999. At the time he was self-reported to be in good general health. Manual perimetry performed by the patient revealed an arcuate relative scotoma. No clinical examination was performed on that occasion and the scotoma resolved. On 11-Jun-04, a similar visual disturbance was observed in a different visual field location in the left eye. Clinical evaluation by a retinal specialist at that time revealed no obvious anomaly. Another field anomaly was noticed on 18-Sept-04 at a similar location as the March 1999 event. Manual perimetry was performed the next day. A fundus examination was performed by a retinal specialist on 27-Sept-04 who diagnosed a single CWS in the retinal location indicated by the manual perimetry. Medical history was unremarkable without any systemic diseases and additional blood tests were negative. Visual acuity was 20/20 in each eye with spectacle correction. Fundus photography showed a focal retinal lesion (CWS) located 10° from the fovea in the superior nasal retina. There was no optic disk abnormality. Fluorescein angiography of the right eye manifested focal hypofluorescence consistent with either occlusion of a retinal arteriole or simply masking of retinal fluorescence by the absorbent materials accumulated within in the CWS (McLeod, 2005). Funduscopically all other visible retinal blood vessels were normal. Automated visual field tests (Humphrey 24-2) of the right eye were unremarkable.

The blink spot is described in these sections of the article. Note these are separate patients not just one.

Subjective appearance of the scotoma

The subject recorded the appearance of the arcuate anomaly while changing fixation from light to dark fields and while blinking.

On 18-Sept-04, the subject experienced a visual disturbance that was similar perceptually to an afterimage of a bright light source. As with afterimages (Carpenter, 1972; Darwin, 1818), the contrast polarity depended on the background illumination, e.g. when looking at the bright sky, the disturbance appeared darker than the background but when looking at the dark earth, the disturbance looked brighter than the background. Unlike ordinary after-images, the visualization lasted continuously for several weeks.

After a few weeks, the subject was no longer aware of the arcuate relative scotoma or the small, localized absolute scotoma where the CWS occurred. However, the arcuate relative scotoma could be visualized as a dull, gray arc by blinking repeatedly. Blinking emphasizes the dark phase since the lids are open more than closed. Blinking in the dark did not produce a subjective visualization, indicating the effect was not an artifact of lid motion. Four years after the event, the arcuate region still appeared dark against a bright background and bright against a dark background. However, these were transient sensations that faded after a few seconds and were not obvious in daily life. Spatial distortion of text was noticeable when attending critically to the affected area of the visual field. The arcuate scotoma could be visualized by blinking throughout the four years following the initial event.

The visual disturbance within the arcuate relative scotoma reported by our subject mirror those seen when an afterimage is generated (Carpenter, 1972; Darwin, 1818), and when a central absolute scotoma is present (Burke, 1999; Craik, 1966) and therefore might have a similar explanation. In all three cases, the region with reduced sensitivity was perceived as dark when viewed against a bright background and light when viewed against a dark background, which can be explained by reduced activity in the on and off pathways, respectively. If RGCs that should be firing when viewing a bright field are silent, then that silence would be interpreted by the brain as a region that is less bright (i.e. relatively dark). Similarly, if cells are silent when viewing a dark field, that silence would be interpreted as being less dark (i.e. relatively bright) (Carpenter, 1972).


The functional and structural changes that accompany a CWS support the local hypoperfusion hypothesis (McLeod, 2005). The ischemia leads to failed signal transmission as well as failed axoplasmic flow in the hypoperfused RGC fibers. The ischemia also produced a permanent loss of function and reductions in RNFL thickness, presumably due to cell death of the RGCs located at the CWS site and of the RGCs that send axons through the hypoperfused region. Some axons passing through the CWS site seemed to survive the vascular event and for some the loss of function was temporary.

If you do a quick search on cotton wool spots you can see they are linked to many diseases, immune and inflammatory conditions and infections. They are believed to occur secondary to ischemia from retinal arteriole obstruction.

I am not suggesting everyone on here has cotton wool spots. I have spoken to 3 people here who have had the same symptoms (blink spots) and have been diagnosed with different conditions, AZOOR, diabetes and visual snow. It is my strong belief that our different conditions are leading to the same symptoms and we each need to find out what the underlying cause of our blink spots are to treat them.
starryeyed84 - Good post, I have read it before. I have had confirmed CWS one exam, but not on others. I'm not going to list the extensive tests, but all blood work (including hba1c) and eye tests have come back negative. The eye specialists always seemed to shrug off the CWS because I have no other systemic symptoms that they could find. I'v been told it could be something that is a mild autoimmune condition, but told  unlikely, but never the less I haven't gone back for further tests.  
starryeyed84 - Just to add further, I and others would certainly not be posting in this room if they had CWS caused by retinal arteriole obstruction, that usually makes you 70% blind in one eye, with little recovery. I believe these vascular issues are at the capillary level and can be caused by a number of conditions as you stated. However, as I keep being told, if it was something serious, then I would have other systemic issues. Id say the same for others with these symptoms as well.
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Cotton wool spots are a retinal symptom in diabetic retinopathy.
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Can someone explain why we can only see the bright spot against a bright background? Why can't I see it when my eyes are shut?

When I get migraines with aura (or even an ocular migraine) I can still see the aura with my eyes closed just as good-if not better.

So does this "spot" originate in the eye? Have nothing to do with the brain?

I've noticed my spots since last summer. A few months later went to an ophthalmologist, full dilated exam, visual field test, eyes are healthy with a few floaters.

I had a head CT also for an unrelated incident which came back clean so I know it's nothing scary like a brain tumor. I'm a hypochondriac so of course my thoughts always go there.

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Hello everyone,
can't tell you how I feel right now. Terrified? Relieved? I'm from Germany, 24 years old and female.
Three years ago I studied in front of my computer. It was past midnight when I was so tired that I decided to go to sleep. So I bent down to turn of the electricity and when I came up I thought I saw an afterimage of looking into a light. Clearly this didn't seem right since there was no bright light in my room. After some time I started to panic because the grey spot would not go away. I woke up my mom and we drove to a hospital. They found nothing but at first thought it had to be caused by a small inflammation...and I would perhaps have multiple sclerosis.
So I was sent to a neurologist. They did everything possible and found nothing.
Next stop was an ophtalmic clinic. Again nothing.
I went to more doctors for further opinions. They did everything they could (fluorescein angiography, several mri...and I think everything you guys mentioned before).
All this gave me heavy depressions, but after some time I managed to ive with the grey spot. It is a very big sport and I can easily hide my mouse cursor behind it (could hide more than one). It is grey and permanent, but it also somehow manages to take on the colours of the surroundings a little.
Well like I said, I managed to become my old self again, even though there were new spots everyday, but the dissapeared after a short while. Inly the big first one stayed.

Now, five days ago I got another one on the other eye. I don't know what to do. At first I thought it would just vanish like the other ones. But it's still there. I really don't know how to go on with life anymore. Now that I know there will be more permament ones as life passes on I really don't know how to go on. Going blind is my biggest fear in life.
The smaller new spot is mostly similar to the old one. Except that it is smaller and I can't really hide anything behind it. I can see the big on on every backround, although it fades a little but in general it stays grey. The new small one does not stay. Only if I hold it between a black and white coloured place. Then it's greyish strange.

I still had hopes that it would go away, but after reading in this forum they are gone. Although it was kind of good knowing there are people with similar problems.
:( I'm also extremely scared of going blind, I get panic attacks and cry when a new spot appears. I got 7 permanent ones in 3 years but none of them are big like yours and mine are only visible where light and dark things meet (I don't know why and what that means). Doctors found nothing, I still should go to a retina specialist but I honestly don't know if I should waste a whole month of my income on it and get no diagnosis in the end... I just try my best to forget about it and live a healthy lifestyle, eating vegetables, exercising, relaxing and resting my eyes during comupter work have reduced my temporary spots. I know it's hard to stay calm but I'm pretty sure stress makes everything worse. Like Starryeyed said, no one has reported significant vision loss from this, so I'm crossing my fingers for us!
I think that if this was a serious eye disease that lead to blindness like macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy etc it would be well established in the medical literature, have a name and would be diagnosed by doctors. These blink spots and scotoma although upsetting and annoying are visual defects with different causes. Read the post above about cotton wool spots causing tiny visual defects exactly like ours. Living a healthy life is an excellent place to start in the treatment of these symptoms. 800 mg magnesium has stopped the transient white spots for me haven't had any for a few days now.    
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Has anyone experienced significant vision loss from this? My husband experiences the same symptoms and is really nervous about the future. His current retinal specialist and a neuro-opthamologist do not se anything that could be causing the physical symptoms. He has an appointment with Dr. Vavvas in early July.
Hi I have had read every post on this board and no one has reported significant vision loss from this phenomenon. What ever it is it doesn't appear to be sight threatening. Tell your husband to start taking high doses of magnesium it seems to help some people on here and it is working for me. I have gone from having lots of transient white spots in my vision to only one or two a day. My two little scotoma remain but seem to be slowly getting better and not so noticeable. I take 600mg of magnesium citrate 200mg chelated magnesium orally plus I use magnesium mineral oil spray and bathe in epsom salts. I'm still waiting to be seen by an ophthalmologist but I've started to not be so worried by this now Also your husband should go get tested for diabetes/hypertension to rule out retinopathy.
Well, I failed to mention, he is a T1 diabetic for 37 years and he does have mild-moderate background retinopathy. The issue is that his opthamologist, whose name I won't mention here but is one of the best in Boston if not the country, can't find any damage to correlate with the scotomas or the white spots. Even he said he doesn't think it's the retinopathy. His is far too mild and peripheral to cause what he's seeing. He's also been checked for AMD, has had an MRI/MRA, countless flourosine tests and OCTs. He's also seen a neurologist, a nuero opthamologist and a autonomic specialist. No one can find anything that would be causing this. He is taking 500 mg of magnesium a day, plus gingko.
As I've stressed here on the board before: Everyone get a blood test done! A1C / Blood Pressure. The eyes tell us deeper things about our body that many times go beyond the retinas and show up in the blood.
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I don't know if this is related, but about 11 days ago I started "seeing stars" in the left side of my left eye. This developed into a scotoma over the optical head nerve(or "the blind spot"). This scotoma only shows up when I blink or stare at something very bright. The "seeing stars" has lasted and is just a constant faint shimmering on the lower left half of my vision.
I forgot to mention I went to my local optometrist and took a visual field and a few other retinal exams while dilated. He says he saw nothing in my eye except maybe a slight discoloration of the blood vessels. He had me to go an urgent care to make sure I wasn't having a stroke. He referred me to a neurologist, and I am waiting MRI results.
Get a blood test...
Sillocan, has AZOOR been considered?
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Folks a large majority of you with all due respect won't know what's going on til you get a thorough blood test. The eyes tell us what's wrong with the rest of our body.
Lazman305 iv had all the blood tests, they never showed anything for me. I also get them iv i eat too much. Soneone also mentioned "flanners syndrome" in previous posts which sounded a possible diagnosis.
Typo: Flammers Syndrome.
Hi stupideye. I like your username lol. Generally this weird condition points to high blood pressure, diabetes, or ocular migraines. It's very rare for it to be rare conditions like flammers syndrome. If they happen in your case when you eat too much make sure you get an A1C test and check your blood pressure.
Lazman, I have my blood pressure checked regularly, iv had all blood tests that they thrown at me including a HBA1C, all negative. Iv seen 3 Ophthalmologists, had allot of tests, im not going to name them all. I was told its either spikes in my blood pressure from high anxiety states or, I could have a mild genetic condition that effects my small blood vessels in my eye. But iv also been told time and time again that its some mild vascular issue that is not medically  significant enough to be detected my modern diagnostic equipment. Basically to live with it! I get them now and again, bending over for a minute makes them go away. Iv been told it can also attribute to low blood pressure when resting or after a meal. Iv only puzzled doctors, they acknowledge I have decreased vision in the places where my spots are, but only very slightly due to starvation of oxygen to some retina cells, that occured due to one of the three reasons above, iv been ruled out of all eye dieses currently medically known, iv spoken about AMN, PAMMS is the only one I havent spoken about, and if I have that then your told to live it, or get steriod treatment which is only good if you get one and its treated within an hour. But its going to be highly unlikely called by anything serious, due to the tests that have been carried out on me. So there it is, i live with it, havent had any perms for two years now.    
Well there it is. Your case is a blood pressure issue.
stupideye what may I ask what was the number of your last A1C test?
You say its a blood pressure issue, but only with spikes in blood pressure. 90% of the time like everyone else my blood pressure is normal. Only under stress, prolonged anxiety is it high. I don't know what the numbers were for my A1C. However, I do remember them being well within margins of normal.  
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Well what a coincidence!! This started happening to me this week! I found it is caused by a thinning of the vitreous humor within the eye. When eye muscles are used, it creates a little stretch or pressure in the eye and the flash of light around a darker inner circle occurs. It is very common. Since it happens in the BACK of the eye, a Retina Specialist Dr. is who you would see for this problem for more information. Good Luck!
LVGirlRN we've all seen retinal specialists already and many of us are seeing spots that turn to blind spots and have nothing to do with vitreous tugging. Lol...This thread has been going since 2008 so you have some catching up to do on where we're at and all the things we've been told and still no definitive answer or google search exists.
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myself have had these flashing spots all the time until recently I didn't experience them so much but I took ill with fever and typhoid and trying to recover. When I get out of bed to stare out the window, vision is clear and then I see the flashy spots and a lot of them in both eyes. It's so scary I don't know how they got so much. I haven't had time to go see an eye doctor but my last appointment which was a few weeks ago, my eye doctor prescribed some eye meds for me. I have been taking them and wondered if they may have caused all these flashing spots. I also have floaters for years and there has
Blood test...
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I also have recently received a suspected PAMM (Paracentral Acute Middle Maculopathy) diagnosis from Moorfields in London. I am returning in a few days' time for follow up. It is an exceptionally rare (or maybe due to it being newly recognised the commonality of it has not yet been determined) and unfortunately it does seem to have no treatment as a result. BUT, it doesn't seem to be blinding, just terribly frustrating.
Normal tests and scans do not pick this up, a special OCTA (optical coherence tomography angiography) scan is required or SD - OCT.

I will keep updating. But I recommend everybody on this board asks to be investigated promptly for PAMM, a rare variation of AMN/R (acute macular nueroretinopathy).

Good luck and kind wishes,

Jemma, were they able to tell you anything about the prognosis? Thanks.
Still waiting to hear back from Ms. Sivaprasad - will update as soon as I do.
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Haven't been back to this forum for a while however my eyes have now developed new symptoms which cannot be explained by the doctor again. It seems when I find out the cause of one problem, a new one will come up somehow.
My latest issue is having this bright spot that appears in my vision when my eyes are closed in a dark environment.
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Just realise I was not typing up a new answer. Over the past few months, I have been suffering from this bright dot/spot that appears in my vision field and slowly drifts away and disappear. It will be most distinct when I close my eyes in a very dark environment and will appear randomly after my eyes are completely relaxed. So basically how it happens are like this:

1) Going to sleep, eyes are closed and relaxed
2) A tiny bright, laser like dot suddenly appears in the left eye vision towards the middle right.
3) This dot will get brighter however will start to drift away when I try to focus on it (eyes are still closed). It will then disappeared into the bottom of the vision.
4) It seems to happen more often when my eyes are more relaxed and looking straight.

Anyway, I had several tests done including Full Field ERG and Multifocal ERG which concludes that I had macular microholes in both eyes. However the doctors cannot find a cause for these weird bright spots that appears/disappears. They believe it could be some kind of retina stimulation and may occur in conditions such as birdshot chorioretinitis or similar.

Once again I am stuck with something I cannot find an answer on.
Get an MRI and a thorough blood test....
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Hey, I have a question to the ladies! So I always take notes of these spots in my vision and I just noticed something. In the past 3 months, I had temporary spots in my vision EXACTLY when I had my period! My monthly nightmare just started yesterday, I took a painkiller, went to sleep and I woke up with a huge grey spot in my vision! (I hope it's temporary, i'll see in 3-7 days). Same thing happened in June and July but I'm not sure before that because my period can be really random and I don't take notes of that. Anyway, has any of you noticed a connection between your vision issues and periods OR the painkiller you take for cramps? I always have migraine-like headaches 2 days before my period and as a painkiller for cramps I take Cataflam (diclofenac) 50mg, 3 times a day for 2-3 days. Maybe it's just coincidence but at this point I'm scared to take an other painkiller, what if it's connected to my vision issues? According to a website, diclofenac can cause high blood pressure, mine is 130/70 right now but I'm stressed as hell because of the new spot, it's usually around 120/60-70, I check it often because my mother has high blood pressure so we have a machine at home. I don't consider mine high or should I?
Absolutely. Almost every one of my spots developed in the week before my period. So much so that I investigated whether it was to do with something called vasopressin (which basically is a water retention chemical released during this time) or hormonal. To test the vasopressin theory I trialled diamox (an antidiuretic) with no improvement and to test the hormonal theory I had blood tests to check my pituitary function. All clear. (I have had every test in the book so far!)
I still remain certain that there is a link between my menstrual cycle and these bright spots. Could simply be a hormonal migraine presenting as auras rather than the head pain. I think there's definitely a correlation. For me anyway...
Sorry, I meant Diamox is a DIURETIC to counteract the vasopressin.
stress is the common factor
Well, I survived my last period without vision issues but last night I took Cataflam for headache and today I woke up with a spot in my vision.
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I have had this for over 3 years now. My spots come and go, most of them lasting only a 1 or 2 minutes. I get them almost daily. I am so used to it that I don't almost notice them anymore, unless they are unusually big. Few weeks ago the whole lower part of my left eye vision got blocked by big blind spot. I was really panicking but it disappeared in 3 minutes just like the smaller ones. I am really scared cause I don't either know any reason for these. I went to eye doctor last summer and my eyes are completely fine. I got mri in january which also was normal. I have epilepsy but after I got medication I have no "seizures" anymore (my seizures were just weird deja vu feelings in the first place) I don't really know what kind of doctor I should visit next. Im 20.
Blood test!!! Stop going to eye doctors!
What kind of blood tests then?
A complete blood test that includes checking for everything, triglycerides, cholesterol, kidneys and diabetes. A good retinal specialist will refer you to your general practitioner because many times eye anomalies are underlying problems that can only be found in the blood.
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I had a spot in my left eye show up about a month ago. After a few tests (OCT, ultrasound) my ophthalmologist determined I have Optic Disc Drusen (calcium deposits in the optic nerve) which is known to cause visual disturbances/scotomas. I don't recall many in this thread talking about getting an ultrasound (what confirmed my diagnosis), but it's worth doing.
Optic disc drusen can certainly present these symptoms but in my case (and a lot of others on this forum) unfortunately even OCT scans have not shown anything abnormal. Thank you anyway and glad you have an answer for your symptoms.
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I wish I could go to doctor but im sick of "you just have anxiety" diagnose. Yesterday I got 2 bright spots in my left eye I and they won't go away. As I said usually my spots last 1 or 2 minutes so this is pretty scary. Im in a dead end, my eyes were examined last year and I had an mri on january. Nothing wrong. What can I say to doctors anymore? They won't believe me. They just say that those are just floaters or I have anxiety. Even though there are literal blind spots in my vision. Maybe I just have to live with, in fear. And im only 20 and this has already been a problem to me for 3 years.
This could be retinal migraines. You don't have to have the head pain for it to be a retinal migraine just the visual disturbances that you are describing. Sometimes these auras can linger for longer than others. If I were you I would return to your GP for a full blood work up to check for any nutritional deficiencies or such and if all is fine in that area then ask to trial medication for retinal migraines such as verapamil. Hope this helps and try not to worry my dear. Best wishes.
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Hello everyone. I am a 23 year old male. Active and healthy. I do suffer from some anxiety about my general health and have worried about most everything there is to worry about health wise over my adult years thus far. Now I am worried about my eyesight. I can see and read perfectly clear. I have noticed lately though that I might be seeing some rainbow lines after I blink, and I can definitely make them out when I force blink really quickly. Has anyone else experienced this?
The rainbow bright spots are classic symptoms of ocular migraines and should be checked with a retinal specialist and neurologist.
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well i noticed some things increase the incidence of bright spots happenning :
1 pain killers specially advil and cataflam but panadol was the safest
2 stress
3 eye strain for long periods
4 low blood sugar
5 obesity
6 cortisol nasal sprays
7 going out in the sun without protection
8 looking directly into light sources specially led
9 plant based diet decreased the incidence

i ve been taking low dose aspirin for quite a period but i still fail to know whether it helps or not
I can confirm that Cataflam has something to do with these spots, I take it as a painkiller for period cramps and headaches and I often get new spots in my vision after taking Cataflam. Time to find a new painkiller...
Something the Opthamologists kept saying that mine was could be attributed to stress minor blood pressure changes that affect the blood flow in my retinas for unknown reasons or Anxiety. Also sometimes get mine after  sleeping on a full stomach. So now I make sure diet is balanced and not full in the evenings or eating late. Been twice, I wont go down the list of tests I had, but had every test going, including full blood work up (CBC, LFT - confirmed Gilbert syndrome, Kidney, visco, clotting, HBA1C, Auto Immune markers) . Nothing found, twice!
mustafa811 are you still taking aspirin? Did you notice any improvement? What was the dose of aspirin you took?
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also for the 1st time this year i got 3 spots in the exact same spot .. it is like reinfarctions
Yes iv had this as well. Sometimes they re-flare up. Sometimes its noticeable when I have a virus, which was suspected auto immune reaction. However, all tests for it came back normal. Also had an echo cardiogram, which was also normal. I actually wanted to be diagnosed with something so I could explain it! And treated! I still get them, still notice them. Bending over does relieve them, hence we the Opth's think is a vascular issue. But also told its nothing serious. I have talked about AZOORs and PAMMS, however, still no known treatment for them. Unless an onset is caught really early. Im still convinced there is a trigger to the ones im getting, (viral, food, medication). Now I just laugh at it and get on with life.  
Yeah, I don't care about the temporary spots anymore but I still get 2-3 permanent ones each year and they scare me. I can only see them where dark and light things meet but 20 more years and I will have 50+ perma spots, I will probably get some right in the middle and I won't be able to read and drive. There won't be a healthy area in my eyes anymore and I don't know what to do to stop this! Doctors can't find anything with their tests and machines, they think I'm lying. I was hopeful early this year because I didn't get a new perma spot for 8 months but I got 2 more in the past 2 months so now I'm depressed again...
I hear what your saying and I come completely relate, I think the same. However, after having this for 11 years I notice that some of the first ones I had which were permanent have either disappeared/healed or gone to a point where I cant "see" them anymore. Having 4 in my left eye and 3 in my right, it actually doesn't effect my vision at all, or very very minimal. Like yours it shows up between contrasting colours. This is due to the brain trying to fill in the missing gaps, also I believe not all the spots are complete scotomas and can some have some form of light coming through. To add, they are very small, sometimes if I concentrate and open one eye a good arm length away from the computer monitor, I can just about make the mouse disappear. All this sounds very frightening, and it is. And not knowing what it is, also adds to that. However, like yourself, I have seen 3 Opthamologist, and a general neuro. Had the following blood work done (CBC, LFT, KFT, Visco, Liplids, HBA1C, Auto immune tests, HIV) - all negative/normal including blood multiple pressure checks. Echo cardio-gram. Neuro assessment. Optha (OCT, Angio Flo, Fundas, Mono Fundas, Slit Lamps) - Had these tests at least twice. All normal. Although the Optha's believe me and tell me to go back, they say they cant identify what the issue other than its not serious, and that in young adults with the same symptoms (i assumed there is more than just me) the cause is almost never usually found and that it doesn't significantly impair your vision, then pointed out it could be blood pressure spikes, something slightly auto immune that they cant  currently detect with modern testing, and they keep reassuring me, iv talked about AZOOR (which surprisingly the last Optha has knowledge of), and they suggested its possible, but no known treatment that fully treats it and it needs to be caught early. So if you have been through the above. Relax, I can now control it by bending over on onset and the new ones go away (unless I have them at night). I don't really notice them in everyday activities. Sometimes I go weeks without noticing them. Also, if you keep looking, and analysing it, you can more sensitive to the lights hitting your eyes. I had a reflection the other week when I started obsessing over it only to realise it was from the lamp being on in the corner of my eye. I think, not to self diagnose, that I have some flavor of AMN, AZOOR... but they cant be treated.
Thanks stupideye, I feel better... I think. I'd be totally happy if I only got 7 permanent spots in 11 years like you, but I got 9 in only 3 years (10 if I count the several weird dots which look like dead pixels and they appeared at the same time), that's why I'm scared of the future... I also can't see them in everyday life (yet) unless I WANT to see them and when they appear. I immediately notice the new ones because they are "strong" but they fade quickly, usually in a few hours or days. So if it's AZOOR, it would be extremely hard to "catch it in time" because I can't get an appointment that fast. I've noticed that my non-flashing spots are permanent so when I get a new spot and it doesn't flash when I blink I know I'm screwed.
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Well I got another one yesterday which seems permanent annoyingly. It is in my right eye just next to the very first spot I got. A little triangle again, noticeably on contrasting colours and lines with a little blind spot in the middle as per normal.

Shame really as I had been getting on with life and forgotten about the spots mostly. Last permanent one was dec 2015 I think.  Part of me thinks this might have contributed to this spot as I haven't been as careful as I usually am when it comes to diet etc.

Interestingly this one occurred a couple of hours after I had been out in the garden along with the onset of nausea from sunburn. Part of me wonders if a damaged bit of my retina got sunburnt, over stimulated or something.  

It could have also been the night before as I had a few shots of whiskey and went to bed (which hasn't been unusual this last few months) perhaps I had a bad sleep apnea episode and didn't notice the spot until later in the day.

Any way I am tossing up as to if I should go to the eye doc. They never seem to find anything. I really can't wait until this one fades some. Hate the annoying bright noticeable phase.

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Hello all. I used to post on this thread years ago. Anyone still check in? Any diagnoses or treatments?
Hey Mel, how have you been travelling with your eyes.

Some people have been diagnosed with something called Flammers syndrome which looks to fit.

Yes, have been reading up on it. Interesting, and I have quite a few of the signs and symptoms
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tl; dr:
I have had success treating this with posture.... which sounds bizarre but I found I had tension in my upper back and neck and that supporting my head on my chest rather than pushing it back reduces occurrence and helps resolve any bright spots (like a camera flash after image) I see in my vision.

The long version:

3.5 years ago I had a stressful weekend doing some charitable work and not getting much sleep, eating poorly mostly sugary snacks, getting angry at lack of progress.  I woke up on the Monday morning with a bright spot in one eye.  Could just about hide a mouse point in it.  Went to optician after 24 hours, couldn't help.  Went to ophthalmologist, they couldn't help (though have recently found but not yet been to see one who has said they have at least seen two other people with this symptom).

1.5 years ago, similarly stressful week but for work related reasons and I picked up another one in the other eye.  Again noticed upon waking n morning.  This was also after a period of high occurrence (>10 bright spots per minute lasting for about 30 seconds in average each and over a period of minutes to days under range of conditions: rested, stressed, relaxed, exercised etc).

1 year ago: had first instance of a transient one lasting for more than a few minutes, in this case about 10 hours, before the vision restoring to normal.

6 months ago I started a new job.  A week before starting the job I also saw a good osteopath about a strained neck and whose advice I misunderstood / mis-remembered.  I thought the stress of the impending job was causing it but I had good days of no transient spots, mixed with bad days of many transient spots, some of which developed into permanent blind spots (with one being a large arc but quite far out from centre of vision and in one eye only).
After 3 months of this much greater occurrence of transient spots I did a meditation course.  I made a lot of progress in making peace and accepting that everything changes, and that at some point I will lose my vision either because I go blind or because I die of something else... this definitely helped but didn't stop them coming back with and indeed occurring even when I was at my deepest point of relaxation and just saying "bring it [blindness] on".

A month ago I went back to osteopath because I wanted to see on the off chance if there was anything he could do to help (he's £75 an hour vs £350 for 20 minutes of no help from a neuroopthalmologist... though they are a highly skilled and wonderful person... they couldn't help in my case).  As soon as I stood there again he said: "You haven't remembered what I told you have you"  * oops *.  Since then every time I notice transient spots I __personally__ 100% of the time realise my back is flat and my neck is crooked.

Resolving action:
Pushing my bum out by using my lower back muscles gently maneuvers my chest under my head.  I can feel my shoulders relax ever so slightly and move back and down.  My breathing comes more from my belly and on breathing in my forehead gently moves up and breathing out moves down.  My neck relaxes on the sides and down the back and my head feels more loose on top of it.

Things I tried before:
* relaxing (used all sorts: sleeping, meditating, playing games, socialising, sex with partner, absorbing work, etc): didn't work as would still see transient spots with same occurrence as when in stressful situations.
* bending down to get head lower than heart: worked 100% of time but didn't want to live life like that... also felt uncomfortable doing around coworkers in office even though they were very supportive so would have to do in toilets.  Made it quite impractical.  Probably worked due to: increased blood pressure in spasming capillaries to help them open again and by relaxing and stretching tightened neck and back muscles.
* taking magnesium: didn't help me though only took 200mg per day... as was scared of the "high strength" magnesium doses some people were recommending... I definitely do not want to suggest the magnesium is not beneficial, just for me at that dose it didn't help prevent or resolve transient ones.
* hydration: difficult to tell but always seems to help though not resolve.
* sleep: most spots developed during sleep and I noticed during the recent period of very high transient spot occurence (sometimes > 30 per minute, but lasting for ~30 seconds and also of more varied shapes) that actually lying down on bed on back made them occur but rolling to side relieved.... again fits with muscle tension in back but perhaps also something about muscles in eye pulling and squeezing eyeball back into socket?  Sleep and being well rested is generally a great idea, I notice more transient spots (and that my postures worse) when tired.
* trying to relax muscles around eye:  I noticed, again on the deep Vipassana meditation course that I seemed to be holding tension around my eyes and that when I could relax it it seemed to help reduce and or resolve the transient spots.  I found it *very* challenging to relax eye muscles in a way I found convincing... it's far easier to tell when your neck is crooked or straight but I'm not convinced I really know when my eye muscles are overly tense or relaxed.
* exercise:  reduces stress levels but I found on multiple occasions, particularly about 15 minutes in that I started to get spots occuring and sometimes bigger and more persistent.  I went for a jog today and realised I get tired due to exercise and my lower back muscles "give up", resulting in poor posture, much more tension in neck muscles etc... though feeling much happier.
* just not observing them / when they happen mentally saying "bring it on, if I'm going blind, fine, I'll face it and I'll cope": This is wonderful for psychological health but did not seem to effect prevalence of bright spots occuring.

Less interesting as most people just want to get better by reducing transient blind spots (even though permanent ones will be with us whole life until medical science advances far enough).  As mentioned many times on the forum: probably some kind of capillary spasm.  I'd guess it's in optic nerve and maybe in retina as well.  For me the spots are usually much larger out to the edges of vision which would make sense as retina / optic nerve does compression of data, therefore if a single capillary closes near edge of optic nerve it will affect the same number of nerve fibers but this will be carrying data from much larger area of peripheral vision.

Apologies for the long post, there's way more to include but salient points are there (I think / hope).  Hope it's useful for someone.
Thank you, I'll try this! I've also noticed that bending over makes my temporary spots go away.
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Hey guys, did someone with this dark spots ever undergo LASIK? Is it safe? I mean is it safe to go on LASIK when i have this dark spots in both of my eyes too?
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Well... today. Very tired haven't slept properly for the last few days, ladt night was really poor, lots of alcohol consumed the past week, esp yest, poor diet the last 4 days. (Esp last night choritzo risotto, lots of butter, oil, choritzo is oily to! With cream). Revently split up with long term girlfriend which has been taking its toll emotionally.

Today, scared the hell out of me. By far the worst episode I have ever had. Both my left and right eyes! Left eye, left to central point of fixation in my paracentral vision, quite near the edge, like a line, almost like a tick with tiny little ones around it. Right eye, slightly highier, different position but also to the left, kinda like a tick as well but with tiny little flashers around it. Has improved through out the day in both but still noticable, bent over multiple times (which usually resolves them). Not bright flashy like others, but noticable. Tested on ms paint and can see through them (maybe certain rods being effected or retina layer). Almost yellow tint in the affected area. No headaches, no other symptoms. I just want to curl up and die at this point.
I'm sorry to hear that. :( I also just got a new perma spot 2 weeks ago which confirms the fact that bending over is only effective against temporary ones (unfortunately).
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Hi stupideye. Did your condition improved? Any permanent blindpots?
Hi, it did go away, thank god, completely as far as I can tell. I believe it may of been a migraine of sorts. I have a permy that has flared up in my right eye at the moment, only really noticeable when in a bright environment. Had  a few temp ones over the last 3 or 4 days as well. Its just strange, however, I have been stressed out latly. Maybe the vascular issue and stress go hand in hand. Iv also had a mild migraine on and off over the last few days. Thanks for your messages. I was pretty down that day. Jixx... keep bending over, for periods of 1 minute every half an hour. I find if it doesnt make it go right away, sometimes they go away in a few days on the more stubborn ones. Im tempted to re-visit eye docs and go through the whole process again. But I dont know if its a waste of time from being twice before, and again likly think I have azoor or pamm, or variation of AMN. No systemic issues found during both accounts, so likely idiopathic.      
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Very glad to hear that it went away. I have the same issues as the most people here. Multiple scotoms in both eyes, all off center. Also the flashy lights from time to time. Went to the doc with no answer as the most of us. I have also noticed if i close my eyes and open them rapidly looking at a medium bright white wall or monitor my scotoms sparkle or glow for 1 second or so. Have no clue why. Bending over helps sometimes. I also had few times a light spot right in the vision center. Luckily it disappeared. Would really love to know what we are all suffering from.
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Hi German eye, yes there are allot of people I have spoken to with the same symptoms. Exactly the same.  Some have seen more specialists than me, some less. It is believed to be either, PAMM or a micro vascular constriction of blood flow in the retina, ie.. a retinal migraine of sorts. The difference is, the constriction lasts long enough to cause perm blind spots cutting off the blood supply the affected area. No one has had an official diag as of yet, only possible culprits and causes. Once I was ruled out of systemic problems, my drs started scratching their heads. Apart from multi focal response test everything else comes beck healthy... it's really annoying. Im bring assured it won't significantly impact my eye sight. However, im thinking what if i get another 15 of these. Some people have been looking down flammers syndrome route. Which is vascular issue. No cure or treatment, i haven't seen an eye specialist in two years now.  Apologies for the spelling, im dyslexic!
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I had just exactly what has been described here by several of you. A large after-image from a bright light that would not go away and that was more visible when I would blink, especially when looking at a bright surface. The spot was only in one eye and was not visible in the dark. My optometrist was able to find a blister-like bump on the inside of my retina, and I was diagnosed with Central Serous Retinopathy. In a nutshell, this most commonly happens in type A men who are under a lot of stress. I am neither a man, nor type A, but do suffer from anxiety. This condition resolves on its own, but tends to be chronic. Mine lasted for about 5 days. The day before it resolved, I had a large glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice (no idea if that helped or not, but carrots are good for your eyes!). In any case, it does go away, so don't panic! Panic will unfortunately probably just make things worse. God bless.
John C Hagan III, MD, FACS, FAAOBlank
Central Serous Retinopathy (CSR) usually but not infrequently does not resolve on its own and a significant % become chronic and require treatment. The use of any type of steroid (oral, nose spray, injections) is known to cause or make worse.  For cases that become chronic and debilitating there are a variety of treatments including a new one using oral spironolactone.  Ongoing observation by a Eye MD ophthalmologist is mandatory.
Im not sure how to post a question on here but this just started last night, i see a small white flash when i close my left eye. I looked at it in the mirror and also saw a red line from top to bottom on my iris.... Should i be worried???
Whould appreciate any kind of advice... Thankks!!!!
Since this is a new problem you do need to see an Eye MD ophthalmologist.  Call and get appointment.
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new here.  Had retina laser surgery about a year ago.  About six months ago I started noticing hat sometimes after I blink I see a small light bulb aftereffect. Dark against phone screen, lighter in other area.  Lingers and goes.  I do suffer with anxiety as well. Is this what you guys are referring to. My retina doc looked at me like I was nuts. Had full labs done too and everything checked fine
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Well after a decent run I've picked up another seemingly permanent spot today. In the left eye just up from center. In that really annoying phase right now where it is extremely noticable. Can't wait until it fades.  
Recently I started doing some weight training again. I wonder if that has anything to do with the flare up.
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Has anyone tried any blood thinners (on regular basis) for treatment and prevention?
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well mine is flaring up those days and i am sick of it .. i cut most meds .. i tried blood thinners .. lost weight .. exercising .. am not responding to anything .. when i look to tv lots of edges seems interrupted .. letters disappearing every day .. i am having like over 100 lesions and more over 5 years and more than 50 the last couple of months .. i dont know what to do .. it starts as small glistening mini spot that starts to increase in size as if it is leaking and after couple of days or less according to spot size the spot starts to diminish leaving a permanent spot or line or c shaped or whatever permanent scotoma .. now i am having like 1 to 3 new spots that develop everday but they are very small that almost leave a very tiny scotoma only visible at edges .. sometimes it is big sometimes it is centeral some times it happens in same spot presenting heavier scotoma
Hi Mustafa811.

It must be very stressful for you and also quiet scary. We all have the same more or less intense, so we understand you!!!
I made a recent interesting discovery which i would like to share with you guys.
As I was doing my regular scotoma mapping I have noticed that i perceive my scotomas much less if i use white dots on the black background instead of black dots on white background.
If i place white dots in the area where my scotoma is i still can see all the dots. The only explanation i have is that this scotomas are not fully dead but just with reduced sensitivity to light. The brain is still trying to fill them in but there is also remaining activity...
It would be good to collect more data from other people, so please try to do the same if you are interested.

Let me know if you have questions.

Best regards
appreciate your reply germaneye .. your discovery is right the scotoma areas are not completely dead it differs and every scotoma is different according size and level of affection .. i never met a perfect black scotoma .. but still dont know whether it affects the retina or the brain for sure
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I've been reading this thread for a while and I can relate with most of you. I have temporary scotomas since I was 16 years old (same age when I got migraines with aura). I'm 29 now. I've never noticed any permament scotoma untill last year. Last year I got my first permanent one and since then I got 3 more. The first permament one was because of a cotton wool spot (CWS). The other 3 had no evidence of a CWS on the visual tests. I've done almost all possible tests (blood test, CT scans, MRI, cancer, heart, carotid, etc) and everything came back clear. All the retina specialists say it might be related with migraine.They say I have vasospasms on the retina veins and arteries and it causes the cells to die without proper oxygen.

How many of you have this symptoms and also have some kind of migraine? It would be very interesting to know if most of the people here also have migraine.

Best regards,
Ricardo Lopes (Portugal)
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Hi Kaisers,

I have been told the same thing. Possible random micro vasospasms in the retina, related to migrains, but not in the traditional sense. I don't get them in my macular as its too densely populated with blood flow. However, outside of it i do. I get both temporary and permanent. To reassure, Im told it won't make me blind and my overall reduced vision wont be significant and they can never see anything wrong on my tests either. Its worse when im tired or have a cold. I have also had cws thought to be caused by a vasospasm (restriction of blood flow), the only evidence i have had of these.

I don't get head aches although i have had slight eye pain before. No know treatment, other than bending over at onset usually stops them. If i get them in my sleep though that can be a real pain. I learn to live with it.. just. Think happy thoughts.

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Stupideye did you ever went trought any medication for this? My neurologist first gave me flunarizine for 1 month. It seemed to help a bit but I was still having scotomas everyday and I was having some side effects. After that I'm trying lamotrigine for about 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to be helping since yesterday I got another permanent scotoma. I don't know what else to do. I tried ginkgo biloba, magnesium and other supplements and I don't see any effect.
Hey, not sure if i have the same issue, but i have one question. First of all I first visited this exact thread like 3 years ago when i first encountered a similar problem with my eyes. I've been having migraines with aura, and one day, I was sick, had like 39 temperature, I woke up with a permanent dot in my left eye. Lets say the size of it is more or less circular, and it's similar to the size of profile pictures on this page if you are 50 cm away from monitor. moving on I received more dots, but they were different from the one I got after sickness. The dot I got after being sick is the only one of it's kind. It's really hard to explain how I see it, I want to call it broken pixels, because it changes it's color depending on what I look at. The rest of the dots are in different kind of shapes, I don't really notice them as much, but if for example i try to push a bottom of my eye a little bit inside with my finger i can see most of them while looking at a bright wall. I feel like my vision is a little bit worse than it used to be so I'm becoming more and more concerned. I've been to the best doctors of my country, they have no idea what my problem is. Also I have 2 big blind spots at both of my eyes which doctors are familiar with. the one if the left eye is a little bit to the left, and proportionally the one in the right eye is a little bit to the right. When i have both of my eyes open i pretty much have a perfect vision, but it still causes some uncomfortability, for example when i'm driving and looking to the left if there are no cars, i have to be really careful, because my right eye doesn't see that field, so yeah, i'm kinda used to it by now, but just curious if anyone have something similar onoing. sorry for my bad english
join the club mrlega we all have the same symptoms .. but some have temporarily spots others have permanent spots and some have both .. with the spots you become more aware of your blind spot .. some noticed it increase in size .. some notice peripheral field decrease in size or affected by shadows .. some see moving tiny particles on looking to bright solid colors .. elicited by hypoglycemia also .. may follow a cold or flu .. i wish i was an opthalmologist instead of cardiology so i could help
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have any one tried flunarizine (sibelium) .. it is a vasodilator which works specifically on retinal vessels and used for prophylaxis of migraines .. i would like to try it but it isn't available in my country .. please dont try any meds without consulting your doctor
Hello mustafa811. I tried sibelium for 1 month with no big results. I was still having scotomas everyday multiple times and had big side effects. Now I'm trying Lamotrigine but I don't think it's working either. I would like to know if anyone else tried any Calcium Channel Blockers and had any positive results. This medications are supposed to reduce the retinal vasospasms and help in vessel dilatation. I've read in a couple for articles that nifedipine is commonly used but vessel spasm and has good results. Anyone tried it?
well flunarizine was much more specific for efficacy on retinal vessels with no major effects on heart but other calcium channel blockers have major effects on cardiovascular system slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure .. so taking a ca channel blocker exclusively for this is not recommended .. but if you are hyper tensive you can alternate your blood pressure med for a ca channel blocker .. so take care also nifidipine have some nasty effects regarding coronaries vessels
I'm just saying this because there are some articles that "solved" the question with low doses of nifidipine.

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A week ago (4/1/18) i discovered a spot near to the center of my vision. The spot was visible when blinking or squinting and it looked like the kind of spots you see after looking at a lifhtbulb and then close your eyes. Kind of a burned image, or afterimage, that stays in your retina  for a few second after you close your eyes.
Except this spot was not disappearing after minutes. The spot was there to stay, it seemed. So, I went to see an optometris 2-3 days later. Meanwhile I had researched what could have been and one of the possibilities was CSR. I had recently started taking Allegra and Flonase for my allergies (which i seem to get once a year). I read that steroids like Flonase could cause CSR.
I saw the optometrist and, sure enough, she saw the boil on my retina (after dilating my pupils).  She called in a real doctor, an ophthalmologist, and she also saw the boil. She said it was most lilely CSR (central serous retinopathy) and scanned my retina to make sure, then refered me to a specialist of the retina.  She also said that Flonase could cause it in sensitive people as well as PED5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis. I do not take those but I had in the past. She was able to see a little scar and she said that something similar maty have happened inthe past.

I have an appointment next week with the specialist and I will post after that.

I rarely hse any drugs but, so I can definitely pinpoint to Flonase which triggered the CSR. If you see this spot in your eyes,  call your doctor and ask if you can stop amy steroid you are taking as they could be causing it.
More sensitive seem to be the type A personality and people under a lot of stress (cortisol).

Hope it helps,
I’ll keep you posted.
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Wow, this forum has changed. Anyway, I only had a few spots in the past 6 months. I was so happy. But this week has been crazy! Seriously, I've had at least 20 random temporary spots since Monday. I have no idea why but I have these periods when I barely get spots and then I get MANY. I can't figure out why because I don't do anything differently, I'm not sick, nothing has changed. I'm so confused...
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As a follow up I was doing some internet research and found some articles talking about Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) as a cause for retinal vessel occlusion. PFO it's also related with migraines (almost everyone with this symptoms have migraine). Anyone performed a Transoesophageal echocardiography for diagnosis? After all the tests I've done I think I'm only missing this one...
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