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For those with the bright spot when blinking symptom

There are several of us on here who have a similar eye complaint: seeing a bright flash, like the afterimage of a flash bulb, when we blink, and sometimes, on upgaze. This is  transient symptom for most of us, lasting anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. When the "spot" in our visual field passes over a dark background, the spot appears light. When the spot passes over a light background, it appears dark.

So far, the doctors haven't been able to diagnose us, and perhaps that means it is simply some idiopathic phenomenon. But, in any case, I'm wondering what other similarities we might all have that could bring us closer to a an explanation.

For instance, other factors about me which might be clues are:

I take 100 mg of Zoloft a day
I would describe myself as high-anxiety and stress
I clench my teeth, usually on the same side as the effected eye
I have alot of sinus problems around my eyes
I have double vision due to a weak muscle in one eye
I have many floaters and one very prominent one in the eye without the bright spot

How about you?
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Well after a decent run I've picked up another seemingly permanent spot today. In the left eye just up from center. In that really annoying phase right now where it is extremely noticable. Can't wait until it fades.  
Recently I started doing some weight training again. I wonder if that has anything to do with the flare up.
How has the perma spot been since 22nd of Feb when you posted? I got a two perma spots AFTER running and while take a fat burner (had stims in it yohimbine and others) so I guess vaso constriction is a GIANT No for all of us. I would also not run if you have even a slight migraine or heavy head. Stay away from Stims.

Are you better? Still totally there after 2 weeks, I suspect it will take months to dampen down. Do you see your spots under certain circumstances even when not blinking? for example if I look at a white gap, between two black ones I will see the dark blob. I hope it gets better! Also have a arcuate scotoma which Ive had before, and they also dissipate after a few months. Man its hard. Hope you are better.

P.S There is a great FACEBOOK GROUP called : " BRIGHT SPOT WHEN BLINKING " on Fb,  people are very active on it. Please feel free to join anyone who needs to talk.
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Has anyone tried any blood thinners (on regular basis) for treatment and prevention?
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I've been reading this thread for a while and I can relate with most of you. I have temporary scotomas since I was 16 years old (same age when I got migraines with aura). I'm 29 now. I've never noticed any permament scotoma untill last year. Last year I got my first permanent one and since then I got 3 more. The first permament one was because of a cotton wool spot (CWS). The other 3 had no evidence of a CWS on the visual tests. I've done almost all possible tests (blood test, CT scans, MRI, cancer, heart, carotid, etc) and everything came back clear. All the retina specialists say it might be related with migraine.They say I have vasospasms on the retina veins and arteries and it causes the cells to die without proper oxygen.

How many of you have this symptoms and also have some kind of migraine? It would be very interesting to know if most of the people here also have migraine.

Best regards,
Ricardo Lopes (Portugal)
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Hi Kaisers,

I have been told the same thing. Possible random micro vasospasms in the retina, related to migrains, but not in the traditional sense. I don't get them in my macular as its too densely populated with blood flow. However, outside of it i do. I get both temporary and permanent. To reassure, Im told it won't make me blind and my overall reduced vision wont be significant and they can never see anything wrong on my tests either. Its worse when im tired or have a cold. I have also had cws thought to be caused by a vasospasm (restriction of blood flow), the only evidence i have had of these.

I don't get head aches although i have had slight eye pain before. No know treatment, other than bending over at onset usually stops them. If i get them in my sleep though that can be a real pain. I learn to live with it.. just. Think happy thoughts.

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Stupideye did you ever went trought any medication for this? My neurologist first gave me flunarizine for 1 month. It seemed to help a bit but I was still having scotomas everyday and I was having some side effects. After that I'm trying lamotrigine for about 2 weeks but it doesn't seem to be helping since yesterday I got another permanent scotoma. I don't know what else to do. I tried ginkgo biloba, magnesium and other supplements and I don't see any effect.
Hey, not sure if i have the same issue, but i have one question. First of all I first visited this exact thread like 3 years ago when i first encountered a similar problem with my eyes. I've been having migraines with aura, and one day, I was sick, had like 39 temperature, I woke up with a permanent dot in my left eye. Lets say the size of it is more or less circular, and it's similar to the size of profile pictures on this page if you are 50 cm away from monitor. moving on I received more dots, but they were different from the one I got after sickness. The dot I got after being sick is the only one of it's kind. It's really hard to explain how I see it, I want to call it broken pixels, because it changes it's color depending on what I look at. The rest of the dots are in different kind of shapes, I don't really notice them as much, but if for example i try to push a bottom of my eye a little bit inside with my finger i can see most of them while looking at a bright wall. I feel like my vision is a little bit worse than it used to be so I'm becoming more and more concerned. I've been to the best doctors of my country, they have no idea what my problem is. Also I have 2 big blind spots at both of my eyes which doctors are familiar with. the one if the left eye is a little bit to the left, and proportionally the one in the right eye is a little bit to the right. When i have both of my eyes open i pretty much have a perfect vision, but it still causes some uncomfortability, for example when i'm driving and looking to the left if there are no cars, i have to be really careful, because my right eye doesn't see that field, so yeah, i'm kinda used to it by now, but just curious if anyone have something similar onoing. sorry for my bad english
join the club mrlega we all have the same symptoms .. but some have temporarily spots others have permanent spots and some have both .. with the spots you become more aware of your blind spot .. some noticed it increase in size .. some notice peripheral field decrease in size or affected by shadows .. some see moving tiny particles on looking to bright solid colors .. elicited by hypoglycemia also .. may follow a cold or flu .. i wish i was an opthalmologist instead of cardiology so i could help
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have any one tried flunarizine (sibelium) .. it is a vasodilator which works specifically on retinal vessels and used for prophylaxis of migraines .. i would like to try it but it isn't available in my country .. please dont try any meds without consulting your doctor
Hello mustafa811. I tried sibelium for 1 month with no big results. I was still having scotomas everyday multiple times and had big side effects. Now I'm trying Lamotrigine but I don't think it's working either. I would like to know if anyone else tried any Calcium Channel Blockers and had any positive results. This medications are supposed to reduce the retinal vasospasms and help in vessel dilatation. I've read in a couple for articles that nifedipine is commonly used but vessel spasm and has good results. Anyone tried it?
well flunarizine was much more specific for efficacy on retinal vessels with no major effects on heart but other calcium channel blockers have major effects on cardiovascular system slowing heart rate and lowering blood pressure .. so taking a ca channel blocker exclusively for this is not recommended .. but if you are hyper tensive you can alternate your blood pressure med for a ca channel blocker .. so take care also nifidipine have some nasty effects regarding coronaries vessels
I'm just saying this because there are some articles that "solved" the question with low doses of nifidipine.

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A week ago (4/1/18) i discovered a spot near to the center of my vision. The spot was visible when blinking or squinting and it looked like the kind of spots you see after looking at a lifhtbulb and then close your eyes. Kind of a burned image, or afterimage, that stays in your retina  for a few second after you close your eyes.
Except this spot was not disappearing after minutes. The spot was there to stay, it seemed. So, I went to see an optometris 2-3 days later. Meanwhile I had researched what could have been and one of the possibilities was CSR. I had recently started taking Allegra and Flonase for my allergies (which i seem to get once a year). I read that steroids like Flonase could cause CSR.
I saw the optometrist and, sure enough, she saw the boil on my retina (after dilating my pupils).  She called in a real doctor, an ophthalmologist, and she also saw the boil. She said it was most lilely CSR (central serous retinopathy) and scanned my retina to make sure, then refered me to a specialist of the retina.  She also said that Flonase could cause it in sensitive people as well as PED5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis. I do not take those but I had in the past. She was able to see a little scar and she said that something similar maty have happened inthe past.

I have an appointment next week with the specialist and I will post after that.

I rarely hse any drugs but, so I can definitely pinpoint to Flonase which triggered the CSR. If you see this spot in your eyes,  call your doctor and ask if you can stop amy steroid you are taking as they could be causing it.
More sensitive seem to be the type A personality and people under a lot of stress (cortisol).

Hope it helps,
I’ll keep you posted.
Hi I'm very worried about my symptoms please can you give more detail? I have a tiny tiny spec in my right eye in the central area that also appears when squinting and blinking, then disappears after a split second. I think I've had it before but I goes away after a few days. It's been 4 days now and this one isn't going I'm worried it got damaged after going to my garage and the sunlight was reflecting off the white paint or something. I have hypochondria so this is a stressful situation. How is your spot now??
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Wow, this forum has changed. Anyway, I only had a few spots in the past 6 months. I was so happy. But this week has been crazy! Seriously, I've had at least 20 random temporary spots since Monday. I have no idea why but I have these periods when I barely get spots and then I get MANY. I can't figure out why because I don't do anything differently, I'm not sick, nothing has changed. I'm so confused...
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As a follow up I was doing some internet research and found some articles talking about Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) as a cause for retinal vessel occlusion. PFO it's also related with migraines (almost everyone with this symptoms have migraine). Anyone performed a Transoesophageal echocardiography for diagnosis? After all the tests I've done I think I'm only missing this one...
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yesterday a new spot appeared just to the left of the center of vision .. and it is permanent taking the appearance of a crescent .. this is the worst spot  ever i had till the day ..now  if i tried to read with my right eye it is very difficult as only i can view one letter at a time  .. lets say word "crazy"when i look at the center of the word the letter "a" i cannot see the letters to the left "cr" .. now that is disturbing .. thank god i have two eyes and the overlapping fix it a little .. may be it is not noticable in normal life using two eyes .. but now if i used only my right eye and looked at a person's face and centered on the nose i cannot see his right eye .. we cannot say this disease is not disabling it slowly render you disabled and have a toll on your life increasing stress .. what am i saying don't under estimate this f***ing disease .. i used to read books flawlessly with one eye now i can't
Really sad news :( I hope its not really permament. Sometimes they last days or even weeks and then kinda fade away. Do you have mitral valve prolapse?
Hey Mustafa,
Is it gone now?
no guys it is permanent for sure and keeps on flaring like as in reinfarction  .. just trying to accommodate .. thanks for the concern .. truely appreciate it .. no mitral valve prolapse .. also last month tried a ca channel blocker instead for beta blocker for hypertension and still the lesions occurs and it is the nastiest lesion i had in the last 5 years since it is disabling for reading with one eye only .. the problem the condition deteriorates and you get more frustrated whether to ask for medical help for like the 50th time or ignore it ?!
I have mitral valve prolapse and also suffer the symptoms described here. Interesting!
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did any one here tried oct-a as a diagnostic test instead of the regular oct ?!

the "a" stands for angiography
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did some new diagnostic tests such as FA , OCT and OCT-A after my last large spot but all tests were within normal

and whats funny is the nurse giving me the reports said : congrats sir all within normal nothing to worry about

i don't know whether to be happy or mad
Listen to my voice. There is nooo spot. Its just you imagination...
lol wish that could fill the empty spaces
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Hi everybody. I went through some of the posts and sounds like there hasn't been a clear answer yet. 3 days ago I woke up with a bright after-image  in my left eye, close to the natural blind spot. It looked pinkish immediately after closing my eye, and greenish when I looked at darker surfaces. Well, not my first time this is probably the 5th spot I have developed over 10 years. Normally they disappear after a few days, and only one of them turned into a scotoma . But this one has a different story. The day after I developed this, I went to a yoga class and practiced headstands and handstands. I came home went to bed and when I woke up the next day, the the spot had developed a big tail! Just like a comet!! It's been there for three days now and  I'm so freaked out that don't even wanna go see a doctor. The comet  tail creates sever distortion when I look at "edges".
A lil history here, I've been dealing with a lot of MS-like neurological  symptoms and I'm so scared this is a form or optic neuritis. I have a big MS fear and am a hypochondriac. I still don't know if my MS-fear triggers the symptoms or I actually have MS.
does anyone have MS here?
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IOP may be an issue for you.  Long term IOP usually leads to Glaucoma and Optic Nerve Damage.  I am currently dealing with IOP as well in my left eye.  The ER doc who took several readings on both eyes said it was over 80, and recommended going to the County Med Center for Laser Hole creation, which allows the fluid in the eye to leak out and reduce pressure that way.  Prior to that, Diet and eye drops  as per Ophthalmologist recommendation.
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Hello All, I have been struggling with this same thing for years, getting scared, going to retinal specialists only to be told everything is fine. until one time I had a spot large enough for it to be seen via a slit lamp examination. I told the dr where to look, he made the light very small and I directed him to move the light until it was right where the spot was, and he was like Ohh... I see it...  he said its a "White Dot Syndrome" maybe "PIC" or "MEWDS" he thought probably pic.  its an inflammatory response.. kind of a side affect of too much inflammation in our bodies. he recommended I see a rheumatologist, I have not yet seen. it creates for many of us the blinky spots we see when we blink, or pass from light to dark, or fall on a edge of something light and dark. when I get a bad one, it kind of creates a smoke trail at first from the spot that I can see when I look up at the blue sky and blink (only when they are very new spots usually) I hope this helps someone. it has helped me at least understand whats going on. I have not found the overall solution, but I think its just to eliminate as much inflammation I can, which I am in the process of still.
well all of these diseases can be diagnosed and excluded via FA and OCT .. what happens here is that condition is not yet detected by these tests .. some believes it is vascular in origin and related to vessels spasm .. some believe it may be centeral or related to optic nerve fibres .. no one knows for sure .. when a new spot happens to me it feels like something leaked and as days pass the leakage became absorbed and only the part of the spot remains as permanent damage .. sometimes it is a 100 % damage  sometimes 50% damage or even 10% damage or no damage at all but this only happens with the very small spots as if we don't notice it due to smaller size of damage
unkajah81, this is exactly what I experience with the bad ones, a smoke trail coming out of the sun spot. The tail would diminish first and then the sun spot, but there will always be blind spots left behind. Pretty scary.
Mustafa811, I know what you mean by leakage, because this time my sun spot had no tail, until I went to the yoga class and tried some handstands which puts a lot of pressure on your head and of course your eyes. Also, the tail is narrower near the sun spot and gets wider when moving away from the sun spots. This makes me think this is some kinda of leakage. I feel like this is pretty close to what CSR is. I don’t know.
Is your spot gone yet? Mine is still there after 3 days and edges look pretty crooked to me. well, it has kinda faded away and it’s not as bad as it was before but it has caused 80% damage I guess.
Hi there. Since it is allegedely inflammation,  it is possible to treat with non-steroid means, like diclofenac I guess. Will try some eyedrops for myself...
well mine the last one was pretty big and centeral and scary .. it stayed for like 1 week or more without subsiding down .. it didnt take that long before .. after about 2 weeks it started to decrease leaving a lesion about 50% of the space .. it is very annoying but i cannot do anything except getting used to it
Mine took a week this time. There are still some “remnants” of it. First time I got a big one it lasted for 10 hrs. This time a week.. funny enough the sun-like spot has turned into a line now... makes me really think this is some sort of leakage!
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do you own cats ?!
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Hey guys,

I have the same symptom as you have. I also did a lot of examination and everything is normal. since bending over is working for most of us most of the time, I am skeptical about the blood issue. So I think maybe it's helpful to share my health condition and test results so that we can find a common issue. I appreciate it if you could do the same.

I have blood pressure. Usually, 14.5 / 9.5
I experienced Aura Migarin without headache 4-5 times in 5 years.
My HBB, from blood test, is quite high, 21, which the normal is 17
My testosterone level is higher than normal

Moreover, I tried to find the trigger of this symptom. So whenever a new spot is appeared in my field I try to remember what I did or ate during the day or even the days before and then try to find the common things. So far, what I have found till now are,

- Caffeine may trigger a new spot
- I may have a new spot during or after an intense physical activity such as playing soccer.

If you could find any other trigger, I would appreciate it if you could share it with us.

Sorry for my bad English. :)
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well about the trigger no one knows for sure since it is very random but the most common one is eyestrain

about the bending down and whether it eliminates the problem .. it is obvious that we have 2 types of lesions .. one which is temporary and this usually goes away or respond to bending down .. but the other lesion the permanent one in my case do not respond to bending down

and some ppl mistake between the temporary ones and the permanent ones .. as the permanent ones usually subside leaving a smaller permanent scar and lots of ppl dont seem to notice it and mistaken it for the temporary ones but it always leave a permanent residue
My trigger seems to be hormonal (mostly) because I get 80% of my spots when I'm on my period (I noticed this a few months ago). I literally just got a new spot this Monday on the 1st day of my period and it flashes when I blink, those are usually not premanent but I can still see this one. Bending down doesn't help (I do it several times a day) but the spot changes a lot during the day, sometimes I can barely see it and then it gets more noticeable, I don't know why. I've had spots like this before and they disappeared in 2 weeks, so fingers crossed...
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So does anybody actually have progress fighting this crap? Nonsteroid eye drops seem to have ho effect.
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I seem to have the same problem as you all have. I have it since August last year. What I see is a spot when blinking, but also when squeezing my left eye. It distorts the image and I seem to be able to manipulate it when rubbing my eye. Sometimes it is bright, sometimes darker and when squeezing it seems to be transparant but it distorts the image a bit. It is never permanent and it is always temporary. I went to the doctor and to an eye specialist with the problem but nothing came out. It is situated in the pheripheral part of my left eye. Sometimes I think it has something to do with the eyelid? I tried eye drops, but without any success...
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I have had this propblem for almost 4 years. It started one evening when I had huge zig zag like pattern on my vision. After that I have had small spots come and go every now and then. Usually they last only for few minutes. Sometimes I get ones that last for few days. Yesterday I got a small bright spot and waited it to disappear but it's still there next morning. It's really annyoing I wish it could disappear soon. No idea what could have triggered it. Also nothing wrong with my eyes or brain.
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Hey, I'm posting here again. I have this page on my bookmarks and check it like once a few months to keep updated. I just wanted to say that I have this problem since 14(the migrained with aura), I am 20 now. I have 3 permanent spots, one appeared when I was 16, in the left eye south-west from the center, I got used with it so much during these 4 years that I don't even notice it anymore. The 2 other spots appeared like 6 months ago, they are in the right eye above the center of my field of vision, they are really small and I already got used to them. I have few questions to clarify whether we really have same **** happening. Q1 : If you push your eye inside using your finger, while keeping the eye open, do you see some blurry black dots in your field of vision that disappear when you stop pushing it?  Q2 : Do you see blind spots in both of your eyes, ( Left eye, to the left of the center, Right eye - to the right of the center ). Q3 : If you use your finger do pull down the skin at the bottom of your eye, do you see any blurry black colored contours at the edges of your field of vision? ( the stretch looks something like this https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/man-stretching-face-37532594.jpg ). Q4 : Do you have migraine with aura?
Looking forward to your answers. Just to chill you out guys, you're not the only ones having this problem, and knowing how modern technologies are nowadays, I can assure you that there will be a solution to this issue in the future. I'm currently on my exam session, but as soon as I finish, I'm planing on writing a detailed summary on this issue, linking to your descriptions and etc.. and sending it to all the possible research institutions, I will even post it online and paste the link here, so you guys can add the missing stuff and also send it elsewhere. We need to unite and try to slowly approach the right people, because there are a good amount of doctors who are working on researching this kind of unknown diseases. Have a nice day and enjoy your life the way it is, it's not that bad after all, people have much worse problems in the world if you think about it.
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Hello guys. I've been taking flunarizine 10mg daily after dinner. I also have been taking chelated magnesium 400mg daily. During the day I notice a reduction of the bright spots. On the other hand I've been waking up with new permanent spots frequently. My first permanent spot was November 2016 but since it happened multiple times. Can't even count them anymore. I'm so distressed that I can't even sleep properly anymore. I wake up every day afraid of having a new spot and I spend like 10 minutes after waking up looking for new spots. I just can't live like this. I feel so bad and sad all the time and I'm so afraid of having a spot on my central vision.

I don't know what else to do. I tried all the things that seemed to help other people in here. I've been to multiple doctors of different specialties and done loads of blood tests and other exams.

My most recent theory is that it might be related to low blood pressure. Bending over helps because we are increasing blood pressure on the eye. I think that we have more sensitive retina cells that when the blood pressure drops our retina veins spasm. That can explain why it happens to me so many times during the sleep. During sleep our blood pressure drops. Whats your opinion about this?

Best regards,
Ricardo Lopes
i dont think that flunarizine or mg will harm you more than you are

most propably it is the condition that worsens some days and gets better on others .. it is too random

but what i can tell you that stress increase it

so may be if you believe in destiny and there is nothing you can do in the meanwhile it will be much better

i did have a spot month ago right in the center of the right eye and i cannot see letters in small font now with my right eye center but nothing i can do soooo thank god the other eye overlap and provide me with data missing from the other eye

what am i trying to say that sometimes you must appreciate your eye condition right now and relax there is nothing you can do about it

just try stress free more healthy life with constant exercising and good dieting .. i know it is hard but it is iur only option to fight this disease
Hey mustafa811, I sent you a private message.

The permanent spots that appear when I wake up are not so bright and flashing as the spots that appear during the day. They are faded grey blots and I can only find them when I blink very fast against a very bright background or when the background changes abruptly from dark to bright or vice-versa. I can also find that I have reduced vision on those spots if I map them using "Paint" software. Sometimes they are not 100% blind spots but there is a reduction in the light sensitivity.
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well mrlega : this condition usually associate with some symptoms

1. the bright spots whether temporary or permanent that fades with time to permanent smaller scar with lesser bright spot

2. you become aware of your blind spot and you feel it increasing in size and having finger like extensions

3. you can see moving tiny particles against constant bright colored backgrounds

4. you become aware of centeral weakness of vision in the dark

5. when you look through your eye periphery you some time notice shadows in different sizes mostly big spot or finger like structures and you usually confuse it with a lash

6. you can notice your permanent lesions when you view small thin lines on an lcd screen with different background color as the line will appear interrupted

7. sometimes you can have more than one injury in the same spot and the spot starts turning into black instead of the surrounding color

8. sluggish image recovery response time

9. lots of these symptoms may be to extrasensitivity when you start focusing on your eyes

as to pressure on eye with finger poking this increase pressure on your retina and you will see different effects across individuals some will see bright or dark spot or even confined flashes of light in the periphery
Thank you for the response, I'll note all of this
Does anyone know what causes this? I have small spots almost daily they fade in few minutes, the longest lasting spot I have had was 3 days. I don't have headache but I have had zig zag migraine like pattern on my vision once. Is this condition dangerous? I have had the spots for almost 4 years. Nothing weird in my eyes and mri was normal too. I got really big spot, that blocked the vision completely on bottom of my left eye. I got really scared and thought I was having a stroke or something. But like my other spots it disappeared in 3min. What on earth could cause this, I have almost all the symptoms listed above.
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Is anyone trying aspirin? If yes, what dosage?
Yes, when I have episodes lasting weeks of spots, some temp, others more stubborn. I take two aspirin. I don’t know if it really helps. Only way for sure I can get rid of them is by bending over.

Malaria- We both have the same symptoms. After all the tests, I was told unofficially that it’s likly to be some sort of retinal migraine, but not in the classic sense. However, due to the retinas sensitivity to nutritiants, when a vein spasms it can cut off the blood supply for too long and hence blind spot, or sometimes spots. That or they said it’s possible I have something called PAMM. However, no one is really sure, all tests have revealed my eyes are in perfect health. Lol
Autocorrect! Makarra not malaria.
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Sorry for my bad english.

What makes you think that the spots are caused by damage to blood vessels? Some people have spots lasting 3-5 days, after which they disappear. Some people wrote that the spots lasted several weeks and then disappeared.

If the cause was damage to the vessels, then we would not have seen the regression of the disease.

It seems that the cause is the fatigue of the visual system. I will describe my thoughts in more detail later. I will also need your help in collecting information (I will do a survey), which my neurologist asked to assemble (he is trying to figure out the problem).
Because they are monocular (therefor occurring in the eye to the optic chasm), and I get both temp and permanent ones. never at the same time in the same place in both eyes.
Many people have blind spots in the paracentral area. This means that the problem is in the fovea. But fovea has no vessels:

The fovea is located in the small avascular zone and receives the most of its oxygen from the vessels in the choroid, which is in the retinal pigment epithelium and Bruch's membrane. © Wikipedia

Note also that the brain "masks" the blind spots immediately after their appearance. Real scotomas caused by damage to blood vessels are always visible (regardless of blinking or viewing of relief / contrast surfaces).
I’ve read all that stuff and case studies.

From what I understand, tiny  vasoconstrictions (which would be in the charoid) can cause small location of cells to starve of oxeygen that causes narcosis in that area, or possibly another area that is connected to that vessel. Actually most of the cases here are not issues within the fovea, that is the central part of the eye that provides the sharp vision (paracentral 18 degrees). Mine and many others are outside of this area in the peripheral area 30 - 80 degrees from fixation.

The physical damage (whatever is occurring) is tiny within the anatomy of the eye. This also accounts for full or partial recovery/repair, so on examination I believe this chronic condition is very hard to detect. Although the defects we see look bigger, as it acts like a “fly in front of a projector” metaphorically speaking.

In these cases these are real scotomas, it’s just the visual cortex is really good at its job guessing what the is supposed to be in the missing bits of data it hasn’t received, because of the majority of data the cortex is sent can guess what is meant to be there. It sometimes gets in a bit of bother though if looking at highly detailed patterns or silvery things, red as well. As these are the hardest data sets that the cortex ingests to make sense out of. Your visual cortex also doesn’t know the data it receives is from what side.

If it was an issue in the brain. Then you would have quite different symptoms, and you would see this in both eyes at the same time.
But the real scotomes are of a fixed size. In our case, the size of blind spots varies depending on where we look.

In general, I would not be so sure with vascular theory.
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Hey guys.

Just wanted to line myself up in this whole dilemma. ;-) I'm a 32 years-old male from Germany and I'm having the same issues/symptoms you guys have. My story follows:

The first spot I remember happened in 2006, so almost 12 years ago. It disappeared rather quickly, but it scared me enough to still remember it today. During that time, I worked at an elementary school (community service), so I suffered from a lot of colds and flus. I can tell you that kids are truly virus and bacteria spreaders. ;-) I don't remember having more spots after that event. Maybe I just ignored them.

A couple of years later, maybe around 2010/2011, I got my first permanent spot. It developed when I had a cold again, not taking any medicine though. It faded into something really small, and I got very used to it. So much that I don't even care.

1-2 years ago, I developed my 2nd permanent spot. I don't remember whether I had a cold again or not. The spot was very noticable for a couple of days, because it got stronger every couple of hours, for a small period of time. Until it faded into something really small again, just like my first spot. Again, I don't care about that one as well. It's just too small.

In April this year, I woke up and had and arc-like thingy, from close my central vision up to the natural blind spot. What I found out fairly late is that the origin of that arc was indeed another spot. But that spot's right at the edge of the natural blind spot. The arc disappeared after 2 days. When I really try hard (blinking, squinny etc.) I can still see a part of that arc. Because the spot is almost entirely in the natural blind spot's area, I don't care much about it.

However, 2-3 weeks later, so like 1 1/2 months ago, I got another permanent spot, again after waking up. It's the first time I got such a spot in my left eye — all other spots developed in the right one. For 1-2 days it was very noticeable, but then developed into something smaller. However it's not as small as the others. Especially when looking at blue or blue-ish things (especially screens), it shortly flashes, and I can hide a small mouse pointer in it.

On a daily basis I have those very subtle white "spots" that disappear within seconds or minutes. Sometimes they are a bit bigger, but usually they are small. Often they are translucent, sometimes they are not.

I went to an ophthalmologist when I got the last permanent spot (never went to one before — kinda crazy, I know, but the small spots just didn't concern me. I even got used to the situation, like when a new spot appeared, I thought "Meh, annoying, but it'll vanish anyway — and if not, it will fade into something small I don't care about"). He took a good look of both of my eyes with a slit lamp and a microscope lense(?) of some sort.

Result: vitreous body detachment. He said it's "normal" when getting older, and that the vitreous "pulls" on the retina. At spots where it's attached very good, small injuries can happen. He said that my spot will most likely heal, and that I don't have to worry about it. When I see flashing (specially in the dark), mostly 90° from the side, I should come back immediately, as that's a sign for little holes or cracks in the retina. But unless that happens, I shall only come back in 1 year, for a routine check.

The thing is: My mind is very focussed on everything happening in my eyes now. I'm blinking a lot to check my spots, and check for new spots. I see stuff I would have never seen before, just because of focus. I guess you guys know that condition, and how that contributes to your daily mood. :-)

My plan is to make an appointment with my general practitioner for doing blood work etc, to see if there's anything wrong. Also I'm thinking about seeing another eye MD for a 2nd opinion, or to pay for an OCR "to make sure". However I usually try to trust the doctors — especially when they seem competent. ;-)

Some facts about my person/health condition:

- 32 years old
- 1-2 times per year, you guess it, migraine with aura
- BMI 32.6 (way too much; my wife is pregnant, what can I do? ;-))
- smoked cigarettes from age 15 to 27
- blood pressure is usually at 120/70, but often lower
- I watch my whole body very closely, not an axious person anymore though (usually I find something, flip out a bit, see a doctor, and get happy again ;-))
- I take no meds
- My fitness is not good at the moment (stopped going to the gym when I had a super heavy tonsillitis followed by an allergic reaction; just didn't find the motivation after that; I never had any spots during workouts though)
- I'm a programmer and entrepreneur, meaning: I look at screens for 80 % every day. I don't feel stressed, but I'm good at suppressing stress, so I don't know whether I really don't have any. :-P
- I'm slightly myopic, around R -1.25 and L -0.25 or something. I have glasses but usually don't wear them.
- I have dyschromatopsia (often not able to distinguish red from green colors, in certain light conditions)

I really hope that the cause of all this can be found, and of course I really hope that none of us will develop a condition that's really difficult to live with. My spots, and I already have quite a few of them, are annoying, but don't influence my life negatively.

The only thing that really makes me kinda mad is the fear of getting more and more spots, and of course, getting one right in the central vision.
I meant OCT, not OCR.
Hello mreyeball. My situation is very similar with yours. No doctor ever spoke about vitreous body detachment but I know very well what it is since I have multiple floaters. It makes sense that when it is pulling sometimes it can hurt the retina but sometimes I got temporary flash spots at the same area on different days. That makes me believe that there must be rare to have vitreous body detachment on the same place multiple times.
Hmm, interesting. But they would of seen that on many people on this forum if that was the case. I have permanent ones that have been there for at least 5 years. I think over long periods of time, the one I got ten years ago have gone away. or diminished to the point I can no longer notice them. I have at least 4 perms in left eye and 3 in the right.

Tests I have had done: Seen three ophthalmologists. All blood work, blood pressure check, OCT-Angio, OCT, Multiple Fundus (both colour and mono), visual perception tests. Tests come back normal. I don't suffer with migraines anymore, but I did in my teens, they used to make me very sick. No official diagnosis. Possible random vasospasm in the retina blood vessels. Can sometimes back them go away by bending over.  
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Hello guys. My neurologist put me in 60mg of Nimodipine every 8 hours. I've been taking this calcium channel blocker for a week now and it seems to helping in the frequency of the attacks. It seems that now I have less spots per day. On the other hand yesterday I got a new permanent spot in my right eye :(

I'm getting new spots very frequently and I don't know what else to do. They are all appearing during sleep.

If this is a vasospasm shouldn't this medication be working 100%? It's a vasodilator so the spasms shouldn't be as strong as before. I really don't understand the real cause of our spots...
I’m in the same boat as you. So you are not alone, I have ones that appear not even bright flashy grey blobs anymore that happen when I’m asleep. I know it’s really annoying, I’ve gad it for 11 years and even though I notice my spots daily I don’t give them the pleasure of identifying them. I just get on with it. I’ve had 3 new perms since Jan. 2 in left eye one new 1 in right.

When I seen consultants, I have not been put on drugs though. I think it was because they didn’t know what was causing them. Migraine medication doesn’t always work either. It really gets me down though, probably like the rest of you. The only thing I’ve held on to is, I’ve had this for 11 years, if it was something “serious” then it would of significantly progressed by now (in fact with the first year or two). Therefor what ever it is, it’s minor and chronic. The second bit is I’ve told this won’t significantly impact my vision. I guess that’s some positives right? :/
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I get a split second bright spot when I blink, especially after I am on my iPhone or computer. I also have recently been diagnosed with PVD which is complicated by the separating membrane being stuck on my macula. I do not have a macular tear or whole. Im under a doctors care and waiting for the PVD to resolve, hoping for the best (no macular holr).
Did your doctor tell you that the spots are or might be related to the PVD?
Not yet, I have an appointment in two weeks and will ask him about it. Hoping all of the disturbances I’m experiencing (bright spot that disappears after blinking, blackish circle that appears when I shift my eyes suddenly but immediately then disappears) are all just related to the PVD process and will disappear once it is completed
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still having new lesions every couple of days .. you get use to it till you get a big one .. i made a group on fb called bright spot when blinking

may we all find a cure soon
May I ask you what your physical condition is? Are you doing sports? Normal weight? Eating healthy? Etc.
well more than 5 years ago when i was affected by the 1st spot and not diagnosed i was overweight and started a healthy life style and lost like 30 kgs and walked daily not less than 4 kms to 16 km but still had them .. lots of ppl here are not overweight and play sports on regular basis and still affected  
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Has anyone ever went to a genetic doctor? Someone told me it might be worth a try.  

Most of us have this for several years and it's also linked to migraines. Besides going blind my biggest concern is that the ischemia events also happen in the brain.
I havent' been. Who suggested it to you, and why?

As far as I know, ischemia events do for sure happen in the brain for migraine-suffering people. But usually that's nothing to worry about, you don't get into a condition that's even nearly dangerous.

Today was the first time I tried the often suggested bending over when a bigger spot appeared. It totally worked, I could watch the spot disappear in realtime. At least that sounds like it's related to blood flow somehow.
Всем добрый вечер. Я больше двух лет слежу за этой темой потому что у меня  такие же пятна в глазах как у вас всех.
Я прошла очень много врачей , но они не могут найти причину пятен, сказали что виноваты вирусы и токсоплазм.
Перед появлением пятен, очень сильно болела голова и был сильный стресс на работе.
Я долго принимала разные таблетки  пятна прошли, но теперь все линии и окружающие предметы выглядят искаженными.
Моя сетчатка очень  пострадала,но я не теряю надежды найти причину пятен.
Я делала томограмму головного мозга , всё без отклонений.
Hello mreyeball. It was a friend that is on the 3rd year of medicine. She is still learning but the tip was good.

The bending over that works makes me believe that it is vascular, otherwise there wouldn't be any reason for it to help with the spots.
Hi Kaisers,

That’s great news. Bending over also works for me 90% of cases.

Because of this I also (and consultants) believe it’s some odd vascular issue in the retina. Latest theory is random micro rentinal vasospasm. I believe mine are worse or triggered when I gave had little sleep, drinking alcohol, excessive caffeine. Same things that trigger migraine. I don’t have migraine anymore but I had them in my teens very badly. If you get ones that you wake up with, bend over multiple times in the day, I find these can also go away in a few days. When you bend over, put your arms on your back, inhale and squeeze your abs. Do this repeatedly for a minute. That’s what the drs told me.

Hey stupideye,

I also find that the ones that appear during sleep disappear in a week or 2. Do you have an example (image or video) of that kind of bending down? The drs told you that we should bend down that way?


The consultant told me to bend over that way as squeezing the abs forces blood to the head. Iv woken up with two this morning. Yay! One in left eye top left, one in right, to the right. Looks like I’m a winner.

Last night, red wine. Bad sleep (it’s very warm here)
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Guys, how many spots do you have? I have 2 in the left eye and 4 in the right (I'm sick for 2 months).
Это ваша тема на сайте Дискуссионного мед.центра?
У мен в правом глазе было около 10 пятен, но в поле зрения 3 больших, в левом штук 5.
having a new big spot in rt eye .. thanks god it is not in the centre .. if i look at the centre of the mobile it is just above the home button .. i made a page on fb for easier communication by the name of  "bright spot when blinking"

so nothing new ?!
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having a new big spot in rt eye .. thanks god it is not in the centre .. if i look at the centre of the mobile it is just above the home button .. i made a page on fb for easier communication by the name of  "bright spot when blinking"

so nothing new ?!
Please tell me if you have a distortion of lines when you look at the sheet in the cage?
well at first there was no distortion at all just a blurry spot .. but after too many spots i feel that lines become distorted very little in some places .. but i think it is unnoticable at all in our condition .. if you have distorted lines you should check with opthalmologist .. you might have spots of edema or cotton wool spots that can be detected by eye diagnostic tests and it can be treatable for some extent
our condition usually see gaps when looking at lines or amsler grid
mustafa811, a blind spot in the center of view interferes with daily life? And what size is it? I noticed that blind spots in the center are usually small in size. On the periphery they are usually larger.

And how many blind spots do you have in both eyes?
well usually peripheral spots is larger but that is not always the case .. i consider the ones i have in the center are big enough .. i have others in the center that are very small .. it is very random

as whether it affects daily life activities ?! well not yet .. god gave you 2 eyes so missing data by one eye is supplied by the other

the only noticable effect is that when i look with the right eye only not both eyes i usually dont see the right eye of the person infront of me it looks blurry and masked .. also reading in small fonts with one eye is severly affected and impaired but it is kind of funny reading from left to right is impaired but from right to left is preserved hhhhh

it is related the place of the spot and how do you read

made a facebook page so we can follow with each other on it named bright spot when blinking but still members number too low
Have you done microperimetry or fluorescence angiography?
yup me and most of members posting here did all types of diagnostic eye tests even some did neurological and brain tests
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When you have flashes and floaters in your eyes, you should absolutely see an eye Dr.  It can be early sign of detachment of the retina. Don’t wait...
Before the appearance of spots I had a few days headache.I saw flashes of green.And in the morning I saw a few spots of gray.When I looked at the text in the book, some of the letters were not visible.The doctor said it was because of viruses and germs.My retina is very badly damaged.I'm very afraid for my vision.
See an eye Dr.  Gaps in your vision are not normal.  Don’t be afraid...it’s better to see the specialist and then you will know.  Retina’s can be surgically replaced or repaired.  I had the flashes too.  I saw my eye Dr and he followed me for awhile.  I haven’t needed surgery (except for cataracts).  I’m glad I went though as it’s scary and it’s better to know than not know.  I had a small tear in my retina, but I don’t see flashes now except when I go from a light room to a dark one.  
See an eye Dr.  Gaps in your vision are not normal.  Don’t be afraid...it’s better to see the specialist and then you will know.  Retina’s can be surgically replaced or repaired.  I had the flashes too.  I saw my eye Dr and he followed me for awhile.  I haven’t needed surgery (except for cataracts).  I’m glad I went though as it’s scary and it’s better to know than not know.  I had a small tear in my retina, but I don’t see flashes now except when I go from a light room to a dark one.  
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My eyes been acting very strange these past few days, had little sleep, drank my fair of beer n wine, lots of sun. Yest I noticed bottom left of left eye a “bright spot” it subsequently went away. Also noticed two lines in peripheral left eye to the right.

Has anyone else got lines before? Got another one today, had some at around lunch time that went away again. Had another for the last 40 mins. Left eye again that seems to be getting smaller so should resolve. In the ten years iv has this “condition” iv never had it as bad as this. Feel absolutely fine other than v tired. Going to go to eye A nd E again this week. Maybe tomorrow. I can’t live like this. I’m thinking, AZOOR, PAMM, or something similar (which I’d be fine with) Of course, worry about the worst.  Humph..
Funny, I also have peripheral lines. In addition, I also have fatigue and I spend a lot of time at the computer.

Is overfatigue of the visual system the cause of blind spots? The second option: fatigue provokes a specific migraine, which is the cause of blind spots.
overstraining your eyes is a sure predisposing factor to the spots .. you should relieve your eyes from pc use or mobile at least every hour for a few minutes .. also dont use pc till your eyes are strained usually leave it before

whenever i overstrain and ignore it i get a spot right away or the next day after waking up
What tests have you both had?

There is no evidence medically scientific that points to looking at computer screens that cause eye damage. Apart from it can accelerate near vision.

I don’t get fatigued, not in the normal sense, normal tiredness. I think these are eye issues not brain issues. Because although I get this in both eyes, when I get an “episode” it’s only in one eye at a time. Or both eyes in different places, which would point to a vascular issue, plus the fact that they go away in 80% of cases if I bend over. Either right away or in a few hours, sometimes days.

My differential list:

Retinal Migraine Varient (Random Retinal Vasospasm)

Other migraine varient

Retinal Vasculitis


PAMM (rare)

Unknow Epiology

It’s very annoying though.

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About to go to eye A&E, il let you know the results.
So.. I don’t know whether to be happy or mad.

Had the following tests:
Fundus Autofluorescence
Fluorescein Angiograph
Wide field OCT
Multiple Slit Lamp Exams

Talked with the Dr for an hour. Spoke about AZOOR, PAMM, MEWDS.. and possible neurological conditions.

Everything came back normal. Of course! From the Drs mouth, these tests with the ones I had in 2016, iv been ruled out of 99% of eye and systemic diseases.

I have a follow up in a months time, again came to the same conclusion that I have some retinal migraine/vasoconstriction element. Doesn’t believe is neuro, I have been put on 10mg of Nifedipine twice a day and to follow up in a month. If it doesn’t work, he said he might send me down the electronic diagnostics route. However, doesn’t believe it would return anything significant, other than point out what he has already said.

Great Dr, really looked after me today and listened, was generally interested.
Sorry to hear you didn't get much further mate.  As much as I know your pain in uncertainty I think generally it is a positive when everything looks normal.  

FWIW I get the 'lines' in two variations.  The first are like glowing arcs, which when I drew them for my Ophthalmologist he seemed to think that they followed the nerve fibres.  The other type are just like my normal spots, just in line form...

The electroretinagram so far has been the only test that has shown any change, with the retina signals being reduced in certain sectors.  It didn't really give them any idea of what is actually happening, other than isolating the damage to the retina.  However, it at least seemed to make my Ophthal believe that something was going on!

Annoyingly, after a period of stability, my eyes have had a period of deterioration over the last few months.  I have been having migraine attacks while I've been sleeping, which are probably linked.

Please let me know how the drugs go.  I might ask to switch across to them if successful.  I always worry with drugs if it could make things worse because they don't really understand what they are treating!!

Flick me an email at matt009au(at)msn.com if you wanted to chat.

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What do you guys think about autoimmune? Susac syndrome? Since this is something that happens to us for so long (more than 10 years with me) it kinda makes me think that it can be something autoimmune...
It is possible. It is one of the few things my ophthalmologist was thinking so he sent me to the research eye hospital here where they put me in some trial group for some cutting edge retinal autoimmune testing. All came back normal in the end. Doesn't mean it isn't something else autoimmune though.
Normal tension glaucoma or something related is the other thing sitting in the back of my mind.
If it was normal tension glaucoma it would be easily diagnosed by any ophth doctor. But it can be some variant that the medicine never discovered yet...
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well the large spot i had couple of days ago subsided to a smaller scotoma than flared again ??!!

please all join facebook group "bright spot when blinking"
Yes Iv had this. So exactly one week later on the drug nifedipine. Woke with what looks like a finger print. Bottom right of left eye. Weird. If iv been ruled out of 99.9% of eye diseases. What else could it be. Too acute and local for neurological. Too small to be anything that is considered problematic by eye drs. This new one looks like it tried to form but was unsuccessful. So maybe the drugs are working. Hope it goes away. Really do not want another prmy.

Plenty of medical literature on retinal migraine that cause permanent damage, it’s not uncommon for people who suffere with them.
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Friends, yesterday I had scotomas in the center of both eyes. At first they were small, then they became big and colorful. It was a migraine with aura. There was no headache.

I've never had a migraine in my life. The first blind spots appeared three months ago, and now there was a migraine.

Coincidence? Very much I doubt. I do not know what reason you have, but in my case the cause is obvious - it's a migraine.
Hello DeathSize. I also have migraine with aura and spots. They are different but I think they are somehow related. I only get migraine with aura 4 or 5 times a year and the spots appear in both eyes at the same place. The other bright spots are monocular but they can be some kind of retinal migraine...
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well i went out driving today without my sunglasses and i had 2 episodes

every episode stayed for like 2 minutes

the 1st one was like multiple bright spots simulating flash after image but in spots pattern and it was so tense that these spots can be visible even with eyes opened

the 2nd one was like lines and zigzags over each other .. also vanished scompletely after 3 minutes  

but i failed to notice whether they were seen in both eyes or one eye since the afterimage was too strong and does not fade when you close your eyes

please all join facebook group "bright spot when blinking"
Hey Mustafa. Have you thought about making the group private? Lots of people don't feel comfortable discussing medical  stuff publicly
always thought of that and left it for group members to decide .. only chose public so it would be more searchable .. will put it for voting today and inform you of the result .. my best regards
changed to closed so no one outside of the group will see the posts
Thanks, Mustafa, see you soon
Any thoughts on making the group totally private so that members aren’t visible to the public?
it is now tvtip .. no one can see any conversation in the group except the members
Newbie here... how can I become a member of this group?
just write "bright spot when blinking" in fb search
Great! Thanks mustafa!
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anyone tried electroretinography or any electrodiagnostic tests ?!

please all join facebook group "bright spot when blinking"
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I have had these for 4 years. Though unlike most of you, I rarely get long lasting spots. The longest lasting spot I had was 2 days. I get them almost daily, im so used to them I don't really even notice them anymore, unless they are big or stay longer than 2 minutes. My eyes are normal and my brains are normal. Would definetly be interesting to know what the heck can cause these :/ My spots are gray/pink in the bright light and green in dark. I have had zigzag in my vision once, 4 years ago, after it the spots started appear. I guess these could be some kind of migraine symptoms but why would they come daily? Also I have no headache.
please  join facebook group "bright spot when blinking"
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Anyone else been diagnosed with sleep apnea?  Just wondering if it could be related. I've been previously diagnosed with mild-moderate sleep apnea. As a result I now sleep on my stomach.

I've been sick with 3 colds over the last 6 weeks and have been sleeping poorly due to blocked sinuses. I assume that my apnea has been worse due to not being anlble to breathe through my nose. I've often woken up on my back. I've also been in undated with spots during this time.

I know that sleep apnea is associated with eye troubles and neuropathy. Just wondering if anyone else has it?

sleep apnea or colds considered stress and this condition is increased with stress

please  join facebook group "bright spot when blinking"

Also, not all have facebook
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Just wondering what people have found effective to combat the depression/anxiety associated with this affliction?
I had been coping reasonably well this year. That was up until this recent spate of spots associated with My recent run of 3 cold/ flu/ infections over the last 6 six weeks and the myriad of spots which occurred and persist as a result. One in particular, which occurred end June, is quite noticeable, fully blind in that area, and really getting me down.

I'm really spiralling down. I can't even bring myself to get out of bed some mornings. I don't want to face the world.
I can tell you that in my case, stress and anxiety play a role in the problem.  I believe that a downward spiral will only make matters worse and in the best of cases, certainly will not help.  This belief helps me to refuse to let it take over my life.  I am prone to worry however, I figure, why give it even more ammo by becoming obsessed with the problem (which begets more worry....).  I joined the facebook group and that has helped as well.
Good question.  I posted on Nov 19, 2017: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Eye-Care/For-those-with-the-bright-spot-when-blinking-symptom/show/437885?page=63 the following:

> I made a lot of progress in making peace and accepting that everything changes, and that at some point I will lose my vision either because I go blind or because I die of something else... this definitely helped but didn't stop them coming back with and indeed occurring even when I was at my deepest point of relaxation and just saying "bring it [blindness] on".

I accept now that I will go blind at some point.  And that I may go blind from these blind spots much sooner than others.
This does not however mean we should not have the intention and take action to understand the condition, minimise further damage, or look for ways to heal damage (v unlikely at present)... just that we should not get emotionally attached to the successful outcomes of these.  I still occasionally forget this and get unhappy.

Just posted this too, you might find it helpful, let me know: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Eye-Care/For-those-with-the-bright-spot-when-blinking-symptom/show/437885#post_14396189

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Thanks Kyo, I agree stress is my major trigger.  Trouble is that the spots themselves cause the most stress :( and they are so hard to just ignore when they are flashing all over the place.

Sleep apnea is a definite trigger in my case also.  I woke up with a new spot this morning, after a night with a blocked nose and waking up multiple times.  I can deal with the sleep apnea most times with my mouth splint, but when I am sick it appears ineffectual as it wort of locks my jaw forward and closed and encourages nose breathing.  I usually wake up often with my mouth stuck shut because of the splint.  Might be time to switch to a CPAP machine.  Annoying as my sleep apnea is only 'mild' according to my sleep study, except when I am sick it seems.

These days I am actually scared to go to sleep for fear of a new spot.

Also, really annoyingly my spot I got a few weeks ago is really flaring today.  F**n annoying.    

How long do peoples 'flare ups' of old spots last?  Do the spots ever get worse after a flare up permanently?

Anyone found a trigger for flare ups?

I thought maybe sleep apnea could be a contributing factor for me as well and can tell within an hour of waking whether its going to be a good or bad eye day. I bought a pretty expensive logging pulse oximeter to check for blood oxygen saturation levels while asleep - all was within normal limits.  I suffer from allergies and have found that the Breath-Right strips do wonders for allowing me to nose breath through the night.  I believe that these retinal vasospasms (if that is what they are) are the result of some sensitivity to either a food or other trigger.  Note that others in the Facebook group have found some relief from the spots by being prescribed Nifedipine calcium channel blocker.
Thanks Kyo, definitely something happening during sleep for me. Another night with a blocked nose and another spot on waking for me this morning :(  hoping it clears up, been there 30 min so far.

Any idea what dosage of nifedipine they are getting that helps. I'll add it o the list to ask my eye doc about when I see him on the 27th.
One person was 20mg slow release twice daily and the other was 10mg slow release twice daily.  If you're open to it, please share what your eye doc says on the 27th...
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Hey everyone! Its been a long time since I've been on this board and I thought I'd come back to share my positive news about the big improvements I've been experiencing. To quickly recap I'm female, white, 33 nearly 34 and in good health. In 2014 I developed a mild visual snow after experiencing my first ever migraine with aura. I am not on any medications and have been off the birth control pill for a year. I developed the bright spot when blinking in my right eye in March 2017 and shortly after a few in my left eye so have had this condition for 1 year and 5 months. I like some of you have both the permanent spots which are very bright when they first appear and fade to scotomas and the transient bright spots which last minutes to hours and can be removed by bending over and allowing blood rush to the head. Since October of 2017 I've seen such an improvement with this condition and my visual snow that I forget that I have them and only remember when the odd bright spot pops up which is becoming increasingly rare! The very first bright spot I got has faded/healed so much that I no longer see it in everyday life and I have to really look for it when passing my eye over high contrast areas eg blinds, edge of the computer screen. The other spots in my left eye are on the mend as well and the transient spots have all but stopped! On average I see 1 transient spot every few months which only lasts a few minutes. So how did I see such a big improvement? I radically changed my diet, but not for this condition for yet another condition I experienced alopecia areata. In October 2017 after yet another heavy cold I went to the bathroom and caught a glance of myself in the mirror and there right on my hair line was a perfectly round smooth shiny bald spot about the size of a 5p (British currency) Which hadn't been there 2 hours before. I went to my GP who wasn't concerned about it and said it would grow back but if it didn't she wanted to test my blood for iron deficiency and to see what my thyroid was doing. Unsatisfied I went to the Belgravia hair loss clinic in London where a trichologist confirmed that it was alopecia areata and informed me it was my bodys immune system attacking my healthy cells. I asked if it could have been due to the heavy cold I just had and she said yes alopeica areata sometimes has a trigger like a virus. She said she thought it would grow back so did not offer me any treatment like topicals or injections. I went home and started researching for hours about auto immune diseases and people who had successfully treated them with out medication. This when I discovered the Auto Immune Protocol, Dr Wahls and her Wahls protocol for putting multiple sclerosis into remission and the ancestral health movement. Some of you have probably heard it being called the Paleo diet. I put myself on the Auto Immune Protocol Diet which has permanently changed the way I eat. The Auto Immune Protocol is about healing and sealing the gut which is where 80% of your immune system comes from and getting rid of inflammation in the body. I'm not going to go into great detail here but in a nut shell you remove all know food allergens and once you have seen improvement in your condition slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet. After completing the protocol I have switched to a Paleo diet and have never returned to my original eating habits. The health benefits I've seen are astonishing, In a month I lost 1st and my weight has remained stable ever since, I have never experienced effortless weight loss which stayed off in my life. After a while I started to realize hey I'm not seeing as many spots as I used too, I've even come off the very high doses of Magnesium I was taking orally and via Epsom Salts and now only use magnesium spray a couple of times a week. I am so pleased with what I have experienced I wanted to come back and share this with you because maybe it will help someone else. This has really got me thinking about all my weird conditions and if they could all be related in some way? Could migraine with Aura, visual snow and alopecia areata all be linked to inflammation in the body and to an over reacting immune system damaging healthy cells. I really hope so and I really hope that by using this diet I have put my bright spots into remission. If you are unconvinced about how powerful this way of eating is I want you to go to youtube and put in Minding your mitochondria | Dr. Terry Wahls | TEDxIowaCity and watch how this amazing woman reversed her sever multiple sclerosis. I am happy to answer any questions anyone has for me about my diet and how it has improved my life, the best thing is is feeling like I have taken back control of my body and all my anxiety about all my conditions has gone which is liberating. I really hope this will help some of you out there that are feeling down about this. There is hope xxx  
Hey starryeyed84.

Thank you so much for coming back and sharing your experience. I'm really happy to hear that you had such a great success.

Personally I am convinced that at least for some of us it's the way to go. Background: The spots appeared first when I got — simply spoken — fatter. At the end of last year, I started a low carb diet (which can be very similar to Paleo depending on what you choose to eat) and also began to work out. I lost weight, became fitter etc. And in retrospective, I had almost no new spots appearing.

I then got a heavy tonsillitis that was treated with antibiotics (Amoxicillin, Penicilline). Unfortunately I developed a quite bad allergy reaction, followed by a flu. When I started recovering, two permanent spots, that I still have today, appeared. Long story short: Due to the illness, I stopped the diet and working out, and have since then been too lazy to start again, and instead gained weight again.

Now reading of your great success, I feel super motivated to start with Paleo as well. Thanks!
please all join facebook group "bright spot when blinking"
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Hi! it has been some time scince I last visited here. For those who don't know, I got my first spots at winter 2015, earlier that autumn I had a zigzag aura on my eyes and haven't had zigzag scince then. But after that the spots started. My spots are bit different than the ones you guys have, I get them daily and they last about 2min at max, then disappear. I have gotten long lasting spots only twice and they have lasted for 2 days. I also have many visual snow symptoms, for example I have really intense afterimages and my eyes are quite sensitive to light. I start to see "stars" when I look at pure white screen. I have been at MRI january 2017 and nothing out of ordinary. I was at eye doctor last month and my eyes are completely normal. I have epilepsy though a really mild one scince my only symptoms ever were "deja vu" feelings which also stopped after I got medication for it. I have had huge, well spots... no more like uuhh... smudge (? is that a word) looking spots on my eyes 3 times, almost blinding my vision fully on one eye. Yeah I forgot to mention that, my spots seem to only come for one eye at the time, which would mean that the problem is not in the brain but in the eyes...  So weird. Im going to neurologist again hopefully soon cause im starting to get annyoed at these spots, there must be something that causes them and like I said sometimes they can be really big and scare me so I would really like to know what causes them. Sorry for bad english I post again when (or more like if let's see if doctors actually believe me) I get to the neurologist. My guess for these would be that they are somehow migraine related, seeing how mine started after I got the zigzag aura.
Mine are exactly as you describe - usually just last minutes - mostly brief and sometimes very big! I usually get them around 5.30-7pm - don’t know why!

All my tests have been normal too.

The big ones bother me too.
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I posted on Nov 19, 2017: https://www.medhelp.org/posts/Eye-Care/For-those-with-the-bright-spot-when-blinking-symptom/show/437885?page=63

Most people have the following symptoms:
* bright spot(s) in one of the eye(s)
* fades over days to match colour of background
* though brighter on dark background
* darker on bright background
* and which is much more easily seen when it passes over a high contrast edge or when blinking or quickly waving finger in front of eye.
* scotomas usually shrink in the first couple of weeks and either disappear entirely or if they remain then do not change after this initial 2 week period.
* most scotoma appear and disappear entirely in seconds, minutes, hours, days.  A much smaller number remain permanently.
* if a scotoma is first observed upon waking, then it is more likely to be remain and become permanent.
Anecdotal (I think only I have reported this so far):
* have observed scotomas are larger towards the periphery of their vision.
* have on at least two occasions, quickly (violently?) moved eyes to extreme to look to side or behind me and instantly (within a second) observed a bright scotoma that then fades very quickly.

Most people posting here report find the following:
* bending over will help a scotoma that's recently appeared to return to normal vision.
* bending over will not help resolve a spot that's appeared a while ago (usually those first observed upon waking).

My current hypothesis:
(though some people clearly have other conditions such as migraine with aura)

Excessive muscle tension in the muscles for moving the eye (https://www.aapos.org/terms/conditions/22) results in compression of the optic nerve by the annulus of Zinn (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Annulus_of_Zinn).  This results in temporary collapse/constriction of blood vessels.
This would match with:
* bending down resolving recent scotomas (due to increases blood pressure in the head aiding the blood vessels to open)
* bending down not resolving older scotomas including those first observed upon waking (due to the nerves being permanent damaged / dead)
* correcting posture, relaxing and bending down making it less likely (due to decreased constriction of optic nerve and it's blood supply from releasing some muscle tension in back, neck, scalp, face and eyes)
* stress making it more likely (due perhaps to increased muscles tension, and secondarily from dehydration, tiredness)
* desk work and modern life style (due directly to eye strain and it's associated muscle tension and from bad posture)
This would match with anecdotal evidence:
* scotomas increasing in size towards periphery of vision (due to data compression meaning that a blood vessel near edge of optic nerve would affect a large area of vision near periphery vs one nearer the centre only affecting a smaller area of vision).
* moving eyes quickly (due to bending of optic nerve and reduction in blood supply as it is pushed against annulus of Zinn / some other structure).
Not sure how:
* illness makes it more likely (due to ?? )
* exercise makes it more likely (due to ? dehydration, ? lower blood oxygen so if there was a shortage in your optic nerve it's now "pushed over the edge", tiredness of muscles resulting in poor posture such as crooked neck.)

Test this theory yourself:
Try to tense the eye muscles by looking as far left / right / up / down as you can.
To get decrease blood pressure then stand up whilst you are doing this.
To get extra tension you can move your head slightly in opposite direction to the one you are looking.
When I am experiencing many temporary (a few seconds) scotomas, if I hold that position, within a few seconds I start seeing many more scotomas appearing and staying.  Upon releasing the tension the scotomas resolve.  On one occasion I had to aid it resolving by bending down.  DO NOT MAINTAIN THIS POSITION FOR LONGER THAN A FEW SECONDS - MAY RESULT IN PERMANENT BLINDNESS.

Problems with theory:
I personally feel the tension around my eyes but also below them in my face... which does not fit directly with the annulus of Zinn theory unless there are longer range muscles / tendons / face structures that result in reducing blood supply to optic nerve / retina.

I'm very happy to say that although I have about 10 permanent (monocular) scotomas that my incident of permanent and temporary scotomas has decreased a lot.  Over the few months, per day I see between 0 to 1000 temporary, lasting from 1 to 30 seconds.  This is down from a max of 10 per second (or about 800,000 per day if you do that math).

I haven't changed diet, I haven't drunk less, I'm exercising about the same amount, I'm about as stressed, I get about as many colds etc, I'm as hydrated, I'm not taking any medication.

I am however a lot more aware of tension in and around my eyes (and the rest of my body).
I am more able to relax my face and eye muscles.
I am more aware of posture and correct posture can significantly aid relaxing.
I always try to relax before getting into bed, and whilst in bed, make my head angled slightly more towards my chest as this feels like it releases tension in my face around my eyes.
I am much more relaxed and content about going blind.

I aim to set up a small scale clinical trial in 2019 to measure with much high resolution, the electrical performance of the optic nerve and retina.  I already have a proof of concept.  I will post back here with an invitation of those in or who can get to London (UK) to join.  Or feel free to message me via this site in the mean time.
You can't blind yourself with extreme gaze. Not possible
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Well unfortunantly i've continued to get a bucket load of spots since my last post.  I've never had a year like this one. I have so many new spots it isn't funny.  Disheartingly I have got one recently in my left eye which overlaps with one in my right. Just below center in the vertical axis. Makes life extremely frustrating as now i see one or the other everwhere there is a vertical line.

I've continued to get sick every few weeks without fail (10 times since the end of June).  Each time i get new spots.

Every day i give myself eye aches from checking the spots. I know it doesn't make a difference, but i can't help it!!  Hopefully eye strain is not causing more damage ...

One of my other random theories is that perhaps the rapid transit elevator in my building is contributing somewhat. I've been working on level 30, and go up and down multiple times a day, always feeling pressure behind my ears and eyes on the trip up and down.  

It is funny how this disease has sapped all my lustre and joy for life this last 7 years.  To be honest, if I could go back in time and choose to never be born, i probably would.
I hear you. This past year, my spots have become the least of my eye worries. The condition has morphed into something worse. I have an enormous shadow on the nasal side of my right eye, and the day before Thanksgiving a new arc developed in my lower right eye's visual field that is always there. I am at the point where I give up. I told my ophthlmologist about the huge shadow and I basically had to beg for her to dilate me. Then she just blew me off, told me to see a neuro.
I hear you. This past year, my spots have become the least of my eye worries. The condition has morphed into something worse. I have an enormous shadow on the nasal side of my right eye, and the day before Thanksgiving a new arc developed in my lower right eye's visual field that is always there. I am at the point where I give up. I told my ophthlmologist about the huge shadow and I basically had to beg for her to dilate me. Then she just blew me off, told me to see a neuro.
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Been perusing this thread for some time.  I may have something similar but maybe not.  When I first get up in the morning and look outside or at bright objects, I get a pea sized simmer/flicker just to the right of my central vision.  Its not a flash, more like a distortion that rapidly pulses.  I have had it long before a vitrectomy in that eye a year ago.  It goes away after about 15 minutes.  I have noticed it on occassion after taking off my sunglasses on a bright sunny day.  Eye MD can't see anything causing this.  Thinks it may be my blood pressure being lower i the mornings and I can confirm that my BP is low in mornings.  So, I don't know.  Its annoying but hasn't gotten any worse and some days I don't experience it.  Certainly not as bad as some of you folks have reported.  Regards, Jim
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