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Is it even pink eye anymore?

In December my sister brought home pink eye, I received it from her. However; after she recieved her perscribed drops hers went away but mine keeps coming back. I have not been able to go two whole weeks without getting pink eye. No one else in the house (5 other) has not contracted it and my sister and I share a room. We have washed everything multiple times, thrown out things I typically touch but the results are the same. I've gone to the doctor multiple times and have been perscribed various eye drops that should help but I still end up contracting it. The doctor said to just continue with the drops and I have follwed the instructions to a "t" yet I still get it while using the drops. No, I do not touch the dropper to my eye. It's now affecting my vision even when my eyes are clear of the redness and mucus.
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In an otherwise healthy person with normal eye conjunctivitis (what people call pink eye) does not persist or re-occur. Continued use of antibiotic drops or ointments often causes persistent redness due to drug allergy or irritation from the preservatives in the medications. Try not using anything but preservative free artificial tears in the eye. I'm assuming you do not wear contact lens as that often causes redness. Also sleeping under a fan at night can cause persistent red eyes.
I am healthy and I don't wear contact lenses; I also don't sleep under a fan. I do still however wake up with the mucus crusted over my eye. How should I address that problem and try to prevent that?
Thank you so much. I will try the artificial tears and see how that goes.
I would use no drops but preservative free artificial tears in the eye 2-3 times/day and a 'gel' at bedtime like Refresh Liquigel or Systane gel plus some warm compresses to the eye (wash cloth and hot water or the eye pads heated in the microwave that you can buy at drug store.  Artificial tears are all over the counter. May sure no air blowing over bed and that the humidifier on your furnace works.  A common cause of waking up with irritated eyes in the morning is them drying out over night. If the problem persists over the next 2-3 weeks see an ophthalmologist eye MD perhaps one that specializes in cornea and external eye disease.
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