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PCO and YAG laser

l had successful cataract surgery a year ago, l have started early stage PCO but my vision seems perfect to me. My eye doctor said he wants to do YAG laser in 6 months he said even though l think my vision is excellent l will notice the difference and my vision will be even better . Even though the risk of yag laser is tiny should l go ahead with YAG when l am happy with my vision. l guess if its certain l will need it eventually should l just go ahead anyway like my doctor wants
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My ophthalmologist saw the pco starting and told me we would take care of it if and when my vision deteriorated.   At my 6 months checkup we mutually agreed it was time.  Halos from lights, loss of couple lines on eye chart.  Was like cataract was back.  It was really not a big deal to have it done, but no sense having it done with no symptoms.  IMO of course.
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I don't like to do a Yag Cap for PCO unless the person is symptomatic and has complaints. That is the way most ophthalmologists do it
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l think he said my eye test results from reading the eye chart and slightly not as good as before becasue of PCO but l havent noticed it or it doesnt affect me in anyway .He says he wants me to have YAG laser in 6 months and he said he booked me in then ,  He said l will notice the idifference and my vision will be better . IS it  inevitable  that l will have to have YAG laser within a few years anyway , if thats the case then perhaps l should just get it over with or do you think if my vision is no worse in 6 months l should cancel it. Everyone says its safe, my only real concern is the risk of getting large permanent floaters, what the chances of that
Only about 10% of people have cataract surgery now (2023) need the yag. No it is not inevitable your vision will be worse in 6 months, but if the surgeon is scheduling laser in 6 months, it usually means the cloudy posterior capsule (not the IOL) is near the center where you see through. The laser will not 'cure' floaters and oftem people see more floater in the first 7-10 days post laser.
"it usually means the cloudy posterior capsule (not the IOL) is near the center where you see"
if thats the case does that make the yag laser procedure more risky or he same
Same minor risks. A peripheral clouding of the capsule not over the center where you look through does not bother vision and does not require treatment
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