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PPV and eye vision

Few questions regarding PPV and vision after PPV:

1)  Since the vitreous gel is removed after PPV (and my doctor said he only removed some)....will this not affect the shape of the eye?  I am afraid of shrinkage...that one of my eye will be smaller than the other.  Will this liquid need to be replaced later on or will it replace itself?   Will the eye survive and be healthy without some or all of its vitreous gel?

2) I feel like my eye (the one that had the PPV) is really trying to see.  Im having some double vision when trying to read or in front of the computer.  my vision was not like this before because i was only def seeing in one eye.  Now im starting to see peripherally.  Will this double vision go away later on?  Is happening bec my PPV eye is not at the sale level of vision yet as the other one?

3) Surgery is def the only answer to RD right?  i was just wondering that saving part of the eye's vision was an option too...if one's vision doesnt go back close to the way it was before then it would have been better if laser treatment couldve been an option too?  or is this only for people with tiny retinal tears?

4)  when wouldve PPV been a better option that just a regular gas bubble surgery?  is scleral buckle a better option?  i heard that scleral buckle could really be uncomfortable.

5) is medical glue used on all surgery procedures....for PPV and gas bubble/scleral buckle surgery at least?

6) Im slowly starting to see shapes, colors, sizes of medium/large objects now after almost 8 weeks after PPV.  My doctor said that i had a lot of blood in the eye w/c is why it took a while and that every patient's recovery time varies.  I do see baby steps of changes as I see dried blood coming off in my field of vision.  I cant see far though and still have to blink sometimes to see (where the sand of dried blood moves so I can see).  how much time usually (average for even the ones that take a little longer for the vision to come back and improve) does it take for the eye's vision to be close to the way it was before?  Could it take up to 6 months to a year?

7)  what vitamins would you recommend for the eye...for it's retinal health or the overall health of the eye?  I read Lutein might be good.  Can you recommend one that I can start drinking?    Also, is it vit E that is good for the eyes?  I forgot which vit it is they taught us in school is good for the eyes?

Thank you in advance for your answers.  I very much appreciate your help.  Hope to hear from you soon.
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1. Your eye will not shrink. The eye is normally producing a watery fluid called acqueous and it takes up the slack and fills in where the vitreous was.
2  the double may persist or it may go away. When eyes don't see the brain doesn't use "fusion" when an eye comes back on line it may take a while for the eye to "fuse" the images again. On the other hand sometimes the eye can't fuse anymore and the doulbe vision is permanent. In that case see an strabismus Eye MD
3. Depending on how much of the retina is detached, how many holes and tears, whether there is scar etc optiinions include: doing nothing and watching it, laser, freezing hole, gas-fluid exchange, scleral buckle.
4 Depends on the eye as per above. That's why there are so many techniques
5. no
6 first the vision often does not go back to normal. It may take 6-12 months for you to know how much yours will heal
7. Eat a good diet, exercise, keep your weight down, don't smoke take a multifitamin. Ask your surgeon about supplements.

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Thank you for your responses Doc.  I appreciate them. I have a few more questions if you dont mind:

1)  how long does the fusion of the eyes normally lasts?  My vision is slowly improving....i can see shapes now (large ones), color, the road, close/nearby objects.  I can feel my vision slowly improving --baby steps (im exactly 2 months after PPV).  I cant see far though but i am starting to see the shape of trees and cars for example.  

2) my doc said i had a lot of blood in the eye. but it cleared and imrpoved in the last 2 weeks.  However he said that i still have some left and to keep elevated.  how long can ones vision improve?  I feel more positive as the days go by and i can even see a little in the dark when i wake up at night now.  before I can only see a blob of black with no shape at all during the day.  

3) can you recommend some vitamins for the eyes?  Ive been doing some research and asked my surgeon as well.  but he said there are no vitamins.  However, I feel that if it could help...why not?  I read about vit A,C,E, lutein and some other 17 ingredients for the eyes.  Can you recommend one simple and good one I can take and how often?  I would really appreciate it.

4) do you think Cold compresses is good for the eye?  my reserach said that it is good to do.  my doc said that it doesnt help.  However, I did it anyway at least 2x a day for the past 2 weeks or just ran soft water over the eye when i take a shower... and i truly feel that it helped loosen up the blood in my eye because i can see it in my vision.  I can really see the dried blood coming down (tiny pieces of black dots or dust coming down like black snow).  I dont over do it though cus i am afraid.

5) i feel some pulling from the back of my eye every now and then and a litttle pinching feeling in the inner corner of my eye every now and then as well.  is this normal and a sign of possibly another tear?  just nervous...

Thanks so much in advance Doc for your responses.  I truly appreciate it.  hope to hear from you soon.
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