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Questions regarding flashes of light

I have two questions regarding eye flashes

Every time I leave a dark area and go out to see the natural light and return to the dark area I see flashes in my Vision , the flashes is faint blue  and starts to make a "bubbling" or "boiling effect" then stops and fades away, this isn't noticeable if the lights are on, but if I enter a dim area I can see the flashes. This does not obscure my vision.

Another question: (is not related to the subject above,I think)are colors I see in the dark, this happens intermittently, my Vision starts to pulse lights of green and purple all over my peripheral vision,  if I am using cellphone in the dark, the annoying colors encircle the screen and starts pulsating slowly, sometimes thse lights looks like a cloud , if they stand above my vision. Looks like The clouds movement,  it's is hard to describe without a simulation,  but sometimes looks like clouds motion, "smoke" like.
This happens when  I go to sleep too, if I concentrate looking , my entire peripheral is overshadowed by these lights, keeps pulsin greying out the sides of my vision



Looks similar , but keeps pulsing in a space of three seconds. This doesn't bother my Vision, I can see clearly, if I turn on the lights  this annoyance stops.
This "lightshow" does not happens all the time.
This isnt a migraine.

What I want to know is if someone experience this too.
I don't make any use of any illicit drug, I dont smoke.

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The flashes, specially in the first question happens without any mechanical stimulation. Are observable with eyes opened and closed
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Your constellation of symptoms is not something that allows a precise diagnosis and the sooner you see an ophthalmologist the better. The most worrisome are the flashes of light. Recently a person posting here with similar
flashing symptoms would found to have a retinal detachment.  
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