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Seeing 6-20 stagnant flashes of greenish light in central vision.

I have had a noticeable increase of seeing flashes of up to between 6 to 20 greenish spots in my central vision when I go from a light to dark room or vice versa.....  when I close my eyes I see them clearly and they have grayish/yellow lines that stem from the spots into my central vision. They last from up to 10 secs to 2.50 minutes. I have been to an eye MD about this but he didn't see anything wrong. But at the time he didn't realize it was a light inducing phenomena, I thought it was from exerting myself. I see these every day now. But not constantly. I'm 48 year old female, with stigmatism, long sighted and healthy. My gp wanted to do an mri but she realizes now that I should go back to the eye MD and find out from him what it is... i'm just curios to know if anyone else has this?
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Would suggest, if possible, you get a second opinion from an Eye MD ophthalmologist that specializes in retina/vitreous/macula.  For sure you need a macular OCT  (did the Eye MD you saw do one").   If the second eye exam with a macular OCT and possibly a fluorsene angiogram.  If that exam exam shows not problem you likely need to see neurologist and have work up as these should not be lasting 2-3 minutes.
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Thank you so much for your response. I haven't had the macula Oct or fluorine angiography. I'll make an appointment with the eye doc again and see what comes from that. Thankyou again...
Good luck. If you find something out please come back and post.
Hi there, I had the OCT and it was all good. I was told I have retinal migraines without the headache... .....I find it odd because after looking up ocular and retinal migraines retinal migraines only happen in one eye. I told the nurse I can see the spots in both eyes. I use to get migraine with aura, now I just get aura about once a year at the most. These spots are nothing like the auras I'm use to, they look more like a bunch of stagnant splodges of light in my centre vision that don't float or flicker or flash and they don't disrupt my vision like auras. I have noticed some days I see them more times than others. And lately they haven't been lasting as long.
Ocular migraine that originates from vascular changes to the brain occur in both eyes,  so called retina migraine is just in one eye.
migraine for most people gets better over time. Those that had nausea, vomiting, severe headache and aura when in teens, 20's when in their 40's often get only aura and mild headache.   in your original posting you did not mention a migraine history, had you done so 'migraine variant' would have been by far the most common diagnosis.
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I have this too. I get them less frequently than you. Only after running up the stairs or not eating enough. It's also worse when the seasons change for me, I've had it for a year with no change. I had three eye exams lol and they were all clear (by ophthalmologist)
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If you have had 3 eye exams by Ophthalmologists Eye MDs and not found anything wrong, and you have symptoms when running up stairs or low blood sugar I would suggest you have a Hemoglobin A1C to be sure you are not diabetic and consult a cardiologist  as these symptoms can be due to cardiovascular disease brought on by the extra work of going quickly up stairs.
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