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Seeing spots with eye movement

Hello there, it's been years I see something that resembles a bright arc in both eyes when I look close to walls, specially white walls, I just realized those bright dots are the natural blind spot , since it can make things disappear when I close one eye .
But I can see a flash or a shadow  thing below the center of my eye when I make a rapid movement with my eyes in corridors with white walls, this flash or white spot is occurring in my right eye, I don't recallseeing this before.
I see shadow of veins in my right peripheral vision when I force my eye.
I am myopic -2.50I want to know if seeing this is a caused of concern,  it is normal to see spots or white things when forcing eyesight?   In the dark I don't see this, only near walls if I force a bit,  also if I look to the white ceiling the part below my vision gets somewhat white effects, it is the eye muscle making pressure in the eye producing retina stimulation?   Or a signof a weak retina? I don't recallseeing seeing this before wearing lenses,  I first noticed it back in 2014.
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You have to start this out with saying you need to see a Eye MD ophthalmologist and voice these complaints and concerns. Your pupils need dilated and the peripheral retina carefully checked, I would suggest you also have a macular and nerve fiber layer OCT.  If these are all normal, and you have had these symptoms for a the time you indicate it is not likely serious.  What might it be if not serious?  Read the section in Wikipedia on 'entoptic phenomena'.  Also if you look over the posts on these website there are scores and scores of similar posting, some going on for years.
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