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Should a conjunctival cyst be removed if it has gotten larger recently?

I've had this cyst for several years and was advised to let it be.  It caused no problems.  While I was on a trip, I noticed that it had gotten larger and saw an eye doctor.  She recommended removal.  When I returned home, I saw a nurse practitioner who advised using steroid drops for 12 days to see if the size decreased. She said these cysts can recur and it was up to me if I wanted to remove it. Whose advice do I follow?
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Generally we don't do anything to conjunctival cysts unless it is so large the person can feel it. Steroid drops would not help it and have potential side effects.  These are so common we see every day and don't even mention them unless the patient asks.  If the cyst is removed it is usually just a drop of anesthetic, a drop of antibiotic, a drop of blood vessel constrictor, and lift cyst with forceps and snip off the top.  Usually takes about 2 minutes. Most don't reoccur.  So only remove if it you feel it.
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